Posted: November 6, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Poems.


Guns sounds from all cardinal of the Republic

Death became daily breads

Hatred sway away love for a nation

All is amiss, all is in pandemonium

The sun has fallen off the equator

Like love, cometh the dislike of a nation

Blood cometh the water of thirst

In our hearts arises anger

Nimbus shift lazily across the skyline
the idiots dine, on rounded-table with whisky

Dark dirks double the din of dirge

The nation led astray to astral,

Is building a new castle of foes

Like love, cometh the dislike of a nation.

Among idiots the power is shared

Inside their hearts, hope is buried

Heroes comes and go whenever

But the State geographically remains

The broken heart of conflict,
Will one day reunite like a lost sheep no more
The people rights shall prevailed
like rain, cometh the reign of a nation

The author is a co-founder of Triple Alliance for Reforms (TAR-SSSAK) and can be reached at


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