All Alone (Streets Children)

Posted: July 2, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Contributing Writers, Poems.

By Adut Mayom Apioth, South Sudan

The rain never stops,

The cold that freezes their hearts,
Weakening their  will to live,
Fear chase them from home,
Due to father’s beatings,
All those bruises,poverty,hunger,
Until pain become their mentor,
And hunger their companion,
All their sorrows deepen,
Wounding their youth,
So they move out,
For they believe they had another family,
That embrace all tribes,
For them to provide shelter and cloth them,
But on is their shut hope,
Now they starve in the dark,
Waiting for death to beacon…….
  1. Khuoi Takpiny Dhal Majak says:

    To and for all that had been happening in South Sudan since that day.
    I would only have these few African Proverbs to eat some words with all South Sudanese.
    1.Do not spit in a well,you may come back and drink water from it.look at Pagan Amum and so called G10.
    2.when a black an bites the buttock,the buttocks learn a lesson.
    3.A mosquito that perches in the scrotum must be chased with caution
    4.A sleep which starts from one market and ends in another becomes death.
    5.A hand that threatens you must be cut or kiss it.
    6.If you see a pregnant goat in the market,means there are pregnant troubles at home.
    These and more in relationship to way doing things in our Country will match some African wisdom.


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