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By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan


November 8, 2016 (SSB) — The two expensive and sleepless nights of the Referendum and Independence days are what South Sudanese should remind themselves of in case of any bizarre temptations. We have to hold them closer to our chests like a child with his loving doll among the playing children. During the two nights of the Referendum voting day and the Independence declaration day all the professionals were on high alert; everyone was in high and intoxicated mode, intoxicated by the perfume of the emerging freedom that had been chained down for decades.

People parted with the few Pounds they had as they lodged near the polling stations, some left their houses at 6:00 PM and went direct into the long awaited line of freedom to secure their positions; everyone was a comrade and there was a universal call and prayers, every individual prayed for the security and able health for all the voters because minus one person was looked at as a disaster to the dreamy fulfillment of the Separation yes we were all Comrades; everyone put aside his title and status, people were just calling themselves Comrades or South Sudanese TO BE.

As of today, majority of our Comrades are members of different groups of gossipers, gossiping will never solve your conundrum, it is barely opening a lot of clubs for gossipers and never disregard as you gossips someone somewhere is running the same business against you and your group, mindfully as you temperate your saucepan of gossiping another great gossiper is already dinning on your appellation and consequently all of you will be victims of simplest mistakes.

This is the high time for the academia to produce books detailing our historical struggles that some of us and children had been partially exposed to. Those who admire the art of writings will not set off without looking at the notable scripts of H.E. Comrade James Wani Igga, Moulana Abel Alier, General Joseph Lagu, Bona Malwal, Dr. Adwok Nyaba, Dr. Francis Mading Deng, Arop Madut-Arop, Jonathan Mayen Nguen, Salvatore Ibrahim, Joseph Abuk, Ohisa Affwoni and Larco Lomayat among others.

We need practical documentaries which are separated from injurious politically and dissection layered opinions and speeches,  vigorous Nation is a result of any form of  positive inputs, Schools, Colleges  and Universities need literature books and our Great Professor Taban Lo -Liyong will be honour if we cherish on the noble profession of Literature that he had been championing across the borders for decades, we need to replicate the great minds of the African giants of Literature such as Chinua Achebe, Ngugi wa Thiongo, Taban Lo Liyong, Francis D. Imbuga just to mention the few and our nation will evolve through academic revolutionary phase.

To the dreamy and titles huntsmen , don’t interfere with the great honour and smartness of our historical leaders of the liberation wars, why do you want to hoodwink the guiltless sons and daughters of South Sudan to belief the deeds of spilling blood for wild objective? You can never be a significant leader without the adoration of humanity and particularly to those who beliefs in tribalism, on no account can you be a national Chief without the support of the tax payers.

We should not be misled by those who are wishing South Sudan ill fortune, don’t be an ingredient of mishap, our ‘‘Sudanese’’ characters of hospitality and sharing should not be eroded away, the negative talk of ‘‘belede karaafu’’, ‘‘junubiin maderu haja el kwes’’ taniin be dala lo asalu hajat pii suk‘‘suk dhede, suk karaafu kee’’ keeps in mind that yaal beled yawu bekaraafu beled hu wumuun yawu be salaau kaman, worrying taniin bekelemu ‘‘Junub de mabe salaa walaai’’ these are scaring comments mabesalaa kef? yita dhadu yawu be salaau belede let always belief in positivity and all will be well.

Every situation has an end, our dignity and pride of purpose should be maintained as we go through a revolutionary phase of institutionalizations and development mellowness. In preserving our national pride and dignity youths must take the lead since the strength of every nation is determine by the power of energetic human resources and if defectively organize can result into the deformation of the Nation, youths could never be called youths if the ages and the children are gone.

Dear Leaders of our established Nation, the country is in political, social and economic turmoil, it is hence enormously decisive to furnish hopes and swop the current crisis from its present form. Your decision and action deeply influence the people of South Sudan, as you tackle on our concerns we are unshakably behind you and that is why the National destiny need your caring hands and while forging the shepherd principle of flocking,  the sleeping sheep should be awaken and the dying lamb be shouldered.

Dear South Sudanese we could not be calling ourselves South Sudanese if our identities are sectional. We are South Sudanese simply because that is our common and unifying identity. Miniature issue always looks massive but when taken to the discussing table, the whole cloud of confusion is clear, what are we waiting when our neighbours are busy weeding their gardens. Please don’t throw away the baby with the bath water.

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