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By Kon Joseph Leek, Juba, South Sudan

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November 2, 2016 (SSB) — SPLM please you are sleeping and the whole world is awake, please wake up! With the whizzing of bullets by the roadsides and unknown gunmen, does it sound like nightingale’s sound that easily sends your soul to sleep? With hunger striking to the helpless populace of South Sudan, does that seems like dreams to you?

With prices of goods growing tall every day and no signs of being streamed any time soon, doesn’t that make you cut short your snoring? With coupe attempts everywhere every day and numerous rebellion somewhere and you seems to hold your arms akimbo in its admiration, doesn’t it bother you?

With SPLM top officials joining rebellion whenever their sucking or should I say their discriminate grazing is declared over, comes to Juba and appeased with better positions upon return, isn’t that encouragement of more rebellion?

Should South Sudanese blood be the swimming pool those suckers wallow in? Should the national civilians’ heads be the tables their killers’ contracts be signed? Should the corpses of the innocent children, oldies and women be the red carpet organized for the appeased generals and politicians to walk on upon their return?

No! That can’t be, let the nation not be made a business centre of “kill more, get better positions”, let it not be the arena of “kill to get assignments” otherwise we may not have a Country. A state is a property of those “killed”, not a property of those who “kill”. The better place the killers deserve is JAIL, not LUXURY!

SPLM was capable but now, it is not because of the incapable individuals around it. Its various seats are being warmed by the onlookers, lazy ones, looters and killers – Types that turn against it when removed! Those ones who can’t even be Clerks or messengers in Rwanda or South Africa! And we expect it to shine! Never in a million years if they are not weeded out.

Oh, no SPLM wake up please, if you can see things, you would not really want to see more like this, if you can listen, you would not want to hear more like this. You are just lucky because you have no competition around, the other political parties do not know what to do but to only point hands and cry foul, umon tabaniin and confussed! I just pity them. The real opposition would come from within you by the time you clearly prove yourself a non-peoples’ entity.

The PLM has workers who can’t work, singers who can’t sing, talkers who can’t talk, runners who can’t run, boxers who can’t box, shouters who can’t shout, fighters who can’t fight, peacemakers who can’t make peace, preachers who can’t preach, generous ones who can’t GIVE and the SPLM can’t see them because its eyes are covered by the TRICTERS, CHARLATANS AND LIARS. SPLM please put back your lens’ spectacles; see clearly, you will see them.

We have been waiting patiently and still we are, we have been “clapping” even if nothing is done at all, but we only clap pat, pat, pat, pat! Why? Because SPLM is the only hope we have, if it can’t do then only good God, the only intervention & protection force we can allow could come down and do it for us!

SPLM is if it is unable to discipline its corrupt cadets, and tame its murderer’s officials which are appeased upon return! For you liberated us, and again killing us through eras and trials, it is still your role to make us smile again. This is the time for the SPLM to learn from its mistakes of the past – seal the holes were the leakages comes from

Corruption that doesn’t kill us is better than that send our souls to the graves. I heard that someone (2013’s SPLM’S No. 2) took a gun and shot the government when his grazing was declared over, this made us (civilians) cried and ran to be hosted as refugees by the neighboring countries, before all these turned violent, did we cry? Did we run? ……And you were corrupt!

Here is the point, renovate SPLM, rejuvenate its blood. Remember that government is not the same thing as a party. As we speak, only the government (TGoNU) is working and the party is not. Bring in not the eaters but workers. Sound the bell of work, BELL of end to corruption and killing, bell of transparency and rule of law, bell of SPLA’s orientation and we will smile again. We are tired of being gloomy

Note: mind you, mainstream is SPLM as IO as FDs, corruption and killing is for them all, who is more evil than the other is where the different comes in.

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  1. Deng Ajak says:

    I have no word to describe your article Kon Joseph Leek. NATIONALISM FULLy IN YOUR HEART is not enough, PATRIOTISM for dear country hard-fought independent is not enough. Your article touched all my nerves and I became emotional for it. We are dying like lies, fly stay for 7 days and died. Off course we will continues dying BECAUSE we forget ourselves who we were, we also forgot who we were with. I mean, the HEROS and HEROINES. Don’t make mistake, they have cursed us. Because their widows are now the one begging on street and begging fake generals, their orphans are the one now being accused of being lazy and who like to play cards and dominoes. If I can managed to count the questions you asked in this importance article, I think, the question you asked almost 50 questions and I hope whoever has ears should listen and whoever has power should take it as recommendation and start implement them immediately without reservation. SPLM was well adorable party. I quitted my support in May 2013. Right now I am party less, though I fought hard at my early age in 1993-1996 out of the love of the country and party as well. You give me hope that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel and hope that, their still good brain like yours to rescue this beautiful country out of danger. To end it, please keep writing to us, Hopefully God will regrow our lost ears. Thanks.


    • Thank you very much Dengdit for your comment, i really find much sense here.

      We are a hopeful people who have been made hopeless by just some cliches for their selfish interests but as you have said, ‘there’s always a light at the end of any tunnel’, that’s correkt.

      However dark it maybe, the dawn will still break kam what may.

      SPLM is sick now but i hope that it will rekover when the mafias around it are shown what has lend them the false feathers of their menhood.



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