The consequences of Kenya disengagement from Sudan Sudan peace process

Posted: November 17, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Columnists, Commentary, Contributing Writers, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Dak Buoth, Nairobi, Kenya


Dak Buoth addressing media during a peaceful demonstration held in front of South Sudan Embassy in Nairobi on 9th 7, 2016, at the wake of renewed fighting at State-house, Juba South Sudan

November 17, 2016 (SSB) —- It was not slip of tongue nor is it a rumor anymore that President Uhuru has vowed to pull-out Kenyans’ troop serving in our country; and that he will cease participating in the quest for peace and tranquility in South Sudan. A few in our midst may know the causation, or are aware of what prompted this turnaround; but the motive remains incomprehensible to all of us. Only gods knows, as the religious men would like to put it. Worse of all, he did it in broad day light. I have been receiving phone calls from left-wings compatriots’ back at home trying to ascertain what went wrong. They called mocking me saying that I used to brag of President Kenyatta as an auxiliary and alternative leader, and a point man whose day shall come and the downtrodden will rejoice. I went underground in search for answers in vain.

You can imagine, a youthful and knowledgeable President turning his bare back on his neighbors who are drowning in blood next door. What a ‘let-down’ from a Leader whom we cherish, respect and hold at pedestal. To some individuals, it was akin to a slap on our faces. Who wish to hear such sentiment from him? The obvious reply is no. It should not have happened in the first place. I tell you, we felt abandoned, unwanted, shortchanged named them; and we are crying foul. We’re now asking these questions in desperation, where or whom do we walk or run to at this hour of the night? The answer is, nowhere and nobody else but himself that will come and wipe our tears.

Presumably, I was quick to view Kenya’s move from a political angle. President Kenyatta may try to side with Juba guys with an aim of securing their vote, for the sake of cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed who is now vying for the position of African Union Chairperson. However, my fear on the same is that those guys in Juba may not turn up on the material day despite their promised to backup Amina in the AU poll. You fondly recalled In 2014, the SPLM-IG falsely accused Kenya of siding with those in the trenches owing to Machar’s red carpet reception at state house, Nairobi; and with the current trend, I think they will feel better.

So far President Uhuru has defy all our appeals presented to him that he should not dare to withdraw our Kenya defense forces (KDF) from United Nation mission in South Sudan, (UNMISS), and that Kenya should not disengage or discontinued its tremendous effort from South Sudan peace process; this is simply because what these gallant forces do there is good for all our citizens, and it is also huge credit to him as the incumbent head of state.

However, inasmuch as he enjoys the right to act in such manner as commander-in-chief, he should as well allow us to peddle our views on the same without restriction as President of democratic state where freedom of expression is norm. Nonetheless, should they consider this piece as irritating, I beg for pardon in advance.

It is evidence and indisputable fact that Kenyans’ Wanaichi and the poor South Sudanese citizenry are very unhappy with Kenyatta’s stance; and we have been conducting a silent protest from day one. Looking at writings are on the walls, it is crystal clear that our efforts to have his Excellency rescinded his decision have turned futile.

On 15th November, Germany has terminated his cooperation with the so-called South Sudan government in Juba, saying he doesn’t want to be complicit in crimes committed by this treacherous SPLM regime. Anyway, I would wish to leave this issue to other compatriots who reside in Germany to discuss not only what transpired, but what prompted this latest reaction and the dynamics, repercussion of their withdrawal.

Considering our proximity, we would not allow Kenya to leave us in agony without gossiping and murmuring. Kenya should be well inform that we are jealous, as such, we must spat at her back unless otherwise. We will first smear mud on their faces before they go out of sight completely. Our stance remains intact; it has not change up to date. We really wanted Kenya to persist, and persevere unless or until sustainable solution is found. Any solution which other IGAD members will devise and arrived at without Kenya’s input will be considered foreign, and it will be view with suspicion and doubt by our people.

In view of the foregoing, we advised President Uhuru pro bon to hold on a little bid for the sake of the weeping South Sudanese majority who are being frying on scorching sun at United Nation camps by SPLM regimes, since 2013. I hold that Kenya cannot withdraw from South Sudan on any circumstances at the moment; she can only leave voluntarily if the situation normalizes.

President Uhuru can only defy a weird order saying Kenya should leave South Sudan at this point in time. Even if it was this writer and or Salva Kiir and Riek Machar who said Kenya should South Sudan leave now, he can disobey it blatantly let alone UN’s Banki Moon who erred in his action by dismissing innocent army General in the person of Gen Ondieki Kimani without due process of law.

South Sudan is not a personal property; it does not belong to anyone. When it comes to rescuing or saving human lives, the question of whether you’re citizens of that country or not does not arise. Nobody is allowed or immune to impoverish other citizens wittingly at will, let alone killing them in impunity. These are ideals of humanity which must not be compromised, and we should guard them jealously.

I believe President Uhuru knew this better than some of us, and I hope he sees the sense in what we are talking about. He should understand and appreciate that the position of presidency is not local thing perse, that benefit the local citizens only. It normally extends to others citizenry within its jurisdictions; it is wide and noble call; it is a responsibility accompanied with so many things which include and not limited to: saving and defending humanity of all races and origins.

Presidency is phenomenon whose influence cut across borders. And thus, if we cried demanding him to serve us in his capacity as president of Kenya, it means we are attracted and attached to him, and he should not take us from granted. I am not ignorant et all. I always refused to do that. I’m just claiming what Kenyans owe us on ground that Kenyans are our neighbors, and Africans who exist at our next door.

If President Uhuru does not stand firm in resolving our stalemate, we shall wish him bad lucks. If he does not rescind his stance on the same, we shall curse him, and he will be stammering each time he felt like talking et cetera. Take this to the bank.

You would remember in 2010, we voted unanimously for President Kiir; and eventually when he decided to go a strayed, and do things which are repugnant to our societal norms and values, look at what is happening to him now. We don’t wish him any good anymore. As soon as we withdrew our blessings and trust from him, he became lone ranger; he became an alcoholic lot who lost taste and got detached with the reality. He is no longer famous but an infamous one.

You can see he is just a sworn perpetrator who administered gross human right violations; and presiding over all manner of atrocities which are never committed and or witnessed in this region since time immemorial. All we know of him is that he is just a fugitive, an inmate in waiting, and an ICC material, so be his arch rivals.

Everyone is aware of the fate which others SPLM-IO leaders; look at the trauma they experiencing at the moment; their traitorous deeds are haunting them gradually; and soon justice will be serve. Reggae artist, late mighty Joseph Hill opined at a concert in 2006 that, ‘‘Babylon in his wicked ways, there are a lot to be slaughter for they have slaughtered many thousands already’’

I reiterate that there is no advantage to gain from Kenya’s withdrawal in South Sudan. We don’t see any vitality from Kenya withdrawing troops from South Sudan, you are merely leaving us to the dogs. A friend indeed is friend in need. As matter of fact, we don’t bless this latest move. It was just a disservice and nothing else.

It’s very unfortunate that we soon forgot what happened a few years during and after the post-election violence in Kenya. I do ask myself, what if Koffi Anan discontinues his tireless engagement in 2008. Would Kenyatta then became Deputy Prime Minister in the last grand coalition government; would he become a President of Kenya today, perhaps not? It was simply because Koffi Annan and company persisted and persevered in resolving Kenyan’s post- election crisis, which is why we have all these goodies at our disposal today.

Remember Koffi came all the way from Accra, Ghana, far in West Africa. And President Kenyatta is just here at Gatundu area, a short distance via Airplane to my rural home in Nyal town, Lafon, and Awiel in South Sudan. I think he should just do the desirable. Who knows, maybe another child at Kakuma refugee camp can become like him tomorrow in South Sudan, so why deny him or her benefit or fruit of peace at his hands.

President Kenyatta and the likes must realized that we are one in Kenya, one in Africa, and one in the world. No country is an island in this region and in this world. Those are the virtues we must not unlearn, to hold each other’s hand when we fall down. When it comes to South Sudan, Kenya should be categorical and practical, and as such, it should not purport to consider even an iota of political or national interest.

I challenged everybody to answer me, what is Kenya’s pride and not South Sudan prides? Since the advent of multiparty democracy in Kenya in 2002, South Sudanese in Kenya have equally been enjoying free primary and secondary education in public schools up to date et cetera. Relatively, when we attained independent in 2011, thousands of Kenyans are now working in various sectors in the interiors parts across South Sudan without work permits.

In fact, we are two sides of the same coin, and we should continue in this spirit; to work to improve our plights and well-beings collectively. We should just strive to uplift and to alleviate ourselves from these chronic diseases which Jomo Kenyatta highlighted in the past, poverty, diseases, ignorant, illiteracy and tribalism is no exception. Once we commit and geared our energies toward and against aforementioned vices, I tell you, we shall be good to go.

A few decades ago, when Mwalimu Julius Nyerere took his Tanzania’s forces to liberate and free Ugandans from the York of brutal regime of Iddi Amin, it was not because he likes war, and or that Tanzanians had nothing to do then; it was purely for the love of good leadership, and the people of this region. Instead of President Uhuru and the likes acting like Nyerere, he is now telling us that he will leave us alone. ‘Hakuna’

Kenya’s abrupt withdrawal became a major concern too many because we considered it as our big brother, who should not closed its doors at the eleven hour, and especially at this time when we need her helping hands.

Arguably, President Uhuru was said be a brainchild of this fragile and frail peace accord (CPA) signed in 2015; and he would have waited a little, and try whether his initiative would bear edible fruits for his South Sudanese people who need his service so much. Thereafter, if things do not work well as he wishes, he would then devise a convincing ‘exit strategy’ that will not attract the ire of so many people unlike now. Equally, Kenya too is bona fide member of (EAC) that has collective moral and legal responsibility to strive for the good of each regional country. In my view, President Uhuru could have downplayed the arrogant of Ban ki Moon for the sake of us.

On other hand, before we say good bye to our big brother Kenya, we shall give an in-debt analysis of what Kenyans has done in South Sudan, not only in the ongoing war, but during, and after our pre-independence era. We would like to undertake this task with a view to give them back what they deserve, because every action must have rewards or sanctions.

When this conflict unfolded way back in 2013, Kenya was seen as a referee rather than an arbiter of war. In parts, the withdrawal of Kenya and the likes has its own effects, which can be analyze differently. In other words, there are merits and demerits. President Museveni of Uganda was a partner in war, fighting alongside Salva Kiir against us. It is important to note here and now, that we shall never fail to revisit the Uganda’s invasion of South Sudan, with view to correct and give them befitting lessons which they won’t forget. Their callous and uncouth action was unjustifiable, how do they dare dropping cluster bomb on our people who were on rescue mission in Bor, Jonglei State in 2014? It was regrettable, and they won’t pay for it.

The withdrawal of the duo will now provide level field for all parties in the war in South Sudan. As the military showdown awaits us in our land, I further request President Uhuru herewith not to build the wall along our borders. With the look of things, anything can happen, and we may not be surprise to hear such things sooner than later. As we turn left and right discussing what went wrong and right, we must appreciate that Kenya joined on their own volition; and in event they fate up like this, they’re free to pull out at a time they deemed fit.

We are appealing to them on moral ground, and we can compel them to assist us against their will. What Kenyans did in the past is pretty enough. We shall soldier along with our struggle with view to redeem our image regionally and internationally once and for all. As they decided to leave us prematurely, I think it would be appropriate for us to offer them befitting farewell. I will embark on that soon. We shall try to be objective by giving credit where it deserves and poke hole where necessary.

We shall not temper with our system, history will be written down well devoid of coercion or prejudice for the benefit of the next generation. I pause, and we shall pick it up from there next time. It is to be continued. I rest my case.

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  1. Mr. Dak Bouth, if you deceived yourselves every year, and you failed to recognize your mistake , God can get tire of you. You need to five senses as a normal person. You don’t have to believe in what you see only by your eyes and neglected other four senses. Everybody is exhausted after your chronic lying and denying truth of events and information. Advocating for the war in South Sudan is not acceptable to the whole world. There is no justification for you to declare that war on the nation of south Sudan. Engaging in war activities, it increases the suffering of innocent people of South Sudan. But I know you don’t care about them and that is why you are waging for the war . You are now crying for own situation, but not for everyone.


  2. M. C. DIOR says:

    Mr. Dak, you’ve really cried out your lung like abandoned woman, left to the dog by her estrange husband wondering what to do in her predicament. I pity people like you.


  3. Mabior says:

    @Dak Buoth, I can blame you completely for attitude of waging the war, because you was born in a refuge camp and grown up there, so you do know the consequences of war. Ask your leader riek and the rest of the nyagat about the results of the war, they have experiences from the recent fighting at J1 and in the bush after J1 fighting, they will tell you more about the war it consequences. Or come to the country or shot up your mouth before you are deported back to the country. For more information, contact Gatdet Dak.


  4. Mabior says:

    @Dak Buoth, I can not blame you completely for your attitude of waging the war, because you was born in a refuge camp and grown up there, so you do not know the consequences of war. Ask your leader riek and the rest of the nyagat about the results of the war, they have experiences from the recent fighting at J1 and in the bush after J1 fighting, they will tell you more about the war and its consequences. Or come to the country or shot up your mouth before you are deported back to the country. For more information, contact Gatdet Dak.


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