‘‘The triumph of Donald Trump is a triumph of peace and tranquility in South Sudan’’

Posted: November 9, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

Obama’s Statement on US Recognition of the Republic of South Sudan, July 9, 2011.

November 9, 2016 (SSB) — We had been monitoring election of USA and its outcome and at least to those of us who had been praying for the success of Donald Trump God had successfully and miraculously answered our prayers, why would a sound  south Sudanese assume Donald Trump success to be linked to our peace  ?.

Donald Trump belongs to Republican Party from whom South Sudanese derived the CPA a precursor of South Sudan Independence; therefore Trump will make sure South Sudan as a project of Republican Party through former president George W. Bush flourish during his tenure. Hopefully our compromised peace Agreement(CPA) so signed under Obama administration will become a comprehensive peace agreement(CPA) signed under Bush administration which brought with it independence of South Sudan.

Therefore, Trump triumph over election is a welcome triumph for South Sudan tranquility, clearly what was coming with Hillary Clinton triumph would be a continuation of Obama administration failed policies on South Sudan.

Being the supporter of Donald Trump myself, welcome his success and had the following advises for him to do for the great nation of America, for the world and For South Sudan

For the great nation of America; I advise Donald Trump to unite America regardless of democratic or republicans, Black or white race, Muslim or non Muslim, immigrants or native Americans so that his motto of making America great again is truly great through its great people across all the works of lives.

Furthermore, as American president Donald Trump would be the world most powerful man whose decisions and speech will change the world, I therefore, urge him to carefully filters his decisions and speech before they are made public

For the world , Donald Trump should work towards a peacefully world that we shall all be proud of unlike now everywhere if not all the nations there is a sound of guns , which comes with a lot of destruction, displacements, despairs and deaths (4 Ds)

For South Sudan, Donald Trump should support Transitional Government of National unity (TGONU), Support faith based organizations and civil societies to promote healing and reconciliation among south Sudanese, Ensure general election is conducted in 2018 for leadership transition and South Sudanese will speak louder and clear through ballot box unlike the current bullet and economic war being administered  via Obama administration.

Never the less, America as a country is a pride of every South Sudanese and it goes without a saying  that our mutual relationship  is paramount ,  as a rest my case by welcoming Donald Trump triumph over election as I conclude with

Long live the great America!!

Long live the democracy of America!!

 Long live south Sudan!!

Authored by Dr. Isaac Ayii Ayii (PhD)

Contact: +211955364626 Email: ayiiisaac728@gmail.com

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made are the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to paanluel2011@gmail.com. SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address and the country you are writing.

  1. Daniel Ajaangdit says:

    I think there is nothing wrong with what president elected Donald Trump said that ” He will deported illegal migrants, or build a wall between America and Mexico”. Because, every nation don’t like people to enter and stay illegally in it. This is where terrorism begins, since illegal person cannot be rightly traced out; also, employment becomes an issue, because businesses can employ lower cost labour from illegal migrants, while the citizens get no jobs. Secondly, in addition to what Dr Isaac Ayii mentioned about the CPA; south Sudan has been fighting itself since 2013, and the ruling party in America seemed to be biased, instead of bringing an impartial solution. Thirdly, I don’t agree to those Americans who are making noises against elected president Trump, after he has been democratically elected. They should have done their home-work before the voting started in order to win. But, making strike because Trump has won, seem undemocratic, and it shows how many of Americans are more backward than Africans. That idea of that person is not to be a president, is a characteristic of the third world countries, where a president and his/her group, clink to the public position by force and not by the choice of the people he/she is ruling. First world countries used to give chance to any person who contested and elected. But, now, they are copying the third world countries. Returning to the first point (above), America is not a country of everyone on earth, it has its own citizens like any other countries; so, the president has the right to prevent people from entering America, if those people are threatening peace, health and economy of American people. Fourthly, the black people in America are being targeted by American policemen, who are suppose to protect them; and the present and previous governments seemed to have been turning blind eyes on policemen wrong doings. Therefore, may be the president elected Donald Trump, may bring good solution to those unfortunate killings. Please Americans, give Trump a chance, these strikes are meaningless; unless he will act wrong later in his position, that time may be your right time to protest. But now, what are you protesting for? just because he is elected? I think, Donald Trump has the right to be elected like any other American.
    Thank you for reading.


  2. Daniel Ajaangdit says:

    Sorry, I forgot to say: Many Congratulations to President Elected: DONALD TRUMP, for being elected as the President of the United States of America.


  3. Ayii Ayii. thanks for being optimistic that Donald Trump can change anything especially regarding the conflict the government of South Sudan is waging against her own people.
    Your argument carries so many assumptions that I didn’t expects from a PhD holder.
    First of all, you assumed that Donald Trump can bring peace to South Sudan, without you asserting your second assumption or allegation that the conflict in South Sudan was caused by Donald Trump or America. Did Mr. Trump or America fired those shots at Jebel Kujur or said anything at Nyakuron conference center?
    your also stated that the CPA was brought to Sudan by the Republican Party without acknowledging that there were advocacy groups that pressured George W. Bush with in the larger American society and Bush being a politician had to take that opportunity in order to win his second term. Why? because we put it on the public agenda and was part of the platforms for the two parties in the 2004 presidential elections. Some of us who were in contacts with those groups know them that some groups were from the Republican party, Democratic party, the African American community, the Jewish American community, the churches groups and corporate America.By that times, they wanted South Sudan free for various reasons which I cannot write to you here and they trusted in ideas of some leaders not all leaders of the then SPLM movement.
    Those of us who are in the USA are really sorry for the level of political ignorance most people have in South Sudan even PhD holders. America’s policy on South Sudan is bipartisan, the overall structures and targets are the same regardless of what party comes to power in Washington. With the democrats, they have been softer on the authorities in Juba and wanted to used soft power rather then hard power; that is carrot over sticks. With the Republicans, its will be the reverse, more of sticks then carrots.
    President elect Donald Trump is a man who believes in productive, effective and efficient programs, the first thing he will asked when he is briefed about the commitments of America to South Sudan would be, what did South Sudan wanted from America in the past, presence and future, at what costs? What had America offered and continued to offers? What did South Sudan gained and what at what costs from both America and South Sudan? What remains and at what costs and who is to shoulder the bills?
    Marks my words, President Trump as a business minded person will definitely says, South Sudan has enough resources and what the country lacks is a patriotic honest, committed leadership to uses these resources wisely and he would suggests that the money that is being looted and stolen by the South Sudan leaders and used to kills people by the government be seized and uses to fix South Sudan. I’m sure Donald Trump will fix South Sudan problems without a dime from America, but from South Sudan owns resources. How? Think about that? I don’t know. Do you know?
    or you thinks America, U.K and Norway will pours in more money as it was during the CPA?


    • Dr Isaac Ayii Ayii(PhD) says:

      Simon Ajak Garang , thanks you for expressing your views and commenting on my article, your comment has nothing to do with what you understood from my article , might be next time if are to be relevant to the topic you need to understand deeply , conceptualized , avoid emotionally writing e,g my article in summary has seconded Trump and raises hope that perhaps things will change for South Sudan, the world and the great America as he puts it in his campaign manifesto , it has nothing to do with no regime change nor did it denied the poor governance, corruption , Jebel Kujur fighting neither did it demand for resources from Donald trump etc , your reply tells me that you might have hangover of election expectations otherwise , you have only irrelevant comments in relationship to this article


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