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By Aphar Daniel Makur, Yirol, South Sudan


South Sudan sinking under its own weight of self-destructive instinct

June 16, 2016 (SSB) — I would simply say dealing with the language issue is a part of the answer. Today practically every country in the world is multilingual, a situation that should be understood as a richness both at a national and as a personal level. And not managing fairly such linguistic diversity may cause feelings of grievances and injustice.

That means, at least, two dimensions. First, language is connected to the identity of the individuals, who should have their language rights protected in order to identify themselves with the country in a positive way. But language is also a crucial means of communication and therefore communicative efficiency may be needed in order to extend the sense of community beyond the language group to reach the whole country.


The lost Norms

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By Alith Ayuen Kelei, Juba, South Sudan

Gone is the expertise

When the whales swallow octopuses

When they fight, the tadpoles suffers

They have since ceaselessly continued

Continuously they have christened

Themselves the Caesars of their own sea


By Deng Lueth Yuang, Canada

life imprisonment sentencing

16 convicts, including foreigners, of theft in president office finally sentence to life imprisonment and will pay the money

June 16, 2016 (SSB) — Frankly speaking, most of them are Dinkas from Pres Kiir’s own Dinka tribe. Some could be his own clansmen. Some from other Dinka sub-tribes, Kenyans and/or 1 or 2 persons from the Equatoria region (Non-Nuers, but from a place with an amalgamation of minority tribes in South Sudan).

In brief, my early studies indicated that handing such kinds of judgement in the annals of a South Sudan’s nation are contrived. Talk about the SPLA/M vision – towns to the people, Riek Machar’s coup d’état and 75 public thieves! Nothing happened for a real cause but just a mere public stunt.


By Tito Awen Bol, Eldoret, Kenya

south sudan politicians busy at work

June 16, 2016 (SSB) — Though I convinced myself earlier to stop writing from May this year until the end of the year, the lethal exchange of words between the duo has disturbed by humble conscience and therefore I convicted my rightful mind to tell these great men that enough is enough. The readership is tired of the brutal abuses that emanated from where I don’t know. Remember, literature is dead in South Sudan and any person that follow your writing is your valuable client of your literature.

Instead of boring or discouraging such clients to the point of discarding your writings, you better stop and swallow some parts of your pride. The last article by Lino Lual Lual which was entitled as “Sunday de John breached the medical ethics to become a kickbacks mouthpiece of nincompoops.” This compelled and propelled me to intervene and tell off these promising intellectuals to stop tarnishing their reputable personalities on no grounds.