Is It Your Root or Your Roof That Matters?

Posted: December 29, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Columnists, Commentary, Contributing Writers, Featured Articles, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Daniel Atem Manyuon (Atem’sijin)

peace in RSS

Time for peace in South Sudan?

December 29, 2015 (SSB) — This question has been resounding in my mind since the starting of the conflict that was blamed on the attempted coup; I am not disputing neither am I admitting that there was a coup in Juba because it is none of my business and it also seems to be a closed chapter since we are talking on how to share the cake, however, my business is whether my being a dinka can put me on one side of the conflict!

I have seen a lot of nuisance going on about this conflict and one undeniable fact is that it is taken as a tribal war on both sides; if that is the case then we shall kill ourselves until the end of the world because we see things at a tribal angle than at a political angle.

I know there is absolute love for one’s tribe but there are places where we can practice that, and when it comes to love for a tribe I am not exceptional because I love my tribe beyond reasonable doubt. What does the leadership of a politician have to do with me?

What is the cause of tribalism in South Sudan? I know we all have the same answers to that question but allow me to put it in my own perspective. Tribal ego is the most dangerous tool of disunity in South Sudan, there are tribes that feel superior than other tribes and by doing so it provokes the underrated tribes and their reaction is always disastrous.

I have seen many brothers and sisters using the name dinka in an abusive manner! Insulting none dinkas directly in their faces, that is very irresponsible because you are entitled to your own opinion and nobody have authorized you to represent dinka therefore we must learn to act with discipline if at all you want to represent a tribe!

28 governors with president kiir

The swearing in ceremony of 28 governors in Juba, South Sudan, 29 Dec 2015

Moreover can I suffer the consequences of a watery mouthed dinka? Yes of course I can be a victim of hatred that was ignited by a fellow dinka though I don’t agree with him I can die for him because we are all dinkas. The same to nuers, shilluks and equatorians! This is a serious setback to us and it is a test to the young upcoming generations who are given a task to mend the broken bondage or to dismantle it further.

Many people are left with no choice but to rally behind their tribes against other tribes since it is seen as an obligation, that is fine for now but a wise man can rally behind his tribe but keep his mouth shut. Those who are running their mouths will be the fools of tomorrow as far as ambitious generation of leaders with an aim to rescue this nation are in the making.

There are testimonies like I was pushed to take arms in self-defense fearing to be mowed down by the other community, such testimonies are real and that is the worst part of ethnical (tribal politics) politics.

Mark my words I don’t mean those who criticize or condemn any side of the conflict but those who use the name of their tribes to either threaten or attack other tribes! We have started knowing you by names and mind you that you are branded for future corrections. You are neither a leader nor a patriotic fella when you always think that your tribe is the favorite among sixty plus tribes. We are optimistic that this hatred dust will settle down and is going to be a lesson not a pride to the coming generations!

We have seen with our own naked eyes now, what is taking place at J1 between the two SPLMS. They are patting each other’s back with a smile of comradeship. Where is that hatred they have been preaching? And how do you look like now, after seeing the two foes calling themselves friends, cheering with joy and laughter! Even the thousands of citizens who died on both sides of the conflict are not the issue here.

IGAD peace deal in limbo

IGAD peace deal in limbo

Let’s rescue the lives of those who are still living and pray for the souls of those who perished during the conflict, said Taban Deng Gai. What have you learned from South Sudan’s military politicians starting from the time of Anya Nya one, Anya Nya two and SPLM/SPLA? In the bushes they preached about the marginalization of the Southern region by the Khartoum government, there were no schools, hospitals and roads. And after the signing of the CPA-1 in 2005 what happened? Do we have schools? Roads? Electricity? Clean water?

The answer is NO! The generals tasked with the liberation of the south, who were addicted to the liberation struggle where dressed up in suits and ties; however given the hardest task again! Development of the newly born nation; But inside the suits they are putting on khakis with their ranks hence when things are not going as expected they remove suits and remain with Khakis.

There are great differences between liberation and development; therefore most of the generals decorated with suits will always remain generals. The only difference is the suits they are putting on and maybe the ties. We are ready to rescue the living ones and pray for the souls of the dead ones, but only on one condition. People must be held accountable for the atrocities committed everywhere in South Sudan. Such that we learnt not to disagree by killing the innocent ones.

No one is going to remain in the government forever and since removing someone from a position always leads us to taking arms and killing of the innocent souls, no one should be forgiven this time around. Our leaders do not know the importance of a single citizen’s life, they are not aware that there is a right to living and no one is permitted to take someone’s life whatsoever the case.

corruption in Juba


Can you imagine how they start blaming Kiir as a scapegoat! Where shall we get a leader who forgives and tolerates like President Kiir Mayardit. The nonsense he tolerated since the signing of the CPA up to now can win him a medal one day. If president Kiir have failed then it is the SPLM members who failed him, he appointed ministers, deputy ministers and commissioners. Did they do what is expected from them?

Hell no and they are the ones pointing fingers at president Kiir with no shame in their eyes. Is this not biting the finger after it has fed you? I think president Kiir have learned something now, and I am waiting to see him toughening up this time. Otherwise let’s embrace peace and let’s embrace justice and accountability too.

‪#‎one nation one people

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