Dear Bor Mayor, Nhial Majak Nhial, I have Suspended my Campaign against You

Posted: November 26, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Columnists, Commentary, Contributing Writers, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Aideed Koryom, Bor, South Sudan

Nhial Majak Nhial

Bor Mayor, Nhial Majak Nhial, addresses IDPs in Nimule – March 2, 2014.

November 26, 2015 (SSB)  —  As of today, I am suspending my campaign against your corrupt practices indefinitely. Whether they are good or bad, my intentions were not to defame you nor was it a character assassination on you as a person but it was the truth about your corrupt activities as the mayor and a politician. I was telling the truth and I will still stand for that and it is up to you to make your statement about the allegations that I have written against you. Then I will get my sources.

As I have said before, in a civilize societies, politicians are not credited for their official duties but their small mistakes are non tolerable. So what ever great things you have done since you became Bor mayor, the only thing that matters and we the public care and what we want to know are bad things. I am a whistleblower that knows every detail of your corrupt activities as Bor mayor Nhial Majak.

I thought you have gone too far Nhial Majak when you try to take the land that was reserved for the public to be your own private land. First was the crisis funds that were misappropriated between you and Minister Gai Riem. You took the some of the funds and we kept our mouth shut protecting you. Than you put your own name on the Bor city ground permanently on your own and now you are trying to take the land that was reserved for the government.

When you were appointed mayor of Bor Nhial Majak by Gen. Kuol Manyang, I was so proud as well as many other lost boys and young generations of your age mate were happy. I wanted you to a role model for us and not getting involved corruption. You have a long career in front you but you are destroying it. It is your own and good luck.

Nhial Majak, if you were not a public official, I would have not gone after you. When you choose to serve the public especially in western world, you have no privacy and any allegations of corruption will bring you down. I know South Sudan is a country were corruption is not a crime but I have the rights to expose your corrupt practices since you are a public official so do not take it personal because you chose to be a public figure.

Dear Leek Chol Lueth Leek:

These are the two pieces you wrote on your face book.

November 22 2015: Headline: Bor, Jonglei State

Nhial Majak Nhial, Mayor of Bor Town is SIMPLY being DEFAME by his opponents who are after his position. Though Nhial’s position isn’t permanent like any other constitutional post holder; however, the way he’s being defame is totally ridiculous! I hope the Mayor have a thick skin to tolerate such egos. This is the ONLY motivation behind the allegation that Hon. Nicholas Nhial had stolen some “money” and constructed a “Mansion” for himself in Australia. Good enough, there’s NO CASE opened against him by Jonglei State leadership to say the least.

On a personal note, I would advice the Mayor not to even entertain such propaganda. It’s only distracting him from real issues. Last but not least, this current leadership is a government of “elders”; and therefore, it would be selfish to join in bullying of one your own (Jesh el Amer). If we really care about the future of Red Army in South Sudan then let’s correct ourselves instead of defaming our comrades on social media. Leek Chol Wrote.

November 21, 2015: ~Epitome of a coward:

An opinion writer who defame its victims using a fake name on social media~

How do you expect your ‘imaginary audiences’ to take your message seriously, especially when you’re defaming someone while using a fake account on Facebook? And to coil one’s tail behind a fake account with an intention to tarnish and defame one of your Jesh el Amer politician in the game, is absolutely a cowardice act at its highest order. If you have something positive/ negative to convey to the community about this young politician then you face him using your real identity instead airing out hearsay on FB. Nonetheless, those who are entertaining this nonsense are totally delusional. Please abstain from mixing up personal grievances with politics! Leek Chol wrote.

Leek Chol, I use to admire your writings on social media and other news out let. I thought you are a person who can reason. My identity is not important. What is important are the allegations of corruption I am alleging against Bor Mayor Nhial Majak Nhial. Are they true or false? My intentions are not to defame Nhial Majak but I am exposing his corrupt practices to our young generations, the Jes el Amer.

FACTS: Nhial is not clean when it comes to corruption Leek Chol. You are just blinded by his corrupt practices because you and Nhial are from the same clan (Palek) and the rest who have line up in defend of Nhial Majak. Clannish politic is what you are playing and I do not believe in that. I am not far but I know both you and Nhial Majak so do not search for me further away. I am a whistleblower who got frustrated of Bor Mayor Nhial Majak corrupt practices. Remember Leek Chol, whistleblower is someone from within.

When Isaiah Abraham was writing against the Government of South Sudan, his identity was not important but his message was important to us and those who were against corruption and nobody care who he was. I didn’t and not a lot of people knew who Isaiah Abraham was until he died, did people knew he was Wen Chan Awuol. Why ask for my identity Leek Chol?

The land allegations are up to the government to decide but I told the truth in that article and I think you and Nhial Majak knows it now and your blood are both boiling on that. The crisis fund allegations that I wrote were not meant to open a criminal case against Bor Mayor Nhial Majak but to let the public know that Nhial Majak is not the person we think he is but is now a party to corruption in South Sudan. Leek Chol, I know every little detail about Nhial Majak corrupt practices in Bor here my friend. You came to Bor this year and know nothing about what Bor Mayor Nhial Majak had been doing.

I want to let you know I am ending writing about him not because they are not true but because everyone seem to be blinded by clannish politic. Each and every one of us has his own clan and we shall see what clannish politic will lead us to. Clannish politic will lead us to no good Leek Chol.  If we were to audit the Bor Municipality independently Leek Chol, you will find many allegations of funds misappropriation by Bor mayor Nhial Majak but there is nothing like that in South Sudan here.

Nhial Majak Need to make his own statement about the crisis funds and the mansion he bought in Melbourne. I want the public to know.

  1. Did Nhial Majak took crisis funds? Yes/no
  2. Did Nhial Majak buy a house/mansion in Melbourne between the time of crisis and now? Yes/no.
  3. If yes to question 2, where did he Nhial Majak get the money if no to question 1?
  4. If no to question 2, I will get my sources on the ground in Australia to confirm it and it is that simple.

Now, Leek Chol, you went and deleted your clarification on face book and is no longer there. Why did you delete it? Did you figure it out that you are the one who started this? Isn’t that a crime of destroying evident? You also block me on your face book page. Are you being sincere with what you are doing in defending Nhial Majak Leek Chol, or are you just simply blinded by clannish politic?

I have another face book page and I am still your friend and we both know each other in person, even the Mayor Nhial Majak and I can see what you write. I just happen to hate corruption even my own family corrupt behaviors cannot be tolerated.

This is the piece of your clarification about the land dispute between Nhial Majak and Gen. Wal Athiu, “The plot in which the Mayor was constructing his home is located near the roundabout of Jonglei State Hospital; and it’s also adjacent to the Police Station. The land “title” however shows that, Hon. Nhial Majak is the owner of the plot given his documents which he obtained at the time of the former Commissioner, Dr. Agot Alier.” Leek Chol Lueth.

This was not a clarification Leek Chol, but a defense statement defending Nhial Majak property and that is why your friends like Mangok Mach and Nhial Majak friends were thanking you. They were thanking you for this simple statement and not the whole clarification. This statement made me respond aggressively because I became tied of Nhial Majak corrupt practices and how people are blinded by his social media stunts that he is doing great job but he is not. That is why I brought the foundation stone up because people are out there and do not know about it.  Was it okay for Nhial Majak to put his name on Bor city ground without permission from the people? For me it was wrong. Nhial cannot recognize himself without people consent.

I am not going after Bor Mayor Nhial Majak’s job Leek Chol and I am not trying to open a case against Bor Mayor Nhial Majak but I am exposing his corrupt practices to the public. What is your problem with that? Do you really have proof that he Nhial Majak is not corrupt like any other official in South Sudan government?

Leek Chol, you should think about your own political future as well because many people are reading your statements about Bor Mayor Nhial Majak corruption allegations. Others see that you are defending Nhial Majak because you are both from the same clan and that is not good for your own political career. So think about what you are doing for yourself as well, not just Nhial Majak. What will other people think of you in the future, a clannish political supporter of someone who support diversity?

My people of Bor, Bor mayor Nhial Majak is corrupt. Have we ever questioned why Nhial Majak is on social media a lot more than any other official in South Sudan? To impress us, his age mate but he Nhial Majak is not doing any great job.

Were does and do this resources go?

  1. Crisis fund were misappropriated between Bor Mayor Nhial Majak and Minster Gai Riem.
  2. Bor Municipality receive percentages from state ministry of finance
  3. Bor Municipality receive percentages of taxes collected in Maror market
  4. Other donations comes from UNDP and aid organizations to Bor municipality

Tomorrow we will be crying about murle attacking one of our villages but no one will defend Bor if the resources are looted by our own sons and we clannishly defend them.

I am resting the case against Bor Mayor Nhial Majak because I have seen people are actually supporting corruption. We are not different from Nuer people who are supporting Riek Machar because he is their tribes’ man. It is the same politic and has now turn clannish here in Bor. South Sudan will not move forward if we continue to support our clan’s man in power even when they are corrupt.

We are not civilized yet even we have been in the west this long. Our brains are still tribal brains and they are not civilized brains. We do not know the different between heroes and non-heroes if we treat politicians like Nhial Majak as heroes. If a politician is elected and build roads, schools, hospitals. He becomes a great politician but he doesn’t become a hero.

God help us and help South Sudan.

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made are the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address and the country you are writing from.

  1. goodluckadam says:

    please Aideed, don’t give up whether they hate us or not we will shout at them all the times, they are using our local resources to satisfy their personal greedy” and the little poor youths employed by them back them up to defend them. it is better to die as a poor man than to be use as a shield by these corrupts South Sudanese.“Life is a sum of all your choices”. To live is to choose. But to choose well, you must know who you are and what you stand for, where you want to go and why you want to get there. We want to change the life of our people who had been suffer for so long in fact it has been a difficult time for many years, when we attain our independent (2011) hope was renewed in all our hearts these was an opportunity from God for a new beginning, but with power greedy “thing fall apart”. To my follower’s youth who are advantageous to evil practices there is time for everything. To go against the dominant thinking of your friends, of most of the people you see every day, is perhaps the most difficult act of heroism you can perform.


  2. If some one authorized me to summaries the article, it will be short and brief than to repeat some of the sentences such as ‘he Nhial Majak and he Leek Chol’ so many often. South Sudanese people are suffering from one common thing ‘Gossiping’.

    I agree with Leek Chol on some points. If you want to convince someone, it’s better you go to his office and tell him what has been going on wrong during his tenure rather than barking on the street with fake identity. It is our duty all to updates our self both in power and the normal citizen because all of us will rule.

    Chan Awuol aka Isaiah Abraham in his all articles was criticizing the general administration and that his messages tell us that we must be careful in election which would have happened already if the rebellion was not in S.Sudan. His writing would have also help the government to ratify it’s activities if South Sudan had lived in democracy for many years.

    So, I have personally seen your weaknesses when you mentioned that you will not write against Nhial Majak because of Clannish Politics. If you are sure you have evidences on what you are writing, then you should not give up but when you are labelling wrong allegations on somebody for the sake of being hired by another politician, then you will not be considered as a good writer.

    For us from another state, we have seen Bor community have been peaceful except for likes of Aideed Koryom who might be struggle for food and other basics need because those whom their struggle failed are the very people that writes nonsense about the society. There is no much intimidations in Jongle state in order to fear not to act as the side mirror to the government.


    • Bany says:

      Aided koryom and Thon john Anyang Anyieth:you are haters. Your jealusey that you directed toward Nhial is purely personal not feel shame now because most of dinka bor did not welcome your negative Champaign’ against Nhial.Thon deleted his article too on Facebook. It is time now for two of you to know that the bor county people are one and they do not support lie or hate. Nhial must be condenym if he is corrupt. Just do it in the manner that people can support.Do not drag pale into Nhial personal problems.


  3. […] “I thought you have gone too far Nhial Majak when you try to take the land that was reserved for the public to be your own private land. First was the crisis funds that were misappropriated between you and Minister Gai Riem. You took the some of the funds and we kept our mouth shut protecting you. Than you put your own name on the Bor city ground permanently on your own and now you are trying to take the land that was reserved for the government.” Aideed wrote in this article. […]


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