REMNASA: SPLA’s Production Unit destroyed in Maridi; Western Equatoria State

Posted: June 9, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Press Release

REVOLUTION MOVEMENT FOR NATIONAL SALVATION (REMNASA): Office of the Secretary for Information & Document

Press Release: SPLA’s Production Unit destroyed in Maridi; Western Equatoria State

June 9, 2015 (SSB)  —   The heroic forces of Revolutionary Movement for National Salvation (REMNASA) today on 09th June, 2015; courageously crushed SPLA’s Production Unit, a unit that is best known as Capt Makuei Chan production unit under Directorate of Military Corporation, in an ambush that took place 4 kilometers from Maridi Town, on Rumbek Road.

The two Platoons were heading to Maridi from their base suited six kilometers on Rumbek road. They were on foots to Maridi to reinforce, where they fall in our ambush. Our patriotic forces killed 5 and wounded serious others; as well captured 6 rifles including a Rocket-Propelled Grenade (RBG), with several rounds of ammunitions, and scattered them in the jungle.

The confrontation happened after our revolutionary forces stationed in nearby area had been informed of the situation in Maridi and were heading to rescue the civilians from the SPLA; while the two Platoons of the SPLA were also heading from their bases to Maridi to reinforce their fellow thugs. Thus our valiant forces of REMNASA ambushed them after received earlier information about their mission to Maridi, as they left their base.

The Situation in Maridi has not been good as SPLA forces yesterday on 8th June 2015 committed great atrocities against residents of Maridi whereas they killed 10 civilians, burnt houses and looting properties, which caused massive populations.

The chaos started after a youth from Maridi had misunderstanding with a Dinka tribesman whose cattle encroached to his farm – destroying the farm. Instead of apologizing for the damage his cattle caused to the young man’s field; he (Dinka tribesman) resorted to fight him in the presence of dozens of his Dinka tribesmen. On top, they (Dinka triesbmen) called on their brothers within the ranks and structures of the security forces, who came and arrested this local young man. Thus, the local youths reacted and used sticks to beat the cows which resulted chaos in Maridi on tribal lines – between the locals, and Dinka tribesmen.

In the process bedlam, the Dinka tribesmen supported by their brothers within the ranks and structures of SPLA and National Security started shooting the local youths where they killed at least one, and the local youths retaliated by killing the several cows. As the Dinka tribesmen were overpowered by the local youths; they ran to the SPLA HeadQuarters (Military Garrison) and reported that they are being attacked by rebels.

Thus, the SPLA were dispatched from the Garrison, instead of calming the situation, they resorted to destroy houses and to kill civilians randomly – from Line Zira to Dar tick – Hai Soura. The worst scenario was a woman and her children, together with her husband was burnt to death in their house by the SPLA.

It is most unfortunately that, the National Army (SPLA) has become not only tribal but a criminal institution, and it has totally failed to serve and save our Nation without discriminations on tribal lines. What happened in Maridi is indeed a crime against humanity that will never have to go unquestioned and unaccounted for, by the SPLA leadership.

REMNASA would like to caution the general populations to refrain from tribal politics which is dangerous for our national unity and coexistence, but to unity against the tribal regime of the SPLM under the Leadership of Salva Kirr.


Col. John Sunday Martin;

Spokesman –REMNASA


Cellphone: +236-75172511

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  1. Majook Deng says:

    Ahahah manth dor!!!!… stop lying here all right, this is not tribalism website and to spread propaganda in this website with huge partiality the public.


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