The Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) is playing a dangerous game with the UN

Posted: June 1, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers

They moved taken by Jieng council of elders (JCE) to encounter world body aka “UN” should be consider as a malicious or inappropriate act by tribal organization that should handle their cultural civilization then their intervention in national affairs.

By Ngor Jameson Panchol, Juba, South Sudan

ambrose riny thiik

Ambrose Riiny Thiik, Chairperson of the Jieng Council of Elders

June 1, 2016 (SSB) — Powerless organization like JCE council should not interfered with national affairs and leave their mandate of cultural entity then attacking right body that governed world for more than seventy five year since after second war world two and it had been consider as a genuine body than the former league of nations with their mandate of justice, human rights, peace keeping mission in the zone of conflict or were the humanitarian is needed.

 The attacked by JCE  to UNMISS , which is mandated by state to conduct their mission of  peace, building incapacity institutions , educating government and civil population on human right issues and JCE  took  this  wrong decision ,therefore  I call upon  for their  urgent apology to UNMISS  and also state should intervene and correct or dismiss JCE claims if the government is neutral.

UNMISS refusal to recognized twenty eight states is fantastic move since South Sudanese haven’t reached into consensus on which system of governed they wanted either unitary nor federalism is not yet decided by the masses therefore is the willing of citizens to demand their system not the government to imposed the problematic  system which has already cause discourse  within the communities in all ten states  , therefore the government should listen to people and first deal with the urgent demand what the people are thirsty of it , which is peace.

 When SPLM-IO raise the concerned on issue of federalism the same government which is inciting JCE to act on their behave rejected the proposal of twenty one states with the point that is not the right time for federalism since the South Sudan  is the fragile state and need the state institutions to be developed first  and their demand was considered  when UN and international organizations  see it ,has it might cause more fragamation  and ethnic violent can easily emerge since the issue of borders  dispute  will invited more chaos  to  the communities .

Neutrality is needed to JCE like others tribal organizations, mention them Equatorial Caucus and Nuer Council of elders who are silent on state affairs which is good for them.

 South Sudanese should be observant on the power JCE is acquiring now during Kiir regime that might cause other holocaust in nearby future or this organization seen to develop some secret policies that might be similar with   Muslim brotherhood in Egypt, Hamas in Palestine, and later it will develop radicalization that will turn the nation into big mess again. Transfer of Dinkanization policies should be avoid by JCE since any person from others tribe can rule this country by all means and the might implement their policies that may be also dangerous to the nation.

I am appealing to JCE to embrace peace and advocate for full implementation on the August accord 2015 than sabotaging everything which doesn’t belong to them, Dinka cannot rule this country with hearts of blackmailing others tribe or dehumanized others, that seem to be inhumane and unacceptable, therefore JCE can now reorganized themselves and think positive things then defending leadership which is incredible to run the affairs of the nation.

Writer is the concern citizen of South Sudan, and he can be reach on

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  1. Lual Garang De Lual says:

    Mr. Ngor
    Mind your business, once man meat is another man poisonous. Please giving in to UN is not the best options. Because UN has its own agenda and South Sudan has it own as well. With all these interests in place, I doubt whether you will be able to achieved them all.


  2. 888888 says:

    Lual Garang, you are the types of individual that would wanted this country go down to dogs, What Panchol had expressed is exactly what person with a nation at heart would said not a tribe inclined individual like you, who could hardly distinguished between the sun and the moon. you are such a stooge who bent low to their guts then nation interest. am very sure you are among the likes who get their daily bread from the houses of JCE whether here at home or abroad. please they will never denied you food needs if you choose to correct them. the Dinka nation is in danger of being generalized by the rest of our citizens of being behind this devilish plan of their JCE if we don’t distant ourselves from their destructive intentions. History will change harshly and better late then never. Enjoy Lual Garang and thump up Panchol you a rare quality bless are those say the truth for they will called God’s children.


  3. Dengda says:

    This evil minded people try to stain our great name and history of Dinka for their own interest. They don’t read the sanction just being renewed by UNSC that “whoever, stand on the way of the implementation of peace agreement or ACRSS or obstructed it should be targeted and sanction or deal with accordingly”. Do JCE think they exempted from that sanction? I read Anei Kuendit interview with journalist on this blogg, however, the journalist fall short to question Kuendit a question whether his book on history of Dinka was behind the formation of this Council or does his did incite and influence this group to be notoriously behave the way they are now? I was interested to hear from him or otherwise this author and his book will be disregard as the tribalism incitement agent in 21st century.


  4. Ngor, open your eyes to the modern world, you are not yet understood, and being radical always will not give you anything but rebellion. You are still learning and you need to learn how to approach the issues.


  5. foolish majority says:

    JCE wanted President Kiir to rule for live so that their children loot the nation with out acountability but that will not happen at all.


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