Ateny Wek Ateny: Dr John Garang is the Founding Father of South Sudan just like Mahatma Gandhi of India

Posted: October 17, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Featured Articles, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

“Today is the day to take off our hats in saluting and honouring our martyrs, heroes and heroines. It is the day to ponder how much Dr. John Garang De Mabior, founder of our nation, and all our martyrs whose blood has cemented our nation, and all our martyrs whose blood has cemented our national foundation, have done for us,” President Salva Kiir’s maiden speech on July 9th, 2011

By Wilson Mading Koc, Juba, South Sudan


October 17, 2016 (SSB) —- By definition, the “Father of the Nation” is a revered Title accorded to a person that has a tremendous contribution in ensuring the creation of his or her country. Dr John Garang led a liberation struggle of 21 difficult years, plus tedious 18 months of intense negotiations with the Government of the Sudan in Naivasha that brought to a close Africa’s longest civil war.  He met his fate on 30th July 2005, when he had sealed the Independence of the People of South Sudan in the CPA.

Dr Garang knew that people of South Sudan would conduct referendum on the 9th January 2011 and they would proclaim their Independence later on the 9th of July 2011. There was not a coma or dot added or subtracted from what he had left. There was nothing whatsoever that Kiir did in the CPA that Garang did not approve prior to his death.

Ateny Wek, being a Founding Father does not mean witnessing the hoisting of the National Flag or facilitating the admission of the Republic of South Sudan into both African Union and the United Nations as you claimed in your previous writings, but rather what fundamental role someone played in the creation of a new state. President Kiir was a witness; he made sure the expectant mother delivered safely, but he is not the father of the child, but a guardian like some patriots have correctly put in response to your malicious views.

Take the case of Mahatma Gandhi of India, he is the Founding Father of modern India, because of the Non-violent movement he led against British rule in India, he was never the Prime Minister or the President when India declared independence in 1948, he did not receive instrument of power, in fact he did not serve in government. Jawaharlal Nehru, Was the first of Prime Minister of India, so if, we were to apply your logic and your world view Nehru, would have been the Founding Father of modern India. But no!! Reason had to prevail over mischief, greed and idiocy.

Gandhi appointed Jawaharlal Nehru to form Government and prepare India for independence, Dr Garang on the hand appointed Salva Kiir in front of mammoth of people in Rumbek in 2005 and told him to lead the country in his absence.

What is more surprising though is that you are serving President Salva Kiir yet you are ignorant of his position with regards to this topic in question. President Kiir himself knows that Dr Garang is the Founding Father of the modern Republic of South Sudan and he declared this on his maiden speech on the 9th of July, 2011:

Today is the day to take off our hats in saluting and honouring our martyrs, heroes and heroines. It is the day to ponder how much Dr. John Garang De Mabior, founder of our nation, and all our martyrs whose blood has cemented our nation, and all our martyrs whose blood has cemented our national foundation, have done for us,” President Kiir’s maiden speech on July 9th 2011

You can deny this if you want, but the records are everywhere, there are video clips and audio of this address and I hope these materials are not destroyed because of this J1 emergency of wanting to declare President Kiir the Founding father by your likeminded individuals. Secondly Mama Rebecca was declared by President himself as Mother of the Nation in 2010, apparently this was so because Garang is the Father of the Nation, hence; Rebecca became the Mother of the Nation.

Just because Mama Rebecca currently holds opposing views to that of President Kiir does not warrant revocation of her title. The world doesn’t work like that because if that were to be the case then Kiir would not be addressed as President after all the whole country feels betrayed by him. Commonsense too should take centre stage because sometimes in the future President Kiir will be out of power, imagine people saying he was not the President but his successor is, won’t that sound ridiculous to you Ateny Wek?

I am not asking you, Ateny, to be a person of character because that is a tall order for you, but do yourself a favour keep your job and don’t temper with history, because this history is engrained in the hearts and souls of all South Sudanese.  There is no quarrel in saying Kiir Mayardit  is the first President of the Republic of South Sudan and Ayen Mayardit  the first lady of the Republic of South Sudan.

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  1. David says:

    We will not be so upset when someone voiced his views, Garang is one of the founding fathers he is not the only one that’s the fact, nobody will ever revoke that title from him, but mama Nyandeng’s title of being a mother of the nation is under question mark, why?because her son Mabior and herself are the one trying trip Dr. Garang from his title as a father of nation.


  2. Ringbaak says:

    BORphobia is really destroying our beloved nation whom we sheded our blood and gave up precious life, the myopic individuals of Ateny wek and the like are tarnish the image and legacy of our hard working and gentle people of BarElgazal by trying to covered up their weak leader Kiir mayardit that offered nothing to South Sudan than overseeing rampant corruption and destruction of the country with a false claim of protecting the legacy of BarElgazal which in really sense they are proving the term foolish majority. This idiots, imbecile, primitives corrupt child molster should not be given more time to trash the legacy of great people of BarElgazal, we have capable, educated, visionaries, ambitious who forsee and can compete both in South Sudan, regionally and even internationally, where is the our interest they claim to be protecting? Overseeing striking hunger and mass exodus of our people in Awiel and Warrap? Death in thousands of teenagers mathiang Anyoor? They are preaching false excuses that Garang used to send his Bor tribe mate abroad and leaving BarElgazal people to suffer behind when in fact our great able leaders were at the center of movement and the thinktank of the SPLA /M, does Kiir group want to accuse our leaders, like Gen. Daniel Awet, Gen. Aleu Ayieny, Nhail Deng Nhail, Baba Lual Ding wol, late Justine Yac Arop Daniel Deng Monydit and Gen. Mathok Gengdit? were not Patriotic enough to challenge Garang if he mistreated people of BarElgazal? What a ridiculous perception, they should admit that Kiir mayardit and his cohort are bunch of tribalist inciting communities against each others to clique in powered while our population pay for his evilism, he himself Kiir mayardit become the prophert of doom. We know it very well that the hard won struggle, is Hijacked in watch, making thing so interesting is comparison of Kiir with Garang is more than laughable and is an insult to education and a great challenge to great sons of BarElgazal I mentioned above who were a followers of Garang visions. South Sudan is well known now internationally and regionally as a state that grooms incompetent leaders, proved by the resent sentry report where the so called presidential spoke person Ateny Wek Ateny shamelessly missed point to figured out where the sentry miserably missed the targeted intentions until he came to be spared by Peter Biar Ajak, from the hated community and the most views as the threats to the visionless and incompetence in J1 now. Ateny kept telling us the report is politically motivated, when the corruption is in J1 is visible to even blinds. Am from BarElgazal, but not from Gogrial who are fooled to their toes, our leaders in Tonj are being betrayed by this myopic.


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  4. Monjor Abiyok says:
    Nobody can deny the fact of Dr John Garang being the father of the nation called the Republic of South Sudan. It is as clear and true as the night follows day. We shouldn’t see Dr John as a leader from Bor. Yes , he hails from Bor but was trained , educated, commissioned and supported from Bhar El Ghazal. Although he was hijacked and owned by his kinsmen from Bor he never severed his relations with his power base ,Bahr El Gazal.Hence he bequeathed the leadership to where he was crowned that is Bahr El Ghazal in the person of Salva Kiir Mayardit. His leadership was rejected by Akuot Atem, Martin Majier, Abel Alier,Arok Thon Arok, etc.Dr John is a great man who built and guided the movement and the liberation struggle to its successful end. Nobody can deny him of that indelible achievement.


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