Dear Garang John and SSTV Crews: Our Breasts are not for Public Show

Posted: April 12, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Amer Mayen, Featured Articles

By Amer Mayen Dhieu, Australia

“Respect for women was invented to cover the place where love for their souls should be”

Amer Mayen Dhieu

Amer Mayen Dhieu

April 12, (SSB)  —   Journalism has completely lost its values and norms particularly in the department of South Sudan Television (SSTV).

My heart has been pounding with bitterness, desperately searching for a better respectful way to put this message across to SSTV journalists, crews and reporters working in the department; but as sensitive as I could be to any women’s issue I couldn’t hold my breath any longer.

Three days ago or so, I accidentally came across an incredibly disheartening photo of a naked injured young female featuring on state television.

I was overcome by tremendous amount of anger to how in the world is it not moral ethic for journalist to maintain privacy and dignity of the person in the picture?

underage girl shown naked on SSTV

underage girl shown naked on SSTV

Featuring an image of a totally naked underage young girl with breast publicly showing as a mean to explain unlawful bombing of Awiel residents by Sudan army is a huge invasion of individual’s privacy and dignity and have placed your respect for women in question.

I cannot call it inexperience for this is a pure common sense. You wouldn’t imagine having your naked body publicly showing on state television if you were in the same situation.

Do your journalists even ask clients’ concern and permission to take their pictures? I am sure the young girl would have cooperated with you, have you ask her permission for photo shoot.

Much has been done by government officials including President Kiir, many things that show little or no respect to the life of women in the country. Hundreds of women die during childbirth because they have no access to health facilities.

Some are abducted and forcefully marry off against their wills. Some are rape and force to child prostitution. I mean I cannot jot down all mistreatment South Sudan women are facing under the hands of educated and informed population. Hence it is not the case in this article.

In simplest sentence, journalism is a profession that is internationally recognized by all academic profession around the globe. Its ethics, norms and values are universal and equal in all international countries. There is no legal South Sudan version of journalism-that is requires not to be abided by principles of journalism.

East or West, in third or first world countries, respect for individuals right to privacy, dignity and confidentiality is a core. Literally this is the reason you see some blurry pictures on BBC and CNN videos.

I am aware you are operating in authoritarian country. A country where authorities are above the law but mind you that, no law is more powerful enough to devalue individuals’ rights.

Let our women die and suffer with respect and dignity. Woman’s breast is private and that is why it is classify under human body private part. Cover their private part if you are to feature them in any story.

They’re decent spirits mediocred by poor standards of living. They should die and suffer with respect and self-worth

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  1. Chol Imman says:

    Dear Amer Mayen,
    Iam really impressed by your concern of still restoring the dignity of women in keeping privatley thier private parts. You are a real woman of Dinka tribe. Iam really happy.
    Chol Imman


  2. Dear Writer,you are wasting your time writing blaming Garang.He was not interested showing the breasts to the public but what happened to the South Sudanese citizens.It’s normal to walk naked here.


  3. It should have been the case dear Amer, keep educating, a woman dignity and privacy in her private sensitive parts must not be exposed without discretion, respect for this parts of a woman in this regard is paramount and shouldn’t be exposed naked under what ever circumstances, the privacy of any person should be respected regardless of his/her educational status or position.


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