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By Abraham Majur Mading, Kampala, Uganda

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Corruption in South Sudan

January 1, 2016 (SSB)  —  I was shocked when I read the allegations article written by Dr. Monykuch, against Hon. Stephen Dhieu minister of mining and petroleum, Paul Adong, former managing director of NILEPET and Moses Machar Aciek, without wasting the time, I personal suspected that this allegation made against them could be untruth because it seem to me that Dr. Monykuch, was curling over something during the formation of Apandang police petroleum defense forces and that might be the reason in the wake of his finger pointing.

Having not received the guarantee or response does mean that comrade Stephen is involved into South Sudan government corruption. Anyway am not blaming you for corruption issue that you have rise against these individual South Sudan government officials but don’t [miss]used for libel and defamation on your personal case rather than writing something that will sound to your readers.

 I personally not related or relative to comrade, Stephen Dhieu, and the rest of the members that you have accused but bear in mind that those was not appointed by Apadang community but they was appointed by South Sudan government with support from their community that you call Apadangism today to fill the position of minister of mining and petroleum to represent Apadang community in the government and not in term of corruption that you have stated on your article.