John Akoy Pech: A Rising South Sudanese Comedian in Australia

Posted: January 10, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

sharing the TGONU

John Akoy Pech is a rising comedian who took the challenge of combining the challenges of being a refugee or new arrival in Australia to a stage in terms of comedy. Akoy came up with the idea because of the situation he described as the only time can can have the best laughter is when we all share the pain, happiness while sitting together. Akoy talked about the challenges faced by the South Sudanese-Australian from expensive marriage, divorce, lack of cohesion in the community and why it is necessary to live as one people? Akoy spoke with SBS Dinka Radio team from NSW but his first show of the comedy will take place in Brisbane.

  1. Daniel Ajaang says:

    That is how a South Sudanese cowboy is. Both the cowboy and the cow are enjoying what the cowboy is doing. That is what is termed as very fresh milk directly from cow to the tummy. Keep on doing cowboy, hygienic milk are difficult to obtain and very expensive in that part of the world. But, take care the cow might sometimes got some communicable diseases sometimes. So, be patient and shift from direct milking to milking and warm up the milk before consumption.


  2. Joe says:

    What a picture?! Eww, gross!!


  3. Decree says:

    Ow! that’s gorgeous, now we (Dinka) need few cows at our backyards in Australia to breastfeed our babies and the young so they know the real cow milk. Most of them don’t know where the milk they drink comes from.

    So fresh and fun.Thanks for the picture, it depicts our thoughts of milk, good for health. Go placebo, forget about biomedicine.


  4. Decree says:

    Would anyone answer these questions

    1.Thanks Guys, but who and what caused the problem of high or rise of marriages (dowry)? considering Pastors, illiterates men, disabled, migration, and/ or the corrupted rich.

    2.why are Dinkas marriages started culturally and ended in human rights? and

    3.why do Dinkas perform dowry marriages when there are no nuclear family members of the girl anyway such as Father, mother, real grown brother in a place?

    3. Why are young boys prefer already married women/ separated, or divorced than real girls now a days?
    N.B, these boys keeps devaluing themselves for these women, then later decided to flee/ escape to South Sudan thinking they wants to marry a real girl. we thought these women are too good for disabled, second or third wife positions, and or for ex-nuptial breeding.

    4.why are Dinka women so radical once dowry is paid than those living in come-and-stay families?

    5.Why are dinka men so conservative to culture contrary to their women who are rapidly changing to Western? too much fidelity.


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