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By Emmanuel Ariech Deng, Juba, South Sudan

June 10, 2016 (SSB)  —-  No body appears on the scene to be fitting into the shoes of the late Leader Dr. John Garang in his leadership style. Notwithstanding the twelve years of his untimely departure, all of his boys prepared to inherit the vision and the style went contradictory to the way he had wanted them to advance the promise. All the groomed comrades have become rivals among themselves. President Salva Kiir is on hot soup to bring them together! Impatiently, Comrade Pagan Amum has gone astray, Dr. Majak D’ Agoot has gone astray, Deng Alor Kuol has gone astray, Oyay Deng Ajak has gone astray, Rebecca Nyandeng has gone astray, Gier Chuong, John Luk has gone astray, Edward Lino has also gone astray leaving other groomed comrades with an invisible boycotted option. “I have consumed my time in the bush and my colleagues with me in the movement have had enough experiences to take ahead the SPLM vision”, roared the late Leader in Nyayo Stadium in Kenya 2005. These words were a wise leader words trying to predict his death as well as reminding his comrades to progress.


The Eulogy of Col. Agot Abot Riak

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By Kur Akech Thiek Kur, Melbourne, Australia

Col Agot Abot Riak

From left Abot Riak, Agot Abot Riak, Chol Abot Riak, Bol Deng Bol and Taban, in Juba

June 10, 2016 (SSB) —- We all come to this world through birth and leave through death. Though each of us has his/her own day. Col. Agot left us. The saddest thing about her untimely death is that she left behind young kids whose their father was killed in the war of liberation in 1999.

Agot was married to Agau Alier Bior, a brother-in law of my paternal Aunty Aguek Thiak Kur married to Malek Alier Bior from Kucdoh, Palek, Bor. Agau Alier was best friend of my Mum’s younger brother Col. Gabriel Mathiang Ngong. I first got to know Col. Agot in 1993 as a young boy in Akot, Lakes State. Akot was in one of SPLA/M liberated areas then.


Memoirs of an African Refugee: Civil War in Ifo 1997 (part 2)

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By David Mayen Ayarbior, Juba, South Sudan

Kuel refugee camp

Gatwech interviewing a woman under her tent in Kule-2 Refugee Camp.JPG

June 10, 2016 (SSB) — The recent threat by Kenya to close down Dadaab refugee camps prompted me to recall my own experience as a refugee in the same camp. Worldwide, rural refugees could be called the retched of the earth because they are at the bottom of humanity’s economic order. They are sometimes victimized by both their own states from which they flee and by the host states where they seek safety. Moreover, they could still be victimized by UNHCR instead of getting necessary help. The collective victimization of refugees and IDPs has sometimes led to what psychologists have termed as “frustration-aggression syndrome.” The syndrome often leads to internal fighting in refugee/IDP camps for the stupidest of reasons like the ones witnessed in UNMISS PoCs across the country – which we also experienced in Dadaab in 1997.


By Mach Samuel Peter, Bor, Jonglei state

Hakim Ajieth Bunny, mayor of Bor municipality

Mayor of Bor Municipality, Prof. Hakim Ajieth Bunny, addressing Jonglei state council of ministers during oath taking, June 10, 2016, picture by Mach Samuel

June 10, 2016 (SSB) — The newly appointed Mayor of Bor Municipality of the South Sudan Jonglei state has vowed to pursue and reduce the prices of commodities of goods and services at Marol Market of Bor town. Prof. Hakim Ajieth made the remarks while taking oath of office Friday at Jonglei state council of Ministers.

“I will make sure that the prices of the commodities are reduced in the market starting with the price of fish, I will pursue this in the next two to three weeks,” Lord Mayor Prof. Hakim told the council of ministers but declined to explain how.


A letter to Angelica Of Malek-And-Lang-Reechdit

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By Riak Marial Riak, Juba, South Sudan

Lo-NIG-ht of series dreams and pierceful drums-your slimy nose came

reflected me window

With blows-carols of bird in manie tones-my arms rested under your wintry bed

Where blends of hairs-took glee back to fairyland

Of bereft and condoning-sloshing tears down the bed-burst like a holy

descending fire


By Mac Akol Marialdit, Nairobi, Kenya

you are being played

you are being played

June 10, 2016 (SSB) —- I was horror-struck when I read the op-ed written by President Salva Kiir and his erstwhile rival and now Vice President Riek Machar titled ‘South Sudan Needs Truth, Not Trials’ in the June 7, 2016 issue of your esteemed newspaper. In their article they have, as the principals in the South Sudan peace agreement, announced their disapproval to the implementation of Chapter 5, Article 3 of the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan, which mandates the establishment of a Hybrid Court to try war criminals and instead prefer a truth and reconciliation approach.

Their editorial appealed to the international community and particularly the USA and United Kingdom to allow for alternative justice that is non punitive as compared to the formation of a hybrid court to try the culprits of war crimes in South Sudan. “That is why we call on the international community, and the United States and Britain in particular, to reconsider one element of the peace agreement to which they are cosignatories: support for a planned international tribunal, the Hybrid Court for South Sudan. We call on them instead to commit to global backing for a mediated peace, truth and reconciliation process.” They stress.