VP James Wani Igga condemns ethnic killings in South Sudan, calls for calm

Posted: October 11, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël in Commentary, Featured Articles, Letters, Press Release

Condolences and Condemnation of Ethnic Killings in South Sudan by H.E. the Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan Lt. Gen. James Wani Igga, 11 October 2016

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October 11, 2016 (SSB) —- Let me begin first by conveying my profound condolences to the aggrieved families, relatives, and friends of our people who became victims of treacherous targeting recently. May their souls rest in eternal peace.

In the last few weeks and months the people of South Sudan have been undeservedly trapped in an unfortunate security predicament, which includes killing of innocent civilians along highways and elsewhere in the country. These criminal terrorist acts must be condemned in the strongest terms possible as this manifests no stain, whatsoever, of any noble political cause. Those who want government and power usually respect lives of innocent unarmed people. Otherwise, whom are they intending to rule and govern?

I hereby add my strongest condemnation of the terrorist killings which occurred along the roads linking Juba to Nimule, Yei, Bor, Kajo Keji, Meridi, Terkeka, and Torit and parts of Bahar El-Gazal and Upper Nile. Of course, these deplorable killings have all been ethnically based as they are being directed toward members of certain ethnic groups. Vulnerable civilians, including women, old people and children, have been singled out and slaughtered.

Considering that the aim of such criminal and heinous crimes is to incite retaliation and divide our people along ethnic lines, we must vehemently deny these criminals and evil manufacturers the power to drive the country’s national security agenda into the Abyss and out of proportion.

While they target to divide us, we must stand firm together. The government is not going to tolerate whatsoever any such criminal killings of innocent civilians, anywhere in the country, by whosoever.

In conclusion, as a way of separating terrorists from those with political grievances, the government has allocated cantonment sites, and they shall converge therein. Specific locations and timeline shall soon be declared- in Equatoria and other parts of South Sudan.

To our dear people of South Sudan of all ethnic communities, your government assures you that security along all interstate roads in the country shall be restored. We are taking all the necessary drastic steps to make sure that hideous criminal acts, atrocities and all forms of human rights violations do not occur in the country.

God bless you and bless God South Sudan.

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  1. Atem says:

    This targeted killing has been going on for Mr. Wani, government takes or took drastic steps after what? What number you were waiting to died from Dinka communities. Too late and good luck.


  2. Thon Machar says:

    Mr. Wani Igga, It would have been nice if your government did have an order of law. You sound so smooth in expressing those deep feelings like something is going to be done about the insecurity in the country. You and your leader Mr. president have failed because you are doing comedy day and night while your your Boss Mr. Kiir is after women and beverages. Why shouldn’t all these crime not be happening to the innocents. You both have failed the country by rewarding those who rebels to kill innocents and to target certain ethnic group. God will not forgive you guys. Just keep buying homes for your wives in other countries, but it will all change very soon.


  3. Mr. Vice-president James Wani, I personally didn’t know that Jieng is at war with Western Equatoria but I have come reconsidered what I do claimed and forgive. We need to know what is exactly their manifesto says . Mr . vice president, I wondered why the government has slow response to those atrocities. Many people lost their lives in the recent roadside attack and the government did not react quickly to save targeted group .


    • God de Kuei says:

      Mr. VP should resign with your president. your are making noise while you have people of this young nation. What do you think can make the leader to resign post? why do PM David Comroon resign in UK.? both of you are not able to bring the people of south Sudan together because of your laizness..


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