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By David Matiop Gai, Kampala, Uganda

Nuer white army

South Sudan Rebels: Nuer White Army Fighters

January 26, 2016 (SSB) — With the long suffering and pain of civil war in the Sudan, the longest civil war in Africa, millions of South Sudanese lived with different types of mental illness, and mental health problems such as alcoholic addiction, drugs addiction, personality disorder, defense mechanism or representing problems, social anxiety, insecure and fears, nightmare, survival of rape, and family dysfunctional. All these huge problems were not handled and addressed after comprehensive peace agreement (CPA) in 2005 until today in 2016.

The reasons why are demands of psycho-social counseling remained as the main factor for South Sudan today than tomorrow is because a healthy mind is life; a healthy mind is wealth, and a power point for development. Always sound-minded, mental health and physical fitness, and normality of mind are incorporate development of individuals, families, and the country.  Dr. John Garang said in the past that, “Weak people represent weak government, because where will government get its resources without people?” which mean healthy people in term of brain functioning produce strong productions of government ability. It is also correct to mention that mental treatment is part of government priority when healthy minds know what to do, and not to do, and if South Sudan wants healthy people in the country, they should go along this treatment otherwise the whole nation is not healthy in mind.


By Kuol Alberto Makuach, Juba, South Sudan

A cartoonist's impression of the power struggle that ensued between the top two principals of our new nation. This prediction has now come to pass, and will still come to pass...! Let's just wait and see...!

January 26, 2016 (SSB)  —-  The National Legislative Assembly for Southern Sudan was formed right after the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) which ushered in an era of peace to Sudan after years of bloodshed. Its roles like any other parliament around the globe is to formulate laws that govern the country. We have to applaud our representatives at our national assembly for having tried to do their best although we have never had one. The next generation of parliamentarians will do extremely well.

Whether they did to the expectations of the people is not the concern of this article. But surely they are to raise issues affecting the communities and come up with modalities on how to tackle them.


By Majur Mading, Kampala, Uganda

Tribute to Isaiah Abraham

Tribute to Isaiah Abraham: The Dark Ages of South Sudan Liberation

January 26, 2016 (SSB)  — Juba has become a hub of murder, where people are killed and the blame goes to anonymous gunmen. This practices of rare killing by shadowy gunmen which use to kill only poor people with unknown reason.

These strange killing have disoriented people and now South Sudanese citizens are living under fear from their own government. It is bad to hear that sentence of unknown gunmen all the time which haunt the people to endlessly.


South Sudan’s UN Penal of Experts Report

Posted: January 26, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Reports

South Sudan panel of experts report-1 (Download the DPF)


Bentiu, UNMISS Camp

The President of the Security Council presents his compliments to the members of the Council and has the honour to transmit herewith, for their information, a copy of a letter dated 22 January 2016 from the Panel of Experts on South Sudan established pursuant to
resolution 2206 (2015) addressed to the President of the Security Council, and its enclosures.