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Dear Kur Wel kur: Nyanwut Mach, Sunnyman, A-Mac, and the Governor Rocked the Stage Last night

By Mamer Deng Jur, Australia

Sunnyman (in the cap) and Sevena The Governor

Sunnyman (in the cap) and Sevena The Governor

Makwei, I wish you were here last night at Prospect town hall, 126 Prospect Road SA, to share and cheer up the trio (Sunnyman, Governor and A- Mac) whom you had written an article about their music talents.

The night was tremendous. Supporters were all second to none! They were showing greatest support for their communities’ artist. The event took place on 21st of February 2015. The event was organized by a man called Deng Enock and his team. I think you know Deng. And a lot of thanks went to the beautiful people of the community who had directly and indirectly sponsored the program to go ahead. Especially our women, daughters, and sons who came along and cheered up these artists.


Last night was one the greatest night of its kind. It was rated by honest supporters that it was eight and half out of ten. But to me it was nine and half out of ten. I went there and thought we were going to be lectured by the professors of community who loved to talk so much of bullshits (nonsenses). I was there with some of mates, chatting outside before the program began (kick off). By twenty past nine evening, we were informed by Deng politely that, we need to go inside, because they were going to start at half past nine. We came at the door and we paid entry fees. Our hands were stamped and we were allowed to entry.

I went in and when I looked around where to sit, the hall was too small. It was a music theatre hall, there were a few chairs and round tables, which were setup and covered with white tablecloths. Even though it was small, it was very beautiful; it felt as if I was attending a dinner party. While my eyes were still shopping around for a perfect spot to sit, I saw a number of women in dresses of rainbow colours on my right hand. They dressed as if they were seated for Grammy Awards night for arts/music celebrities. Suddenly, my eyes caught a perfectly comfort zone to sit. I went there and I joined some of the guys I know.

But I didn’t know them very well to exchange conversation. I sat there and one minute was like a bloody one hour; I took out my phone to check out whether there were news on PAANLUEL WЁL. But I was warned seriously by my network provider that I have had ran out of credit to access internet. My eyes were rolling like chameleon inside the hall, wandering if I could see anyone I know but it was difficult, my eyes failed me to recognise anyone. Everyone was unrecognisable in the hall as if they (everyone) had dressed in Halloween outfits.

I went back to my phone to check the time. “Shit”! “It is half past nine, why don’t they start?” I mumbled to myself. Huh! My buttocks started to boil as if I sat on the electric stove. By half past nine, I heard a voice,“good evening ladies and gentlemen, thank you and you are highly welcomed and appreciated for coming this evening”. These words were coming from the master of ceremony (M.C). There were two M.C: Jay D (Jur Deng Jur) and his friend. They invited Deng Enock to explain why his team invited people to come and joined them tonight. The man was short and brief, ‘no beating around the bush or bullshit’! He went straight to the point that it was Nyanwut’s night to launch her new CD album.

Nyanwut Mach Nhial

Nyanwut Mach Nhial

Nyanwut Mach Nhial

The night was for my beloved sister, a cousin, Nyanwut Mach Nhial from Kolnyang Payam who was launching her music CD album for the first time. I didn’t know my sister was very good in singing. Her songs were telling a lot. She had arrived, dressed herself very well, in those beautiful dresses, but not Kanga (West African’s dress) kantaga. A dress that every Sudanese ladies want so bad to wear. She was beautiful. I wish her husband was with us today to see his beautiful wife strolling down beautifully on the stage. Oh! Well she was widow who lost her husband in the war. Her husband and other unnamed heroes fought bravely for one thing, FREEDOM for all Southerners. They enlisted and joined the army not apay, but to free us from oppression and tyranny.

I was moved by her voice when she first arrived on the stage and sung her first song. My heart was pounding, because of the emotion I felt. I was very happy, which was shown in a way that my body was shaking badly. Thanks to Lord because I was not an overweighed, otherwise if I were I would have had a stroke. My body was very cold as if I was a coward who burst into tears when he/she had heard a gun fire. She was covered by charm of supporters as if she was released from Egypt prison. I stood up unnoticed, but I found myself dancing in my spot. The dancing floor was filled by finest people showing their moves. People were very happy as if they were in the church, they were filled with joy and love. Smooth smiles rocked the night and that was the motto for the night. Trio (Sunnyman and his mates) were showing off their tremendous styles on the stages’ background. Some of them were trying glimpse of moon walk.

She disembarked the stage to be united with her happily supporters. She arrived and the entirely hall erupted into a noise as if a running gun battle had begun. In a running gun battle, number of heroes dropped like apples to the ground, and cowards would always ran backward and used the dead bodies as a covered. That night, women were second to none. They were donating their money to support our artists as if they were billionaires. But that night; we didn’t need Bill Gates or Clive Palmer because our women were these guys. Men were doing what they’re so great at, all the times, which is to sit back and talk shit!

I think many men do have allergies to make donation. It was a condition, but some of them were even willing not to pay entry fee, which was just $15. Many of them loved to wear those cheap suits and ties from Salvation Army,Thinking that everything is cheap and free. Guest what? Nothing is free in Australia, South Sudan, and worst of all; even in Heaven where everyone one day will need a strong lawyer to represent them in the court of Heaven (COH) when they will appear before Jesus and his Father (God). So please, wake up and do your bit and that is a way forward. And remember you aren’t a refugee anymore brother, if you don’t know that.

Party styles


Nyanwut was accompanied by a number of artists including Deng Enock himself. She was accompanied by the followings BIG NAMES: Sunnyman, A.Mac, Governor, Akim, Amer, Aduk, Deng, Isaac, Manyok, and Athici. Sunnyman, A.Mac, and Governor championed the stage! They made ladies to disown their seats and standing up not interesting to sit down again. Once these trio were on the dancing floor. Their popularity double scores the popularity of One direction’s singers in South Sudanese community.

Floor was filled by happy and beautiful people; smell of perfumes overcame the hottest temperatures of Adelaide, South Australia. Many men and women were wearing those very special and very expensive perfumes like Gucci, Tom Ford (TM), Armani, Boss, 212 men, cult perfumes, and Angel. You can mention the rest. Thanks to God, I didn’t smell “kumura”, the North Sudanese women homemade perfume. I have no idea above the ingredients in “KUMURA”. I hate the smell of kumura badly. But no doubt, a lot of men nowadays will be forced by their wives to keep smelling kumura whether they like it or not they have to. It is do or die situation. Otherwise. To be continued……..

Dressing code from men and women was off the hook. I like it. Nowadays only few people are in jeans, especially when the summer is frying people like a burning bushland. I found out that night, many men came along with their wives, and they were not embarrassed to walk with their beautiful wives. In my opinion it was a ‘sign of civilisation’.

Master of ceremony, Jay D, was pissing off a number single guys in the hall. He was praising the mother of his three beautiful children, calling her as beautiful, in number of times. Men who shied to express their love for their wives were seated idly and muttering to one another as if they were muted. On the side of the room, I think their wives, were saying to themselves why don’t theirs men act gentleman like Jay D, and bring it on! And say those crazy words.

I felt sorry for poor men who were shut down and locked into the houses with their children, to do those very easy task; changing nappies, feeding, cooking, washing, bathing, sweeping and be ready to be punched in the face by the kids. While their wives came to the party to cheer up their girlfriends, “to get fresh air”. Men would deal with the kids whom they are not used to, because they are always away playing games with their friends.

One day lock-down for some men felt like being locked up in Guantanamo bay. Family responsibilities are very hot like critical national issues needed by the citizens to be solved as soon as possible. Otherwise you may face a leadership spill like Tony Abbott. Once that challenge has had been passed, you would look to your shoulder for someone to blame. To be short, Tony Abbott had blamed government’s whip – Philip Ruddock for failing to inform him of the disinterest of the party’s members.


Therefore Kurwel Kur, your article have had promoted these trio (Sunnyman, A.Mac, Governor). Their music will change our community attitudes and perception. Theirs music will change our youth into better responsible people in the future. We are very tired of those African American lyrics. African Americans’ music is violence and filthy. Our South Sudanese artists are the best, above all. Our women and girls were very supportive and I do encourage them to keep up the momentum of joy, love, and the unity. I hope they will do a lot in their power to train and school many men to learn to donate.

It is not a crime to make a donation. I do know one State for sure, Victoria, Melbourne. Begging is illegal under the Summary Offences Act in Victoria. If you are caught doing the practice you are punished. But don’t be scared there is difference between donation and begging. If men are very flexible to give boring speeches in communities’ meetings, then they should be flexible to donate. This is a thumb principle, like slogan in legal circles that “like cases should be treated alike”.

I was just waking up!

The High Life of Juba’s Hai Amarat Politicians

Posted: February 24, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Featured Articles, Malith Alier

By Malith Alier, Juba

hai amarat

Hai Amarat or “suburb of skyscrapers” is where the life of the government officials is modelled. Since time of great Abel Alier, which no one acknowledges, the important suburb of Juba has spacious compounds with lush vegetation. It adorns paved roads for the smooth running of the SUVs and V8s which are symbols of power and opulence. In South Sudan the few other people who drive V8s besides government officials are admired for hard work or other techniques in acquiring for themselves are their families this machines of comfort.

I have visited Hai Amarat on a number of occasions however; many can be forgiven for not living there. Even some women of politicians who stay there have been heard denouncing other parts of Juba City as mere villages inhabited by the less educated and less civilised. To them, an ideal life starts and ends in Amarat!

Hai Amarat has everything that makes life comfortable in the modern sense of living. It has running water, electricity and of cause permanent houses surrounded by block fencing with razor wire to keep away intruders or fence jumpers. Great but was this privileged area made what it is by whom and on whose expense?


It is rumoured that the High executive Council (HEC) under Abel Alier had no budget like Government of Southern Sudan instituted after CPA. In those days there were no petrodollars in the Sudan. The discovery of oil around 1978 by an American company called Chevron changed that forever. The current multimillion super rich politicians are the true beneficiaries of that god’s gift.

That aside, the HEC managed to build so much with so little and the current Amarat is that so much constructed with so little. At that time corruption is was simply unheard of or missing in the lexicon of the primitive South.

Hai Amarat has become an area of choice for everyone who happened to be accommodated there. Those accommodated guys have forgotten the free houses there are meant for the serving government officials and whoever happens to have been accommodate should vacate once removed from the position he/she held. Perhaps it is the same government who does not instruct those would be residents of Amarat that they leave once the term of service in the government is over. As we speak, those in the bush fighting the government still have their accommodation intact on their names except the rebel leader whose residence is purported to have been destroyed during the wee hours of the rebellion.

One very important observation about Amarat is that those politicians who are there seem to adorn young faces. However, a stark contrast emerged on the behest of the crisis. Within few days after running away from Juba, the rebel leader Riek Machar looked a ghost of his former young self. He looked grey and wrinkled and so was Pagan Amuom and the list is long. Many people agreed with this observation. This also observation speaks more about others remaining there who are well-groomed but are past the age of black hair and baby face.


The secret to all this is what is called impression management. People go to greater lengths to over apply make ups like hair dye and wrinkle reducers like botox. The sad fact is that it is all on the public expense since nobody accounts for anything in South Sudan. Corruption has so many faces. One of those faces is as small as using little government assets for personal good. Corruption further has so many colours and one of those colours is painting your hair black which is otherwise too grey to deceive people so that one continues to receive favours like youth. Example is to continue in the art of seducing young girls otherwise your great grand children.

In short Hai Amarat is a treasure trove for South Sudan politicians. It has everything that makes life worth living in a country where everything is scarce. Water, food, spacious houses and paved roads are the features of the suburb for the all powerful. Symbols of opulence like V8s and SUVs are everywhere in Hai Amarat.