The mixture of gullibility and cynicism 

Posted: October 13, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Maketh Aciek, Kampala, Uganda


President Kiir touring Juba yesterday evening on a pickup to assure people that he is not dead, contrary to rampant rumors on social media


October 13, 2016 (SSB) — Could we all calm down and focus on the true killers of innocent civilians along JUBA-YEI road? In this situation where the dividing line between fiction and reality is blurred by the magnitude of this savagery, we must still point fingers to the right direction.

To watch world’s news about South Sudan is to plunge into depression. But why is it the innocent civilians have to die every time Salva Kiir’s presidency is questioned? Majority of victims were, are and will still be civilians. But in their situation of social and political homelessness, they are still silent to expose the one behind such horrible, pointless and senseless carnage.

Sometime ago in Jonglei state, we watched in many occasions  villages being pillaged, children being maimed and properties mangled by what is believed to be a state sponsored paramilitary. The latest being the one that claimed the life of 33 persons last year in Pakeer payam (Maar) of Twic East. We then watched security apparatus doing absolutely nothing.

As security situation in Yei road spirals inexorably out of control, the security personnels are again showing no intention to protect civilians.

The Bible tell us: “you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”. In all cultures truth is given paramount importance. Instead of putting blames on SPLA in opposition and Equatorians, Dinka must admit that the killers of civilians along the roads are state sponsored gangsters or paramilitary group.

Salva Kiir has secret organization which had been killing civilians over the last 5 years. This secret society is not comprised of Dinka only. It also has members from other communities who happen to have been taken up in a very well calculated ratio, varying from one state to another.

They form hierarchies according to the degrees of initiation. The top most layer in this secret organization is the intimate circle around the President which is occupied by Jieng Council of Elders.

The JCE according to hierarchy are then surrounded by a small group of initiated who in turn are surrounded by the half-initiated, who form the buffer area against profane regime enemies. They also share the dichotomous division of the country between sworn brothers and sworn enemies.

Their driving force is to regulate the political life of community members according to a secret and fictitious assumption. They adopt a strategy of consistent lying to deceive masses. They use terror and state sponsored ethnic killings to demand unquestionable obedience from ordinary citizens.

The death of civilian along Yei and Nimule road is a violence of well-organized gangs sponsored by state agents to create an impression that Dinka civilians are being targeted by other communities. It is basically a call by JCE to engage Jieng population to take tribal sentiment over the national solidarity and rally behind Kiir’s presidency.

Salva Kiir and his secret society took advantage of South Sudanese gullible and unsuspecting nature for long. They hope that their audience are ready all the time to believe the worst, no matter how absurd the whole thing is. Now south Sudanese have the irrefutable proof of regime falsehood and tribal sponsored killings, it is upon them and Jieng ordinary citizens in particular to decide whether they would take refuge in cynicism or instead desert the regime that has killed it members under the slogan ” sacrificing a part for the sake of whole”.

Jieng should stop pointing fingers where it does not matters; death of innocent Jieng on the roads has nothing to do with other ethnicities. President Kiir and his secret organization have changed the concept of crimes and criminals. The killers are subjectively innocent because they didn’t really murder but execute the death sentence pronounced by higher members of president’s secret organization.

South Sudan had been led by chest-thumping, self-centered, narrow-minded bigots who can’t see a big picture. They see only a country in which they must maximize the gain for themselves and their families.

Dinka as a community should join the rest of south Sudanese and design a mechanism to establish channels of communication with other communities who are equally endangered by Salva Kiir’s presidency. It’s the only way the innocent masses can get the opportunity to swim on the waves of adversity to the shore of safety.

There are innocent south Sudanese who still believe loyally and textually in SPLM as the party that liberated the country. They are sympathizers whose confidence surrounds the Movement with an atmosphere of honesty and simple-mindedness.

Little do they know that their party had been hijacked by gangsters! South Sudan citizens should stop believing blindly in Salva Kiir conspiracy and hold him accountable as a man that has contributed toward obscuring and belittling essentiality of national unity and democracy.

The writer is a south Sudanese and can be reach via

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