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By David Aoloch Bion, Juba, South Sudan

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August 29, 2016 (SSB) — UN Missions have used force , sometime  beyond self-defense , the trend has been for the UN to opt out operations likely to involve combat  and has allowed groups of states to act as proxies   ‘’  said  former UN Secretary General Koffi Annan introducing a reform of the UN Mission .

Today, UN seeks to undertake the Peace Enforcement in South Sudan. Peace Enforcement is to bring back peace by violence or  force.

The UN Security Council  passed  US-sponsored  resolution that  authorized  the IGAD  Regional Protection Force  under  UNMISS   in South Sudan , to use “all means necessary” in execution of their mandates..

The ‘’use all necessary means’’ is the code  name for the war between South Sudan and the UN proxies;  the use of violence against South Sudanese  ,  the  use of the so-called legitimate  force  against South Sudanese ,  the legitimate  killing of South Sudanese by the UN proxy- the  IGAD.