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By Peter Okello, Nairobi – Kenya


Displaced Anyuak elders

January 30, 2016 (SSB)  —  In a broad day light, a well-planned massacre took place in the Gambella (Western Ethiopia) where the Anyuak ethic group stays. The mass killings and brutal murder was organized by the current Governor of Gambella (Gatluak Tut) a Nuer who ordered his tribe to kill the only Anyuak remaining in the City so that they take over the town.

Yesterday on day one, they started killings students in TTI (teachers training institute). Where they throw bombs and shoot at random. Mr. Gatluak managed to deploy many soldiers to kill the Anyuak people in Gambella. Now the innocent Anyuak are crawling in death and if no rescue comes their way, then that will indeed be the end of their lives.


The greatest challenges to having a women mayor of Juba city and other top government position in the, future, the situation in SSTV news part two (2-2)

By Lino Lual Lual, Juba, South Sudan

peace for RSS

January 30, 2016 (SSB)  —  Female news presenters in SSTV must first of all know that there is need to understand their code of dress in the eye of public, this does not only mean that they must know the language and its grammar and lexicon, possibly including rather technical words such as those of modern politics, management, science, or the professions to know something about the specific organization and functions of news reports in the press, including the functions of headlines, leads, background information, or quotations.

Well-known notions in critical news analysis such as preferred meaning or preferred understanding may be explained in terms of such models. Indeed, we may henceforth simply speak of preferred models. Such preferred models form the core of processes of persuasion, disinformation, and the media control of the public, especially if they are inconsistent with the best interests of the readers, but consistent with the interests of the elites.