The Leadership of Dr. Majak Agoot: Our Primary Hope for Peaceful South Sudan

Posted: September 8, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Featured Articles

By Deng Kur Deng (AKA Raanmangar), USA

Majak Agot Atem, former longtime adjutant to Commander Salva Kiir Mayaardit during the war of liberation

Majak Agot Atem, former longtime adjutant to Commander Salva Kiir Mayaardit during the war of liberation

September 8, 2015 (SSB)  —  The future of South Sudan and its reputable strength is in the hands of the young generation and the leaders who are very determined to guide us out of chaos. The younger generation is estimated to have encountered—and been overwhelmed by—many social issues, including lack of proper education, violence (which has taken a large population), and inadequate employment, just to mention a few. However, let us be brutally honest: If it wasn’t for President Kiir, South Sudan as a country would have collapsed long ago. Now, however, we must strive to do more than settle for an adequate leader and a passable agenda. It is time to look at the alternatives for the future, and consider better ways to correct many of the grievances that have overshadowed what little progress we’ve made in every corner of the country.

President Kiir has done all that he could, but again, there is room for improvement, and a sincere need to sufficiently organize the country. These are many reasons why the country must start looking for a leader who can help nurture it towards a peaceful and fruitful future. While it seems as if we have several unresolved problems, if you remember the last civil war, you know we have indeed confronted a decent number of those problems, resulting in the independence of South Sudan. Still, given that South Sudan has becomes a hub of war and symbol of insufficient service to the people, we need someone who is willing to strengthen and harmonize the country through a commitment to peace. It is truly time to turn the page from destruction to acceptance in South Sudan.

Our people have come to realize their potential, and by embracing that potential, we can more effectively implement strategies and start to establish solidarity between the government and the people. Our priority as a people is to bring aboard a leader who will concentrate on creating and sustaining peace. The concepts of both leadership and peace work hand in hand, and that is why having the right leader would be very instrumental in achieving peace. You and I are aware that a slow response to peace and stability in the country bears huge consequences. At the very least, we need a leader who has time and energy to quickly confront many of the problems associated with our country. This leader must reassure us about the solutions to our collective problems as a nation, because the nation comes first. Only with the right leader can we find these solutions.

Our people are fighting a losing battle; therefore, it our obligation as citizens to work with the leader who is willing to work for peace. There are specific challenges affecting the country right now—security challenges above all. In addition, many of us know that the unemployment of the youth itself is a threat to our stability and security, and that is why creating opportunities in agriculture and many other sectors of employment will help lessen the hostility in our communities. Our leader must direct resources towards youth employment, so that those youths who are not in school might have a chance of realizing a stable, meaningful future.

We all know how much blood has been shed—there is enough proof of that sacrifice in our collective memory—but there is one testimony that we must bring before our people to finalize our grievances. Our future is filled with hope, and many people are yearning for a leader to rise above the stains of our blood. The man we hope to bring us unprecedented practical democracy and effective execution of peace is Dr. Majak Agoot and trusted members of the SPLM. His willingness to stand up for the people is the greatest form of security for our people. He embodies what we want as a people, and his dedication could constrain those who have stuck their big hands in the government’s pocket.

It is very important for our people to recognize the difference between who is going to hurt us, and a leader who is willing to show us the meaning of integrity in a country torn by war and corruption. Now, there are enough speculations about Mr. Majak’s involvement in the rebellion against government; however, all these speculations are meant to smear his insights. In fact, few men and women who have seen his success have turned to demonizing him in such a cheap way. We the people have better views about his direction. If you look for facts, you are more likely to realize that those who have invested their time superficially and insincerely have slowly destroyed the country. They are known for vocally opposing democracy in and outside of the country. I am not saying Majak should be preordained as our leader, but looking at the way things are, he is our best option to unite the South Sudanese people.

President Kiir is trying his best, but given the recent violence that has taken the lives of thousands of South Sudanese, he may find it difficult to bring us together under his leadership without help from Dr. Majak. We need a fresh face and a new perspective on the situation. With that in mind, Majak has concrete ideas about the immersion of all South Sudanese people, wherever they are. No matter how we differ, Majak would reiterate that our main reason for seeking change is the same: to live in a peaceful South Sudan.

I do not see any problem finding the right available leader. We have seen the work of many leaders, and their differences are very clear. But that is why we the people deserve to have a leader who sees us as equal through the lens of South Sudan’s laws. The previous clumsy attempts were only meant to misguide the people and undermine our future as a peaceful country. There is no doubt that Majak has large populations of staunch supporters who would want him to be the next President of South Sudan—as he should be.

What our people need is someone who is willing to provoke real change. There are many countless issues faced by our country, but what matters the most is who has innovative ideas to resolve them. In most cases, you and I are not well protected as citizens of South Sudan, but we deserve protection. This protection must be practical, and that is why Majak Agoot remains vital to the prosperity and peace of our country. He believes that we must approach our problems head on. Many of those who advocate for a better leader are not basing their arguments on the relationship between the leader and our country’s future; they do not appreciate that almost blood connection. I am an average South Sudanese citizen who is just sick and tired about everything that is going on in the country, but I remain very hopeful and would like to live in peaceful country.

We the South Sudanese have become disinterested and less energized about the future generation, particularly as violence continues to rage in the country—a violence that was born out of the blood of the people. Adults and children alike have been anticipating a calm and peaceful coexistence among ourselves for the betterment of South Sudan, along with the reconstruction of hopes and lives. But our optimism continues to fall on the rock of reality, leaving many drained and confused. It has becomes very hard to recognize good citizens and leaders without the politicization and hate that has been planted in the youth, in a generation that is less determined about the future of the country. Our generation is only known for attacking itself on little things that have no good cause, but we have so far failed to speak up in support of a better South Sudan.

I hope you all now understand why you must pay less attention to more insignificant issues, and instead play important roles in the country, in a place where you deserve to live in peace with your loved ones. There are many recommendations for youth who are constantly losing hope over the direction of the country. They believe that our country can only be changed by a leader who will help our wounds heal by first securing peace in the country. The people are now convinced that the country is struggling to regain its footing and fortitude.

I know any South Sudanese citizen or family will not embrace a less peaceful South Sudan, just like my family will not. The war has inflicted all kinds of damage on the people, and any more negative episodes only add to the current situation. Our country seems to have no sense of conviction. The recommitment and reengagement of the people can be reinvigorated by someone who understands our weakness and who drives to live in peace. Our ability to unite the country solely depends on how determined we are at finding a leader who is willing to create an environment where all parties and citizens are connected by the bridge of peace. Dr. Majak Agoot is our last hope for the stability of the country that has been overwhelmed by chaos.

Our hesitance to commit to new leadership impedes our own growth as a nation, which we had started to envision even before 2013. With each passing day, we are losing the interest of the international community, as they are displeased with the economic stagnation, loss of life, and the relocation of the same people who were affected by the previous civil war. How long are we going to continue to indulge what happened in the country? How do we overcome widespread hatred among ourselves? And how long are we going to continue to fight each other as a result of the hatred ingrained into us?

As we know so far, what had happened in our country has affected me as it has affected you, but it should not stop us from joining together and bringing in a leader who sees beyond our differences and who aims to unite your family and my family. In order to accomplish this, we need a collective willingness to reorganize the country overshadowed by the divisions only created by a few. There are many other important factors that weigh into our country’s development, such as economic recovery and social reconstruction, which are desperately needed in every corner of South Sudan as we speak. But our politicians have dragged us into something we are less interested in—the war.

War has become a disruptive element that has consumed the attention of our current leaders, while they have abandoned the rest of us either inside South Sudan or in East African countries. If you are old enough to know the reasons why we fought the Sudanese government in Khartoum, you have a duty to reflect on those reasons now. There is no way forward if you and I fail to look for a leader who will remember our past while pushing us towards a brighter future. In current conditions, our economy is paralyzed due to the interruptions, which were brought about by many factors. We search for explanations and have reached the uncomfortable truth that we might not have any explanations—to the point that many outsiders do not want to be part of anything associated with our problems.

First and foremost, Majak Agoot is more likely to confront our enemies, both foreign and domestic, so you and I and our families can resume our normal lives without worries. This war must be contained, and Majak realizes that. Imagine our leader capturing and recapturing city after city, and showing us the meaninglessness of this chaos that we have endured. There has to be a better way forward, and Majak is willing to help us narrow the focus of war to resolve our differences once and for all. We must absolutely and positively accept change in order for us to live in peace.

Many people are still confused about the way forward, but others continue to believe that it is time to look for a better future. Majak deserves the leadership, as he is considered one of the most innovative leaders of our time. It is not sufficient or significant enough to merely state that Majak is the only leader qualified to take over the leadership of this stumbling country, but rather, we must insist that he is the source of hope that the South Sudanese dearly need at this trying time. We need him so that our country can survive our efforts to improve every corner of the land. Many who have bled for decades would like to see change, while others have campaigned for a peaceful and tolerable South Sudan, but so far, these campaigns have been unremarkable. How long are we going to continue to cave to oppression in our own country?

It is an indispensable part of our human nature to live in peace. Our past struggles are unrequited, and it is very sickening, reflecting back on the misinformed malevolence. Moral indignation was trumpeted by many—including Majak—and we must remain steady against the anger and hatred in order to show our ownership of our country. Our new leader should never hold us down, and he must be a part of positive progress. We don’t owe each other anything, but we as a collective people, we do owe South Sudan our loyalty and commitment. It is a country that was liberated by the blood of our people. And now, there is a rattle, a sense of discontent, stirring among our people—we are no longer satisfied with many parts of the government and the people who control it.

We may not have the definitive answers to all our questions and concerns right now, but we must look beyond yes and no solutions. Dr. Majak Agoot is the leader who will develop solutions that work for all of the people. He is the leader who will guide us out of darkness.

This article was written by Deng Kur Deng AKA. Raanmangar. You can reach him at

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  1. Bor Asili says:

    Your article is well articulated and convincing, however, mentioning Dr Majak Agoot make you sound like a fool. This current man made war was the idea of power hungers and Majak is one of them. How can he be a president while he is talking shit about our current government. We need his ass in Juba so that peace can come to our people. Dr. Majak is a good leader, but he let himself being fooled by Riek, Pagan, Nyandeng and his clan men otherwise we could have asked to take over. Right now Majak is a dangerous man believe me because he is hoping for outsiders to put him in power. Raanmangar, your article is just a nonsense because is not looking for power through Dinka or South Sudanese at large, but through UN and troika after the country messed up.
    Remember Riek, Pagan and Majak are all fooling each other, but in the end, they will start fighting each, mark my word.


  2. Dear Deng,

    Your article thematically well placed: dire plea for good leadership for the Republic of South Sudan to enhance sustainable peace, governance and development. I also sincerely respect your right to freedom of speech and opinion.

    Having read your article, I have got a few questions for you to answer or else internalize them.

    1. How do you want Dr. Majak Agot to ascend to power? You had not demonstrated the mode of his ascension to the topmost seat of our nation.
    2. Dr. Majak almost declined his appointment as a Deputy Minister of Defense in 2011. He has never been a minister before but how dared he? Does he have the nation at heart really?
    3. Dr. Majak was a very senior security officer by then, but insecurity cases of killings, robberies became rampant in Juba, where was his today acclaimed leadership if he could not provide adequate security that is a prerequisite to peace, governance and development?
    4. Is Dr. Majak not architecturally and morally participant in the genesis of current conflict when they drummed and stirred up anger in the public and army in Dec 2013?
    5. Is South Sudan a democratic country or not?

    I will appreciate if you can provide brief but critical and honest answers to the above queries.


    • Dut-machine De Mabior says:

      Dear Makuur Garang,

      Please, may you mention the people who were killed during the Majak’s tenure as head of security? I thought there were no men in black then!


      • David says:

        Dut those questions were not directed to you so that you can drive your question out of them. leave them alone to the writer of the article. Defend Majak as your family member, but not when he was working at national level please. He is good to you at home but not where he worked.


  3. Malith Alier says:

    nomination or call them campaigns for Dr. Majak who is now conspicuous by his absence sound out of step. No man can promote another in his absence.


  4. David says:

    Good article Deng, but for your information Majak was a body guide to kiir. He will never be a president to this country he dragged to the mess. So don’t support him that much.


  5. Deng says:

    it would be wise for majak to come and campaign for leadership in south sudan among south sudanese who are they real electorates not in diaspora where the people he is talking to will not contribute a single vote to him. majak should not allowed himself to be fooled cheaply by the so-called supporters and twic east fanatics in america. majak’s leadership is utopian mr raanmangar. good luck majak agoot!!


  6. Bany says:

    Deng kur Deng: majak Agot,nyandeeng and her son Mabior are only looking for power.the three do not care about so many people from dinka bor who were killed by risk Machar and s.Sudan government.For example: Majak himself did not saved the life of Diing chan Awuol when he had ability and power to protect Diing life .when majak was deputy minister of defense Diing asked him majak for helped but majak chooses to traveled to bortown.(sbs dinka radio).unknown person can be blamed for killing Diing,but majak can be blamed for not protecting Diing life from unknown person when majak was fully awared about the threated to Diing life.riak Machar white army killed so many people from bor county in 2013 and 2014 with helped of nyandeeng ,Mabior nyandeeng and majak Agot.Deng kur Deng, a dinka bor in his right mind cannot see majak Agot and riek machar as good leaders but opportunists who are taking advantage of kiir weakness.


    • Dut-machine De Mabior says:


      A number of issues surround the unfortunate death of Isaiah Abraham. Anyway, I wish I had contracts with you to explain more.


  7. David says:

    Hey guys you are wasting your time talking about Majak being a good leader. Know this he will not come to south sudan for good 10 years leave a lone coming to bor his home area.


  8. am simply flabbergasted that an intellectual mind like Deng Kur Deng could be so more clanica(clan)as he seems, whatever you have talked about is rubbish! if you dont like Dr.Majak. it is your own choice.


  9. Loluii says:

    Ironing the colour of Majak to become a president is a dangerous things for you the Dinka…….anyone coming after president Kiir must not be Dinka if you wanted the image of Dinka to be tainted again as good. Bor are far from the leadership tickets…..let them notice this advice………they must not dream a negative ….which is waste of brains fluid………to think deeply….better remain destroyers for awhile…..


  10. my apologies to Deng Kur Deng, i miss a point here!


  11. Kur John Aleu says:

    Thanks Makuur Garang,
    I hope Deng Kur Deng and the likes will answer those questions?


  12. Awuol Gabriel Arok says:

    Jealousy is not far from most of the comments.


  13. The sympathizer says:

    It is right for one to express his/her allegiance to a politician. The lengthy article is just a botch of words and never hold any water to allure the beleaguered groups because u can’t succeed a Dinka by another Dinka if South Sudan belongs to all its diversities and if unity is the priority following the aftermath of 2013 & 2016 meadow. Dr. Majak quote” a cow can turn grass into milk but a separate process is needed to turn the milk into butter” end of quote. He should come out publically and explain himself a broader based-it is democratic option left to anyone who wants power. So please run your show because charity begins at home. Failure & weakness of Kiir have tainted every politician of his ethnicity to the extent that only people with beneviolent spirit can survive his legacy. Wish President Majak a success!


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