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By Noble Leek Goi, Kampala-Uganda

Map of Jonglei state

Map of Jonglei state

November 7, 2016 (SSB) — For any separation to occur, there must be kind of misunderstanding between the parties who are getting separated. South Sudan got separated from North, simply because of oppression and marginalization of the South Sudanese by the Arabs in the North.

Dr. John Garang said it clearly that, “…….our blood will be shed because I hate oppression and marginalization of our people…..” This was the reason why he fought for over 20 years to liberate the South from Arabs marginalization and oppression. Now, why are we again marginalizing ourselves in the absent of Arabs? Didn’t we fight to get rid of such kind of oppression and marginalization?

As a matter of fact, Jonglei state is experiencing oppression and marginalization which can only be solved by peaceful separation, not the forceful one like that of South Sudan and North which took over 20 years of war with thousands of lives lost in the process.

Jonglei state deserves to be separated because of: Unfair distribution of state parliamentarian seats; unfair distribution of counties; restricted land accessibility in state headquarter, and the population of former Bor County.

1. Unfair distribution of state parliamentarian seats. Former Bor County has twelve (12) members of parliament, former Twic East County has six (6) members of parliament and former Duk County has four (4) members of parliament.With this kind of sharing, where do you expect unity to be? The sharing was determined by Bor county members of parliament of former Jonglei state and seconded by the governor of state Hon. Philip Aguer and their fellow citizens of Bor County in central government.

People of Duk County tried their level best to follow the necessary steps that can make the former three counties to share equally. However, everything was in vain, because of ‘road blocks’ by some of Bor county community citizens in the central government, who are using their positions in the central government to silent the people of Duk and Twic East in the state. There is no doubt that they had favored their own citizens of Bor County by allowing them to have a lion’s share in the state.

2. Unfair distribution of counties. As if that one of members of parliament was not enough, there came in another chaos of counties. Former Bor County again has lion’s share, with eight (8) counties, former Twic East with three (3) counties and former Duk County with three (3) counties. Still this kind of sharing cannot take us anywhere in Jonglei state.

This sharing gave people of Bor community (former Bor County) more powers in the state than those of Duk and Twic East. This is the world of democracy, where the voice of majority is considered, assuming there is a debate going on in the state parliament, Duk will not have a voice even if what they are talking about is true. In parliament, everything end up in voting (majority rule), how do you expect only four (4) members of parliament to succeed with their right in the present of twelve (12) members of parliament? Even if the six (6) members of parliament from Twic East seconded the idea of Duk, they will still be out numbered, because they will only make ten (10) and former Bor county with twelve. Assuming all members of parliament are present.

With this kind of ethnic politics in the country, where an individual base on their own community, I don’t expect any member of parliament from Bor county to vote in favour of Duk idea in the parliament, as some of you might think. If they were fair enough, they would have voted for fair distribution of members of parliament and counties. However, since they didn’t, I also assume them not to favour any idea from Duk just like they did during counties and members of parliament sharing.

When coming to sharing of state resources, the sharing will be done according to number of counties. In which former Bor county will still have more shares in the state resources because of their eight (8) counties, unlike Duk and Twic East communities who are having three (3) counties each. This is a total day light marginalization. How can you really stay with someone who will not give you freedom of expression? How can you really stay with someone who will give you less of what you are supposed to have?

Duk County deserve her own state, if Twic East is comfortable with that kind of sharing, we the people of Duk are not and we shall not be comfortable with any sharing that doesn’t reflect any fairness in it. President Kiir and JCE we need our own state as people of Duk!!

3. Restricted land accessibility in state headquarter. As we all know that, wherever headquarter of state is, the land should be accessed by all citizens of that state. This is not the case currently in new Jonglei state.

When the citizens of Duk County were displaced by 2013 war in their area, majority of them came to the state headquarter and seek refuge there. After the creation of 28 states, they were very happy to remain as one language speaking people. Little did they know that, it will be worst for them remaining with those whom they thought were their brothers? Little did they also know that, they will be called ‘small Nuer’ in the absent of Lou Nuer, who were referred as ‘Big Nuer,’ by the people of Bor County in Jonglei state.

Duk IDPs requested the state authorities so that they could temporary be settled in the state headquarter. The mayor by then, Nhial Majak, tried his level best to make sure that the people of Duk got where to settle. Unfortunately, the mayor got serious opposition from the rest of the citizens of former Bor County.

The citizens of Bor County described the people of Duk as “SMALL NUER.” Because of that matter, they refused to give them land where to settle, and they said, “We cannot chased away ‘BIG NUEER’ (Lou and Gaweer of former Jonglei state) and we again accommodate ‘SMALL NUER’ (the people of Duk).”

The Duk IDPs were denied access to the land; instead they were made to rent in grass thatched houses own by Bor county citizens in the state headquarter.

With that kind of treatment, do you think people can progress in that state? Can we really live in peace and harmony in that state?

4. The population of former Bor County. Since they, (former Bor County) claimed to have population which is bigger than that of Duk and Twic East combined, then they deserve their own state. They already qualified to have a state because of their population. On top of that, they are having eight (8) counties and twelve (12) members of parliament that is also another qualification of having a state.

Currently, most of Bor county citizens criticized the separation of state, calling it disunity. However, someone can wonder why they never criticized the separation of counties and distribution of members of parliament?

Why do they call separation of state disunity and they never called separation of counties disunity while both are separations?

They have already achieved what they wanted and that is why they don’t want to let go of Duk and Twic. They want at least to have those whom they will continue marginalizing. Forged unity cannot last longer and cannot be sustained, let us have two states.

For the three communities of Duk, Twic and Bor to coexist in that state, unless the fair distribution of state benefits is introduced, and those which were unfairly distributed are re-distribute equally, otherwise the state should be separated.

The author, NOBLE LEEK GOI, is a COMMUNITY ACTIVIST and can be reached via his email:

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  1. David says:

    It’s a gone case my friend, no additional state on top of 28 states we already have. The only thing that might happen is more counties if you want it. By the way who doesn’t have anybody in Juba? weak complain friend.


  2. Bor Shepherd says:

    I wonder why this State is not given quickly if this is what will bring coexistence. Remember when this state is granted, You pack your languages and report to Gadiang, the peace garden. No more roaming and dancing in Bor State Capital.. Mading


  3. Deng Ajak says:

    Leek Goi highlighted fairly and with strong points, I will dwell on that. @ David, first of all I am pro-unity, also intellectual as you, second I have strong personality. If I have to accuses you, I would you are among those who want to destroy the good relationship of Bor, Twic and Duk, which we have many centuries before our madness kicked in. By the way, you proved Leek Goi right and you make his complain strong and louder. Why? Because 1. you called those issues as gone case, in intellectual mind, it’s arrogant, ignorance, irresponsible, denial or self deception. My take from Leek argument in his article is this, fair sharing not begging, unity not disunity and equal resources distribution. He also highlight and articulated his convincing points, that if nothing is done to eradicate this pending issue, other counties will have no choice but to opted out. May be deaf and blind may have to be disadvantaged by his article. He also pointed out clearly in his article and emphasis a lot good relationship and need political solution to remain the integrity of JS. 2. When one think he is smart, clever and better, please watch out for that guy because he/she is defending weakness and will accept anything he done wrong but will only put all his/her energy and resources to show up the slight achievement. It’s not new or surprise to me that, Bor county intellectuals aren’t helping this situation either, it was stirrup by their semi-intellectual members. I grown up with them and I have been with them al along, a thief is an hero, a liar is an hero and astray dog is not control and that’s the legacy I have known them. Kuol is our living Iconic and he dead silence on this issue, Makuei is community leader and he is backer. It’s time for Bor county to show leadership and unifying people. But it seem its time of taking advantage.


    • David says:

      Mr. Ajak unity is embraced when people forgot the mistake that was made in the past by making the right things, people learn through mistake I think we all know that, but if people continue reliving the past events and then the unity will not prevail and that is why I put it as a gone case so that we can anticipate for the future events to make them correct instead of repeating they same thing over and over. Matter fact, even though we divide the state those complaints will not go away, they will increase to they point where we will not control them. Also individuals blaming will not solve the problem either so it is good to put those complaints aside and let look for those windows where these confusing ideas come and then closes them for good so that we can live in a free non complain state where every individuals has it own right. Otherwise if people kept repeating the same article that was written while back and then we will have no common ground of understanding and good way of going forward, that how I see it.


    • Deng Ajak, genetic insanity, greediness and selfishness are not considered to be intellectual, familiarity and wisdom . Those adjectives are describing you with your Notorious group. Insane or abnormal persons can just offense other people anyhow without the reasons for that matter. Your nature have taken you to nowhere and you will be regretted when things come back to control. I have discovered that you are one of those who like to engineer trouble within the communities by claiming familiarity. It’s outrageous to jump to the minsters in the national government who.are not having any connection with you in term of service, your mind pop up with abnormal brain containing rotten ideas of blaming ministers . What I have learned from your comment is a greedy evil full of a rotten mud fish who want to lite the fire on both communities , you and your kinds will not make it to push those two communities in to what you think to be happened to them.

      I urge to both two communities of twic and Bor to single out Deng Ajak and his group, and condemn them for their incitement against the will of the two communities.

      If you know how the system work, you would have not put accusation on those two ministers who are Known and believed for their hard work and patriotic to the nation. They are not representing you in cabinet ,and they’re not working for the state of Jonglei, but national duty for them only . I think if you have the issues concern, you have right to address them to the president, Governor and MPS. Your mind is now misleading you to nowhere and you will be suffered for talking blindly .


  4. Jangel says:

    Those who use insults and abusive language to arouse emotions lacks mental ability to present credible arguments. Likewise, those who hastily claimed to be intellectuals deprives their audiences a chance to reach that conclusion themselve – a good wine needs no bush! The issue of more states, counties, MPs, etc hasn’t and won’t benefit our people now or in the near future. Instead, we should consolidate our limited resources and NOT rely heavily on amateur system of governance in the young nation. I am for business enterprise and job creation opportunities to empower our people.


  5. Atem says:

    Leek, we have cultural problems in Jonglei State, not only three burning issues mentioned it’s a daily lives in that part of Jonglei. Looks that way David responses. If I’m cheating the system, you have to cheats. Twic east and Dukes have to change their way of life and follow David and Bor way of life.


  6. Deng says:

    My big question is, who is delaying the creation of new State from current Jonglei State? To begin with, The people of Duk are the ones stirring problems among people in this State. I am not blaming them but, I am blaming the greediness they have acquired from their neighbours the Nuers. If they are oppressed and marginalised by Bor people as mentioned by L.Goi then , I think they have a right to have their own State with Twic people where Counties and members of parliament are going to divided equally between Twic(larger) and Duk(smaller) because that’s the representation they wanted. I am one of those who wanted the division of Jonglei State to be sooner rather than later.


  7. Leek Goi, need to be informed that Duk ku Duk didn’t met criteria to be came a county before Twic East , and even now, not that far. what was being done was a favor to Duk ku Duk due to the direct insult to Duk ku Duk by some elders . If there was a fairness in case , Duk ku Duk won’t be a county before Lith [ Adhiok, Abee and Kongor ] put together, and Baidit . Duk ku Duk is very far from being considered as a county. Back to the concern of Leek Goi, I think you need to study again, how the people are represented in the so called Jonglei State’s parliament. Issue of the land is not your own problems. it is everybody issue of concern.

    Your concern with distribution of counties will begin with how did Duk be came a county while the people known there are Hol and Nyarweng. It is the God’s favoritism to two clans, right. Members of that Duk county need not to lost up their minds in the issues like these.


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