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The speech of Hilde Johnson during the launch of her book, “South Sudan: The untold Story from Independence to civil War,” in London, UK, 21 June 2016

Hilde Johnson

June 26, 2016 (SSB) — During the launch of her book, “South Sudan: The untold Story from Independence to civil War,” on June 21, 2016, at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, Hilde F. Johnson started her speech by quoting President Salva Kiir’s speech during South Sudan’s Independence on 09th July, 20ll:

Our detractors have already written us off, even before the proclamation of the Independence Day. They say we will slip in civil war as soon as our flag is hoisted. They justified that by arguing that we are incapable of resolving our problems through dialogue. They charged that we are quick to revert to violence. They claim that our concept of democracy and freedom is faulty. It is incumbent upon us to prove them all wrong!” That was Salva Kiir Mayardiit, president of South Sudan, on Independence Day, 9 July 2011.

Two years later the detractors were proven right. Competition for political power had turned violent and would eventually shake the foundation of the new republic of South Sudan. Before its third birthday, the dream of independence and freedom had turned into a nightmare. The liberators risked destroying the very country they had spent decades fighting for.


Judges involve on strikes: What a nation is South Sudan!

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“How do you expect us to go broke and hungry yet we rule on million dollar graft cases?” mused the striking judges in Juba, South Sudan

By David Matiop Gai, Juba, South Sudan


April Fool? The 6 millions is not stolen; rather it has been successfully recovered from the real thief.

June 26, 2016, (SSB) – I wish judges would have resigned instead to go on over strikes, and that’s right strikes of professionals as judiciary is part of executives who are responsible for national affairs. How somebody can turns spear on his/her stomach unless it is suicide. How can you put a knife and robe on your throat and your neck while seeing it? You are the Ultimate Judges, deliverers and true rulers of the nation, don’t you know it?

What a nation like South Sudan where judges or rulers want to go on strikes as unassigned citizens? All over the worldwide, strikes are done without involvement of Judges. It is exactly confusing; the nation is perishing and dead. Please having an open mind and ego of empathy is the profession of the following specialists: Medical doctor, Judges, Pastors, Advocates, Social workers, Counsellors, gifted leaders, and national security personals. They don’t go on strikes.


By Dak Buoth, Nairobi, Kenya


Ambassador Gordon Buay in the foreground

June 26, 2016 (SSB) — Any social critic who claims to be right on anything s/he says is incorrect. Ambassador Gordon Buay is a social critic, one who loves to speak his mind on contemporary socioeconomic and political issues openly no matter who it is for or against; and that to me is a commendable attitude which I respect and uphold at pedestal. In fact I encourage him to soldier on despite the turbulence that come with it. We can’t ignore or downplay what he says because he had attained the requisite credentials needed of an authority. Since time immemorial, no reasonable person has ever claimed to be right all the times. Arguably, even those of you who are religious fanatic must begin to know that God is not absolutely correct.

Notwithstanding the fact that social critics are not always truthful discussants, I say let us not intimidate them instead let us imitate them; and if we cannot imitate them, let’s embrace and respect their preferred way of expressing their views about the happenings in society. The future lies on the free speakers. Ideally, whenever they raise or brought up particular issue to light, let’s open up our ears and analyses the particulars of the case objectively devoid of any prejudice. Where we spotted faults, we shall regroup and discuss it lividly not timidly, and put it into mincemeat.


By David Mayen Ayarbior, Juba, South Sudan

kuol manyang at the EAC summit

(R-L) Presidents Yoweri Museveni, Uhuru Kenyatta, Paul Kagame and South Sudan Defence Minister Kuol Manyang Juuk at the 10th Summit of Heads of State of the Northern Corridor.

June 26, 2016 (SSB) — Last week the United Kingdom of Britain voted in a referendum to exit from the European Union. Having been an integral part of the “European project” for much too long, the decision to exit the union has created an economic shock that is still spreading beyond the EU’s epicenter into the rest of the world. Within the Kingdom itself, the demographic chart of the vote has shown how divided the voters were: the youth voted to stay, Scotland voted to stay, Londoners voted to stay, yet almost every “rural” community voted to exit and they won the day by just over a million vote.

Thousands of miles away from Britain, the “youngest” nation in the world has recently been accepted into an economic community which has benchmarked the EU for its growth projectiles. South Sudan has been accepted into the East African Community, an economic community with its own skeptics who are comparable to those in the EU. Like it is in Britain, the skeptics (naysayers) of South Sudan about joining EAC are also overwhelmingly rural folks who do not have requisite capacity to correctly perceive the socioeconomic intricacies of economic communities.


By Thiik Mou Giir, Melbourne, Australia

South Sudanese Community Association and the Federation of South Sudanese Association in Victoria meeting

South Sudanese Community Association and the Federation of South Sudanese Association in Victoria meeting

June 26, 2016 (SSB) — The community leaders in Melbourne have recently embarked on a long-awaited journey of bringing our divided community along tribal line together.  The efforts of the writer of this article have yielded fruits as claimed by some well-informed people.  The vision – Constructing Our New Identity – has been articulated through a word of mouth, through symposiums, and through a number of articles.  Many local community members have sufficiently understood it.  Its call was responded to, when in June 18, 16, South Sudanese Community Association in Victoria Inc (SSCAV) and the Federation of South Sudanese Association in Victoria inc (FSSAV) Chairpersons, Mr. Kot Manoah and Mr Kenyatta De Wal, came with about thirty community leaders, intellectuals, and members of community taskforce to meet, first time, in my Garage.

The journey of creating a more cohesive South Sudanese Community started with two symposiums that were inspired by the above-mentioned vision last year.  The venues of the two symposium events were carefully chosen.  Members of SSCAV easily accessed the venue in Footscary area, whereas members of FSSAV easily accessed the venue in Dandenong area.  Just as SSCAV was formed to represent all South Sudanese in Melbourne, FSSAV was also formed to represent all South Sudanese.  Jieng members outnumber any other tribal groups in SSCAV Inc. and Nuer members outnumber any other group in FSSAV Inc.  SSCAV and FSSAV were simultaneously formed in the same month.  It is to be noted, though, that FSSAV formation came about as a way out from the grievances its members had had in regard to the way SSCAV was formed.  Animosity has always been in existence in the community since the outbreak of violence in December 2013 in South Sudan.  Relationships between friends broke down and South Sudanese small business owners suffered.