US foreign policy on South Sudan won’t change under Trump; it is about China

Posted: November 11, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Business, Commentary, Contributing Writers, Economy, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

South Sudan: The Foreign Policies of the Western Nations Remain Permanently the Nations’ Foreign Policies, Not the Parties’ Foreign Policies

By Deng Kuol Deng, New York, USA


President Kiir with President Obama of the USA at the White House, Washington DC

November 11, 2016 (SSB) —- My following South Sudanese: let us understand that the United States, or the western nations in general are used to consider their foreign policies as nations’ foreign policies or bipartisan policies, but not the parties’ policies. Let us understand this: what has happened between Obama Administration and South Sudan after independence, should be correctly considered as the one of USA policy against the China. China has been considered by the USA as an adversary in which both parties (Republican and Democrat) do not expect its alliance countries to associate themselves with it.

Therefore, the USA is not happy with our country, South Sudan on the ground that South Sudan government or its leadership has allowed China to continue with the oil contracts which were signed by Khartoum government. Not only the United States that is not happy with South Sudan government and its leadership but all the western countries which were stood with us during the war times are not happy with the South Sudan government on the ground that South Sudan has allowed China to continue with its exploration in oil fields. They have supported us during that times with the greatest hope that they may get the oil after the independent of South Sudan.

However, we lost their supports in 2011 when the government has allowed a China company to continue with its contracts to take our oil to the world markets. Our intention was that China has already built the facilities of oil, however, that decision has been used by opportunists to weight war that the western countries including the United States which are not happy with us may support them to gain the power.

I have mentioned several times on social media and also through our leaders that there are some opportunists in South Sudan who are just looking for the western leaders to confirm if they are not happy with South Sudan government in order to weight war against the government and its people with the great hope that they will gain support from them.

For example, Dr. Riek Machar and his loyalists are continuing with a war against a government and the people of South Sudan on the ground of this assumption that the western countries will bring him with his colleagues into a power in order to sign the new contracts of oil with the USA. In fact, according to my personal view, it seems to me that China will never do anything to help us from the western countries which are now in the political front-line with the opportunists to punish us that we gave the oil to a China.

For all mentioned above reasons, president of the Republic should form a committee or ask a national procurement unit to review all contracts with a China and terminate them and give them to the one or two of Western countries, so that our people will have a peace. We will not have a peace at least we give the oil contracts to them.

It is only oil in which they are looking for, nothing else. All claims against South Sudan government by the USA or Obama’s administration are false claims, but the western countries have been known in that ways of building the cases if they want to change the leadership of any country, which they believe for having the desire to escape them and tie its relationship with the countries, which they damn as adversaries to them like China and Russia.

Therefore, South Sudan government should review oil contracts and give them to the western countries. They are some countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and other Arabic countries which are not democracy countries that cannot allow the women to drive the vehicles, but Western countries love those countries simply because of the oil contracts which have been given to them by aforementioned countries. Let us give oil to them, so, that our people can enjoy Peace and prosperity.

About Author: Mr. Simon Deng Kuol Deng is SPLM Former Secretary General in New York-USA. Mr. Deng is currently a graduate student for the Master’s Degree of Science in Political Science, SNHU, U.S.A. He holds the Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, general concentration in the three Subfields: The American Politics and Governments; Comparative Politics and Comparative Governments; and International Relations, from the State University of New York at Buffalo (UB) USA. He also holds the Degree of Associate in Applied Science in Office Management and Administration from the State College of New York at Buffalo, Erie Community College (ECC) USA. He Attended Training for Rapid Impact Public Finance Management Project, sponsored by World Bank, School of Management Science, University of Juba and KCA University, Kenya and obtained a post Certificate in Procurement in 2011. He can be reached by or

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  1. Thank you Simon Deng Kuol Deng. The Republic of South Sudan, as usual on many strategic issues, could condone a friend of her enemy with naive assumption that that friend would critically change sides. China on records during the war (1983 to 2005) had been a special friend of the Sudan, indeed and in need.The adaptations of oil contracts awarded by internationally sanctioned Khartoum regime, on violations of humanitarian and human rights laws, was a sacrilegious diplomatic blundered.

    On matters of peace deals that culminated into Comprehensive Peace Agreement, CPA, between Khartoum and the SPLM, USA, UK and Norway wholeheartedly, supported the SPLM with insured backing of the Western Europeans and their international allies. The SPLM Government, after its fundamental success to get control of South Sudan, did not bother to check its past records of friends and enemies, in order to relate to positive diplomatic verifications.

    These weaknesses of South Sudan Government, from 2005 to 2013, cannot not only be confined to the neglect of diplomatic relationship with the USA, but a lost of diplomatic relations with almost 90% of the world’s sovereign states.


  2. Intellectual says:

    Aldo Ajou Deng Akuey. You people are had destroy South Sudan to your chaos. Now your 28 state become a curse rather than a blessing..


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