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January 20, 2016 (SSB)  —- Too many people confuse literacy with education. They consider the ability to read and write in English as being educated. It’s not any bit correct. That you see a man reading news in Sudan tribune and talking good English doesn’t mean is educated.

It’s like equating anyone who can do basic Math to be a mathematician. The troubling part is that this is usually a self-error. A boy or girl, just because he/she can comfortable speak English and read books (which he/she seldom does) take upon himself/herself the title of being educated.


By Malek Cook-Dwach, Kampala, Uganda

IGAD peace deal in limbo

IGAD peace deal in limbo

January 20, 2016 (SSB)   —-  The compromise peace agreement of South Sudan which was signed under international pressures reluctantly with a lot of reservations between the warring parties SPLM-IG, SPLM-IO and other South Sudanese stakeholders’ civil society organizations and faith based groups on 17-26 August 2015 is in brink of collapse.

The entire South Sudanese citizens were longer for peace and their hopes and expectations rely on the implementation of the signed pact because they are the one paying the higher prices for these 25 months of civil war. With the coming of SPLM-IO advance to Juba on 21 December 2015, the moods of people change from brunt of war time to restoration of peace.


By Peter Ngor Atem, Nairobi, Kenya

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January 20, 2016 (SSB)  —-  I intend to be neutral as I pen down this article . I haven’t taken cognizance of impracticality,immaturity and untimeliness of the Establishment Order No. 36 of 2015( EO#36). Assume that  president Gen. Kiir were a tyrant- alpha and omega-,who would say no YES to his NO? Not even president Obama of powerful US of George Washington nor the sworn noise-maker: Donald Trump of Republican Party, would negate. I  have kept constant the intensive debate attracted by  the establishment Order.

All said and done ,I want to take this early opportunity to congratulate H.E Col. Aguer Panyang on his appointment as governor of Jonglei. Though belated, congratulations on your appointment to the new sumptuous status. I also want to extend ,with  the same vigor , my sincere ‘thank you note’ to his H.E Gen. Kiir Mayardit for hearing the voices of people especially the delegates of Twic East County.



Civil Population and its Unrewarded Noble Contributions Towards the Independence of the Republic of South Sudan

By Peter Aketch Amet, Kuajok, Gogrial State     

        Dr John Garang                                            

January 20, 2016 (SSB)  —-  As I write this opinion, I am begging you my dear ready readers, for “good readers are as well good Leaders”, as best put by John Penn de Ngong, to allow me express my gratitude and congratulations to our civil population for being such inseparable during our quest for our freedom, our rights and as well self-governance/self-determinations which gave birth to this new nation. Congratulations ya Jinubins!!!!!!

I am first and foremost overwhelmed by the fact that our people showed to the world that we were determined to move on as a united and a loving citizenry during the ground breaking referendum vote in 2011. I am indeed appreciative and thankful to our people for uniting themselves and rallying behind the current regime during the times when they really wanted us as the backbone for their movement (SPLM/A) during the years of liberation struggle (1983-2011).


By David Matiop Gai, Juba South Sudan


January 20 2016 (SSB)  —- It is better to lay a strong foundation of national spirit, unity, social cohesion, nation building, and pillars of nationalism than tribal institutions, and build better African nationalists’ communities in South Sudan. It is always advertised on SSTV that this is South Sudan, “truly African”.

A definition of an album is a blank book for the insertion of photographs or pictures, or the wedding pictures had the “pride place in the family album”. The word “pride place in family album” is the theme message of my article and the main intention of my writing. As far as the use of an album is very important, South Sudan is a country like an album to us where our tribes get pride of right place in the family of the young nation.