The swearing in and celebration of Lol Community incoming leadership

Posted: October 24, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Luka Manyang Kuol, Nairobi, Kenya

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October 24, 2016 (SSB) — Lol Community in Kenya is one of the communities which were form during the presidential decree which turn 10 states to 28 States in the Republic of South Sudan. The community branched out from Aweil Community formerly known as Aweil Youth Association in Kenya ( AYA_K).

The formation started with interim leadership, constitutional committee which brought the drafting constitution later passed into law as agreed by majority and the electoral committee to conduct the election.

The Community elected, Lino Ngor Atuer, as the chairperson, Maper Jel Garang, the Secretary General, Aman Atak Deng, the Secretary for finance; all of them in Community leadership while in the other side of Lol Community Women Group in Kenya, the body under the leadership of community, Monica Abiar Ariath, was elect as the Chairlady of Lol Community Women Group.

The general assembly encouraged the new leadership to lead the community with good faith, love, peace, harmony and spirit of togetherness as well as connecting the community with government of South Sudan and its embassy in Kenya.  Some of the members within the new leadership were serving in the different positions during the time of interim government;

Like the current Chairlady was in the same position as chairlady in the interim leadership and the Chairperson of the Community was working as a county leader; this gave the community trust over them based on their previous services they had delivered in different areas for the sake of community.

The Belated Celebration of New State

Lol Community in Kenya did not celebrate the creation of new state from the time of presidential decree which turned 10 states to 28 states in the Republic of South Sudan. However, the delayment should not be interpreted as the rejection of 28 states created by government under the president, Salva Kiir, its delay is connected with the preparation concerning the new community leadership.

As matter of fact, majority of Lol Community, intellectuals, politicians, Women Union, religious and other bodies in Kenya, are in agreement with president regarding Lol state.

As Lol Community in Kenya, we see the creation of 28 states as taking town to the people especially at village level with fair delivery of social services which include, roads, schools, hospitals and other social needs.

Those who attended the celebration and swearing in ceremony are: Amjuma Malek Athum, the former minister of Gender and Social Welfare in the former Northern Bahr el Gazal State, Aweil, as the chief guests, chairperson of Bahr el Gazal Youth Union (BYU), pastors, Women Union and other community leaders.

Finally, the incoming leadership of Lol Community was welcome with applauds and words of thanks from outgoing leadership for their acceptance to serve the community wholeheartedly. The leadership which consists of two executive bodies will serve the community for the period of one year according to Community’s Constitution after that, the election will be held on agreed date and month.

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