Not Signing IGAD’s Proposed Peace Deal is Better Choice to Make for President Kiir

Posted: August 24, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Featured Articles, Manyang Duany Jok

By Manyang Duany Jok, Bor, South Sudan

South Sudan's President Salva Kiir (C) acknowledges his supporters as he arrives to address a rally at John Garang's Mausoleum in the capital Juba March 18, 2015.

South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir (C) acknowledges his supporters as he arrives to address a rally at John Garang’s Mausoleum in the capital Juba March 18, 2015.

August 24, 2015 (SSB) — It is good and imperative for H.E president Kiir to refuse signing the IGAD Proposed peace deal, because the mainstream, South Sudanese who voted for him to presidency in several States of South Sudan, including those state affected have comprehended the disadvantages of signing it and are opposed to it. Leaving alone individuals former detainees-G10, rebel crooks, SPLM in Opposition who are searching for short cut to a lofty leadership of the country.

The citizens expressed their voices and opposition to it in their mass demonstrations all over the Republic of South Sudan. As such President is mandated to reject the proposal. Signing this IGAD compromise peace deal, in other hand, will increase the presence of foreign forces in South Sudan particularly in the capitol-Juba specifically Troika and NATO on top of UN forces, leaving government not to defend itself, under any threat.

While already present UN forces had almost pushed our country to mayhem by contributing to catastrophe through boosted Dr. Riek Machar’s Power struggle to coup against the elected President Salva Kiir, in connection with former special Representative, Hilda Johnson to UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon, it already has remained an enormous threat to our freedom, liberty and prosperity. However, no one needs more foreign boots in the country.

Currently in the country, UN forces already have now created themselves automatic mandates, claiming immunity not to consulting the government for a renewal or bided by the supreme laws of the country. Under this mandate, South Sudan government faces the threat of strolling UN military tanks and mounted patrol vehicles on the streets of Juba, Bor, Malakal and Bentiu with assumption of harboring citizens in the so called UN- Protection camps; even when a situation in the country is calm, prior to their adopted reservation policy to purposely deplore and undermine the capability of our government to run itself and to protect its people.

Finding ways through this Peace deal or predicted future mess, to impose their interests against contracted China to mine mineral in South Sudan, perhaps on oil or to meet endured, grappled mean to reimburse themselves on past material supports to South Sudan during CPA or elongated 21 years liberation struggle, Troika countries’ troops will want to bypass UN forces due to the neutrality clause of UN security forces and to start stepping boots on to our country by turning it to be their operation base and to also potentially intimidate East Africa as whole.

Now the invincible mighty army, the SPLA of South Sudan have defeated and cleared rebel groups out of key towns of: Bor, Bentiu, and, Malakal in Greater Upper Nile , leaving SPLM/A-IO under stressful conditions; consequently, pitting them to start fighting among themselves e.g. Gen. Tanginya vs. Olony’s loyalists &Gen. Peter Gatdet’s vs. Dr. Riek Machar’s loyalists in separate bushes of greater Upper Nile, while others are battling their egos to choose either whether to surrender to the government or remain in bushes or flee elsewhere.

Ironically, driving by their interests, since the rebels is conquered, instead for our President to declare mission accomplished and amnesty to receive back home the rebels of SPLM/A-IO and G10 as attempted in Arusha SPLM party reunion agenda, Troika countries of USA, UK and Norway, behind the scene, hastily inserted pressure on IGAD to push the designed compromise Peace agreement in favor of rebel of Dr. Riek Machar, and G10 to allow them back to the country to regroup and recommit more other atrocities than they did in 2013-2015.

Not only should the compromise IGAD peace deal is to rejuvenate the sobbing groups of rebels to meet their engineered causes of stagnating South Sudan in chaotic setting, but will permit international forces of Troika to supervise the capitol of South Sudan for period of 18 months and to leave the President Kiir to have almost equivalent number of soldiers guarding him to his rival Riek Machar only in Juba, which could make him more vulnerable to get captured or assassinated by foreign forces or through their influences.

Although this is implemented, yet still there is no going to be common bindings to hold these South Sudanese parties together: Bishop Salva Kiir, Republic of South Sudan, Snaky Fox Pagan Amum Okech of former detainees and Dr. Hawk Riek Machar of SPLM/A-IO, not to fight. The prospect of fighting to resume will be eminent.

However, in collaboration with UN forces, Troika will use money and forces to let Snaky Fox Pagan bite President Bishop Salva Kiir on his un-booted ankle, and while Kiir focusing on treatment of snaky bit pain, Dr. Hawk Machar will want to snatch the country in a hand of the President Bishop Kiir as characterized by his past unconscious routine to project political upheaval again.

On this cause, foreign forces will pressure to put the country under protectorate of UN to assassinate our sovereignty for a number of years, accompanying by oil for food program, mandatory drilling of South Sudan oil to feed Internal Displaced people- IDPS, and to pay for security and to maintain a long stay of the foreign forces in the country.

But surprisingly, what East Africa leaders (IGAD) do not understand and shortsighted about is that, South Sudan’s problem is not South Sudanese problem alone, but for all, because South Sudan is economically accommodating immigrants from Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Somalia by enhancing their lives here, however, loosing South Sudan to violence and neo-colonization will create more rebellions, chaos in the neighboring countries like Somalia’s issue propelled over to Kenya.

Before her invasion, Somalia has a good port for import and export. It had competing force in East Africa, and it was economically self-reliant, but in the name of claimed refusal of humanitarian access to the country’s tribe of Somali-land that opposed the leadership of the country, NATO led by America invaded Somalia in 1993 and in 1996 killed their President Gen. Mohamed Farah Aidid.

The Arab League, IGAD, UN organizations and many others attempted several peace and reconciliations between the betrayers and betrayed in Somalia, yet nothing has appeared to have been achieved 1993-2015, 22 years to present. Somalia is more divided than ever before, and it has become a leading example of failed State in the world, stigmatized with piracy and Al shabab terrorist’s organizations.

Furthermore in the name of democracy, humanitarian access, freedom, weapons of mass destruction, Nuclear weapons, with hidden agenda of economy related war, foreign powers of Troika, NATO invaded or by proxy destroyed Libya, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt and many other countries to face the continuous challenges of recovery.

G10 and SPLM in Opposition’s interests should not be accepted to invite more destructions, and neo-colonization to three years old country-South Sudan. The well they dig will be filled with all of us, not the President alone. Troika, NATO, UN forces neither know Nuer nor Dinka, Equatorians; they only know oil and a threat of potential power.

Mr. President, don’t sign it, South Sudan is behind you, death is once and for all. Bravo President Salva Kiir Mayardit, you have taken a right path of your people. We will die on it. It is the right route, but South Sudan will never be the same again.

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  1. Yes,No siging for dealers peace and no more rooms to reward criminals whom always to kill us.We need normal peace which came through south sudanses people not white people because we are the one to know,who is a criminal and who is a leader man among us here.So let chane of peace to be a choice of us not world people choice.


  2. Malith Alier says:

    We’re pro-sign!
    If the government had wished not to sign anything it should not have been commuting between Juba and Addis Ababa from the start of the conflict. Last minute change of mind is not good.
    There existed opportunities which were unutilized by the government such as withdrawal from negotiations whenever rebels attack government forces.
    What was the rush to Addis Ababa for, immediately from the early stages of the conflict?
    Many people see no strong reasons for the government the minute withdrawal from signing the Compromise Peace Agreement (CPA).
    People around the country are crying for peace. Civil society, religious groups, women groups and huge majority want peace now.
    Going point by point, the concerns raised by the government delegation are; power sharing, security arrangement, demilitarisation of Juba, federalism and other myriads of concerns.
    Well and good. There is a small number of people in the country like those who demonstrated in Bor, Torit, Wau, Kuacjok etc. they cannot be taken seriously because they are not fully informed about the agreement. They’re also sponsored by the very government which seems to hesitate or procrastinate on the accord. This is true because a good number of the demonstrators can’t read and write to be able to decide independently from the government line (aye koc ke wun ci kuath) or people of moving camp.
    They haven’t realised that the government uses them to achieve its objectives and discourages them when they demand their rights the government tramples on.
    Remember what happened to Dok Chuor and her group when they demonstrated in Bor earlier this year. And then the 11 (eleven) people gunned down in Wau when they demonstrated against the government of that state.
    I went through two articles about peace written by well known writers in South Sudan, David Ayarbior and Dr. James Okuk and concluded that those supporting signing have many good reasons than those opposed. The pro-sign argue that the CPA is for a limited time period of two and half years after which the people of South Sudan will decide on permanent arrangements.
    Power sharing is fair and their is no question about that. if the government wants zero sum game, it should have vanquished the rebels in the last twenty months so as to retained absolute power in the country. However, since it has failed to do so, it should agree to the power sharing as stipulated in the agreement.
    Juba and other Cities should have been demilitarised long time ago. The agreement just mentioned what was long overdue. Secondly, alternative forces exist in the towns to provide protection to civilians such as police, Wildlife, Prisons even Fire brigade. Those forces are well armed and are capable to offer better security than the SPLA which is usually brash with the law. For your information the demiliterisation clause is already omitted and is no longer an issue for not signing the accord.
    federalism mode of governance is deferred to the permanent constitution making and is not a big thing as we speak.
    By not signing the CPA, the government finds itself on a frigid island without something to cover self.All conflict parties, witnesses and guarantors have signed. This is in essence a sign of isolation of the GRSS. Forget about threat of sanctions they are tried elsewhere but prove ineffective. The real issue is the economic meltdown the country is grappling with right now. It is too obvious to talk about at length. Ordinary citizens know better.
    Yes the rebels have split in two or might split in to many splinter groups but that is nothing to declare the rebellion’s demise. It had happened before. Right after the 2005 CPA, many militias joined the government at their choosing. That is what is highly like of this rebellion. The government should be ready to sign peace accords, declare amnesties or lure some rebels using other means to join the government.
    Chiefly to the no sign group, a compromise is what you get when you let matters get out of hand. Swallow your pride and let the government sign our CPA.


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