Posted: October 31, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël in Junub Sudan, Poems.

By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan

Trembling with fear, living on the predicament part of life,

Miserable war-child, thinking of tomorrow,

Looking deep into the earth horizon;

Death and sorrow he can see;

Innocent child, living on the remembrance,

Of the sorrowful past, feeding on the;

Upcoming curses of the future,

Gazing into the deep blue sky; only

Lovely birds engulf in the cloudy smoke of the sky-;

He can see;

Adeh! Sudan mother of the war child.

Sudan; a mother without mercy;

Sudan, a mother without future plan;

For her born and long-lived River Nile,

Mountains blast in agony; bombarded;

By the rude mother,

Trees cry in the cloudy flame of fire;

Towns inhabited by poisonous scorpions,

There you are scoundrel mother of the war-child.

Our beautiful land infested with rude personnel mines;

Nowhere to plant seeds of love;

Nowhere to cultivate future seedlings for the aging forest,

No building; but mangles of buildings you can see;

Owned by uncultured rats; who care-less of human present,

Human pointed weapons at one another, without mercy;

Groaning and mourning are my mother pride

Adeh! Sudan mother of the war-child


Awuol Gabriel Arok @May 2009, Juba


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