Personal observations: President Salva Kiir is living Symbol of 21 year Liberation struggle

Posted: February 28, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in David Aoloch

By David Aoloch Bion

Some South Sudanese are sick of fallacy, stereotype, egocentrism and prejudices. As the result of these intellectual sicknesses, they are blind to see white from black, truth from lie.  Above all, they do not differentiate between the truth telling and sycophancy.

The truth , they don’t want to hear is the praise that President Salva Kiir deserves as the ‘’Symbol of Liberation’’  .if you mention this truth and  because of playing  politics , they call you a sycophant .

Naturally, Salva Kiir is  a good man. I first saw him in Ashwa Displaced Camp in 1993, When a Dinka Bor man shot dead two Dinka Bare el gazal youth  . The killing of these two men almost provoke a dangerous communal fighting between Bor and Bare el gazal . All us know  Dinka Bare el gazal  are   half lawless people .but  Cdr Kiir  quelled  down the  anger  .  This was the first achievement of Kiir I witnessed.

In 1996, the enemies of liberation struggle created a myth,’’ Dinka Bor was born to rule and Dinka Bare el gazal was born to die in front line’’ .  This issue almost caused division among the SPLM/A  but Cdr Kiir stepped in  and chided  Dinka Bare el gazal leaders who were fanning that meaningless  mythology .  This was second achievement of Salva Kiir , I witnessed

In reality , Salva Kiir contributed  80% to the  success of Dr .  John Garang  in term of human capital . When Kerbino  Kuanyin Bol rebelled against the SPLM/A in 1980s , Salva Kiir stood with John Garang  and this gave  Garang  upper hand ,  otherwise,   if  Salva Kiir would  have joined hands with Kerbino Kuanyin , SPLM/A would  have not succeeded under John Garang as we have seen with the  independence of South Sudan  today ,  because majority of SPLA soldiers were Dinka Bare el gazal , however , as the result of division ,  they were divided between Kiir and Kuanyin and Kiir commanded more than Kuanyin.  This was his third achievement of Salva Kiir  I heard of

In 1995, when the issue of ‘’Dinka Bare el Gazal  are majority in frontline and Dinka Bor have abandoned the war and  resorted to business in  Agoro and Koboko in Uganda ‘’ , Salva Kiir came in  and rebuked Bol Madut  of that .

In fact , Bol Madut challenged Kuol Manyang Juuk in Nimule  to go with him to Ashwa contention  to count , how many Dinka Bor soldiers are there in frontline .

This prompted Cdr Kuol Manyang Juuk to mobilize only Dinka  Bor men in May 1995 at  Nimule Corridor  but Kiir came in and stopped that tribal or clannish mobilization of soldiers.  This was the four achievement of Salva Kiir I witnessed.

In 1983 , when SPLM/A  was formed , Salva Kiir was one of the five pantheons who sat and  formed it .And,  these pantheons  are Dr John Garang de Mabior , Kerbino Kuanyin Bol , William Nyuon Bany , Salva Kiir and Arok Thon Arok .  This was fifth achievement of Kiir   I heard of.

Therefore , I can say Salva Kiir is  the living symbol of the liberation struggle   For  that reason  ,  Kiir  must be respected  because his achievements  outweigh his  failures ,  he should not be rubbished like a dog as they  are doing in name of  false reform agenda.

For above reasons I tell you ‘’Salva Kiir is living symbol of liberation struggle ’’   what is sycophancy about it  ? Is he not living symbol?  Has he not achieved what am saying? If you are jealous   of Kiir achievements  , then be it .  .

Mind you , Salva Kiir contributed  80% to success of John Garang ,  Salva Kiir stood with John Garang  100% when  Riek was against  Garang ,  Therefore , the  degree of support Kiir gave  to Garang , the same degree of support to be given to Kiir  by all South Sudanese

Mind you , Dinka Bare el gazal are loose and lawless people, if Kiir was not controlling  them in 21 year war ,  they would have destroyed the SPLM/A long time ago . They would have abandoned SPLM/A as Riek  Machar  and his lawless loyalists abandoned SPLM,A  and  went to Khartoum  in  1994 .

Imagine in Yei Crisis  in 2003, if it were not  Kiir controlling themselves , those of Garang Mabil would have started the fighting .

Unlike Riek Machar , who failed to control Brigadier  Lam  and Brigadier Kuac of Tiger  Division , who started the December 15 fighting in Juba .

In fact , Salva Kiir is RIGHT MAN but he has no tongue to express his RIGHTEOUSNESS  , he is a victim of  prejudices , Because of prejudices ,  if he is not careful ,  he would be like two former Africans presidents  in the history  . These are   Presidents   Milton Obote of Uganda and   President Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana .

President Obote was the one who declared Uganda Independence from Britain in 1963 ,  but he was overthrew from power and died in exile.

President Nkrumah was the one who declared Ghana Independence e but in the name of false reform , he was overthrew and died in exile .

This is what fake reformers are trying to do in South Sudan . First, they have assassinated Kiir character in their white, negative propaganda. so Kiir is now evil and they are angels . Secondly, they are now pushing him out to die in exile like Obote and Nkrumah .

However , ‘’What goes around,  come around’’ , if the so-called reformers  were not  the one who destroyed  South Sudan with Kiir for 8 good years ,blessed are them  but if they contributed to the failure of South Sudan with Kiir in one way or another  then they will also taste the fruit of curse of  their contributions  to the  failure of  South Sudan . Mark my words.

  1. David says:

    I agreed with you 100% brother, those reformers will taste the fruits of what the planned if president Kiir leave the office and one of them take over. it will be ugly if it happen. This type of reform they are trying to introduce is very hazardous and cancerous to the whole nation because every generations that will follow, complaining the same way demanding reform if they do not like who leading them. that is a fact. Good article brother! to my brothers from other side of the river the writer of this article did not frame you in wrong way when he said ” you are half lawless people” this is just example. Our president is a wise man but he is a little bit confused when he see some of the people whom help grow up to be a future leaders rebel against him with no clear idea.


  2. Khot says:

    Look at your little bird’s poor brain. Who told you that SPLA/M was a one man’s struggle? Salva Kiir??? Really little bird??? What about the true symbols of liberation struggle like the thousands of brave soldiers who lost their lives or limbs? What a very poor and intellectually nauseating writing.

    SPLA/M during the liberation years was a very sophisticated organization and was certainly above an individual. Had Salva Kiir rebelled, the movement would have kept going. Be reminded that the majority of soldiers from Greater Bahr el ghazal were drawn from Aweil and do you know whose mobilized them?? Dr. Garang best friend and one of his right hand men Cdr Lual Diing Wol. The battalions of Mour Mour division were not owing their allegiance to anybody but to the cause of liberation struggle. Equating them to a blind and visionless cowboy is an insult to these brave young men who offered their lives to free their land from Jellaba’s oppression.

    Kiir is rather a symbol of death, corruption and greed, idiocy and backwardness, Sectarianism and divisiveness, insecurity and lawlessness, cowardice and weakness. The sooner the idiot go the better for the long suffering people of South Sudan.


  3. Yiey Wan Teny says:

    You get him Mr Khot. I don’t know if Makuei would have been called a rebel or not, because he said one time that whoever talks to the rebel is a rebel. And he talked to Taban and Gatmachar when Isaiah Chol was detained.


  4. […] Personal observations: President Salva Kiir is living Symbol of 21 year Liberation struggle […]


  5. danielmabil says:

    I have agree with you Mr David Aoloch, no matter what, president Kiir deserve to be respected, he is a freedom fighter like anyone among his colleagues or anyone else who fought during 21 years of war with Sudan, also he is a human being he can do mistake


  6. Wilfred says:

    We will see who will follow who? Though we are Lawless and loose people, no problem but one day one time


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