3 Reasons why Gen. Malong Awan is nicknamed as ‘’King Paul’’

Posted: May 18, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, David Aoloch

By David Aoloch Bion, Uganda

President Salva Kiir, Governor Paul Malong Awan (Blue suit) and Cabinet Affairs Minister Martin Lomuro (black suit) during the public rally in Aweil, NBeG

President Salva Kiir, Governor Paul Malong Awan (Blue suit) and Cabinet Affairs Minister Martin Lomuro (black suit) during the public rally in Aweil, NBeG

May 18, 2015 (SSB)  —  Informally, the SPLA Chief of General Staff, Lt .Gen Paul Malong Awan is referred as King Paul. Many people misunderstand this nickname of Gen. Malong . They misinterpret it as Malong being evilest in their strongest words. This is wrong inference and assumption. Mr. Malong is not behaving badly the way they perceive .

Gen. Malong is honoured as King Paul because of the 3 following reasons.

1 .Waging the war without external help.  Malong fought single-handedly as Anya Anya Two leader in Bare el gazal region from 1978 to 1983. At that time, Malong fought Sudan Army without any external support in term of logistics. Where did he get ammunition? Where he get food? No one knew, but, he fought for five years for the freedom of South Sudan  until he joined SPLM/A in 1983, when all Anya Anya joined SPLM/A then.  Here , he never asks anyone like a King . King always never asks for help from any one because he has everything always.

2 . The Defense of Boma . Malong  defended Boma Garrison from being captured by Sudan Army from 1992 to 1995 till  he was reinforced from Equatoria. He held out in Boma for 3 years  . Kapoeta at South of Boma was captured by Sudan army. Pochalla at the North of Boma was captured by Sudan army . He stood in the middle with gallant SPLA soldiers. Here, they called him a ‘’King of the Mountain’’, from mountain Boma .

3. His Generosity. Malong loves Humanity. Malong is a generous man . Malong is compassionate man  when he was a Governor of Northern Bare el gazal State. He was dinning with poor men and women in the state. At that time, Malong would organize a dinner for the poor SPLA war veterans in the state. At the table, he would say ‘’ it is the nation that stress you, take some of your lives and you are suffering now. Enjoy yourself; one good day is worth 30 bad days  Mr. Malong adopted  \this generous culture from European Royals. In Europe, the poor waits to eat the King’s dinner every year.  For example, on July 6, 1902, King Edward of England invited 456, 000 poor all over UK to come and eat dinner at his palace .

Here, they call Malong ‘’ King Paul’’ because he organized a dinner for the poor like the King Edward of England did in July 6, 1902.. In the name of God , the King will never lose .

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  1. All those are good reasons and congratulations to Malong


  2. General Paul Malong is our hero. He suffered in the bush for our freedom especially fighting the Arabs ( Marhaleen). His legacy will remaind behind down to many generations. But there is still one thing Paul Malong has to apologize for, ” The capture of Gogrial in 2002 by sudanes army was all his fault as he took all strong weapons including Tanks and ammunitions to Awiel allowing Arabs to destroy”. He must apologise for it if he wants to be remembered South Sudanese as a true leadership figure.

    Thank you all.


  3. Akuei Ajou says:

    He is true hero.And his historic registration in the struggle for s.sudan independent and now trying eliminate the bandits that are putting country apart should be remembered and celebrated as well.viva King Pual you deserve that title.


  4. Anyang deng says:

    Malong claims himself to be king of Bar-el- Ghazal region and wanted to rule South Sudan as a president.


  5. Long live king Paul malong and am glad for your humbleness to your country and peacefully people of South sudan love you my war lord always humble for us


  6. mojock poul says:

    great work he has done and stile doing to the people of south Sudan but i personally appreciate for love of his children in Uganda.


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