South Sudan Posterity Safe in the Hands of Women

Posted: November 22, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Columnists, Featured Articles, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers, Paul Logali

By Paul Logali, Logali House, Juba



November 22, 2016 (SSB) —- History tells us that uncontrolled disputes or differences between individuals, groups or nations, can easily lead to misunderstanding, rebellions and conflict. But the double edged nature intriguingly dictates that everything that has a beginning must have an end. Even the spiritual warfare, between God and Satan, being the longest war known to mankind, will end with the second coming of Christ Jesus; whereby Satan and his entourage will be separated for good from the redeemed and anointed ones. Thus, the only medium separating war from peace is time, and time is all we have to work towards achieving our aspirations for lasting peace and prosperity.

Growing up in our malaria infested environment, it is believed that vomiting the yellow and bitter secretions from the stomach was a sign of malaria in the body, which can then be treated with the antimalarial medicines. Equally the recent conflict in our country has brought to surface the deeply hidden spirit of suspicions, resentment, hatred, revenge, counter revenge killings, intricately aligned in the fabric of our society. Litmus test concludes that it’s a life threatening disease but one that can be treated.

In the world of Pundits and cynics, South Sudan is waiting to be laid 3 feet below the ground because they believe the damage to what held the country together before and after independence is beyond foreseeable repair.

Thankfully, God is supreme and He is a God of hope with abundance of grace. Liberia is free today, Rwanda has become the epitome of national reconciliation and common identity, South Sudan too will one day wake up to its feet as the true giant of Africa. We can get there if seeds which springs forth good fruits are planted now.

The people to till the land in readiness for cultivation are the women and the seeds to be planted are the children they bear. The reason behind this apparent gender biased selection is because, unlike men who fight to defend their heritage and ethnicity, women put first place their children, regardless of ethnicity and race.

Basic biology makes us appreciate how women and their children are bonded right from the placenta to the suckling phenomena after delivery. This divine bondage lays the perfect ground from which the future invincible generation of this country can be harvested.

According to Harvard University Centre for developing child Neuroscience, behavioral researchers for decades have helped illustrate that children development from birth to the age of five is the foundation for prosperous and sustainable society.

Thus, women and parents in general have the leverage of using the serve and receive relations with their children to master confidence and good influence in them, right from their tender age.

Akin to plants that are in need of good nutrients and environment to grow and produce healthy fruits with good aroma, children brain requires healthy feed to grow into responsible, respectful and productive citizens of the world.

But if they are fed with the wrong nutrients of stress, anger, envy, malice, and hate, these emotions will trigger open the stress receiver button thereby permitting flow of potentially harmful hormones to the children, making them weak and dangerous members in the society.

Example, if you plant the seeds of tribalism you get tribally sophisticated children and a divided nation. But if you plant seeds of love, the children will love one another, they will love their parents, neighbors, friends and strangers alike.

In order for us to guarantee that the women can administer the correct dosage of proper upbringing to their children, scars and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder must be healed spiritually and through counseling programs. If it has worked in countries like Liberia and Rwanda, with the right support it can also work for women in this country.

In any affliction, no matter the magnitude, we must acknowledge that the arm of the devil is in the making and that he uses men and women like us to execute his wicked plans. But let’s take comfort in knowing that, God is slow to anger and filled with unfailing love, forgiving every kind of sin and rebellion. But he does not excuse the guilty. He lays the sins of the parents upon their children; the entire family is affected-even children in the third and fourth generations. Numbers 14:18

If you are a parent, or a mother specially, be watchful and prayerful so that you’re not conscripted by the devil to fight his wars or even fan tribalism, enmity & revenge as a remedy for suffering, but ensure that you peddle every good cause and tread the avenue of forgiveness. No matter your circumstance, carry out your parenting responsibility in the fear and knowledge of God, knowing that tomorrow you will share in the joy and blessings of good parenting.

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  1. Acuil M Banggol says:

    Dear Paul,

    Greetings. Thanks for your precise view on challenges on our way, as South Sudanese, to create an inclusive just, peaceful and prosperous nation state.

    You and I might be the tool to institutionalize and organizationally kick of the process to achieve your vision. I could suggest that you and I engage in process of developing a civic education that could be used by families, schools and media to make oil children as fertile soil of seeds of hope.

    I am a policy advocacy and transformational activist. You could Google my name. You could reach me on +211955022378 or +211916674771 or

    Best Regards
    Acuil Malith Banggol


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