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Congratulation message to the newly appointed Minister for Finance and Economic Planning, Hon Stephen Dhieu Dau Ayiik

By Deng Da’Ayar Monyluak Deng, Juba-South Sudan

Stephen Dhieu Dau

Hon. Stephen Dhieu Dau, South Sudan minister for petroleum

August 9, 2016 (SSB) — I hereby humbly send in my profound greetings and congratulation message to you for having attained this tremendous and high-flying career in your success, having been appointed as a treasury or formally known as Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning. In nutshell I cannot really know how to express my gratitude and happiness toward this achievement you have in your hand at the moment. Regarding the current situation in South Sudan where there exist instance reshuffling, instability and mistrusts, government fights and struggles of getting loyal, competent, transparent civil servants with exemplar integrity like you- has indeed has become government core task at the moment.

This ideal or core task and genuine call to the nation of South Sudan triggered the appointment of your fellow civil servant like General Taban Deng Ghai as First Vice President of Republic of South Sudan, the state of South Sudan was eminently taken by immense surprises to such sudden sunrise on Monday July 2016 25th. In regard to this, many scholars, political analyst, journalists and concern citizens of my kind have elucidated their ideas at the best possible way they think it is deemed fit.

But above all, all their ideas and reasoning focus on one thing that the leaders who should lead South Sudan at the moment should be competent, loyal, transparent and leaders with sound integrity for which you Mr. Stephen Dhieu Dau have got it all owing to profound experience you have plus the highly flying academic career you have gone, our only prayer just goes to God to guide you through and to enable you achieve a remarkable development within the ministry of finance and economic planning in this beloved country of ours.


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August 9, 2016 (SSB) — Twic East County commissioner in Jonglei state says more than 20,000 people have been displaced by the floods in the area.

Yearly, thousands of people faced server flood in the county because the county official says Twic East County is a lowland lying on the eastern bank of Nile River in Jonglei state.

In 2014 more than  thousands household become homeless, four primary health Care Units were destroyed following three days consecutive heavy rain in October.

County’s commissioner Dau Akoi Jurkuch says that the county’s villages are always affected by heavy rainfalls and River Nile overflow in July and August of every year.


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communique from IGAD

Statements that were delivered to the Heads of State at the IGAD Plus Extra Ordinary Summit on South Sudan that was held on August 5, 2016 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia of the following;

  1. Report from the chiefs of staff from IGAD countriesOutcome of the second meeting of the Eastern Africa Chiefs of Defence Staff/Forces on the situation in South Sudan that was held on July 29, 2016 in Addis Ababa

2. Statement by head of UNMISS, Helllen Margrethe:

3. statement by JMEC chair, Festus Mogae

By Pagan Amum Okiech, USA

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August 9, 2016 (SSB) — The fanciful threats against me yesterday from Salva Kiir and his group are best described by an ancient Dinka saying, “Döm cuär ku tiit ruot.” Roughly translated into English, this says, “No one accuses the innocent of thievery more eagerly and ferociously than the thief himself. As for the threat to sue me, I won a libel lawsuit on the same facts mentioned yesterday 4 years ago in Juba, and now I am considering whether or not to win another, based on the latest iteration of those false allegations.

However, I am grateful these lies do give us an opportunity to focus on the much bigger and very serious problem of corruption that has existed in South Sudan since its birth in 2005.Instead of treating corruption like a toy gun we brandish to scare our political enemies, we need to take advantage of the United Nations Temporary Authority (UNTA) I have recommended to put in place a real program to find all stolen money and get it back to the people of South Sudan.