Jonglei state government to hold Sudan Tribune accountable

Posted: November 28, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Contributing Writers, Mach Samuel Peter, Opinion Articles

By Mach Samuel Peter, Bor, Jonglei State


Hon Akech Deng Kanyin, Jonglei state information minister

November 28, 2016 (SSB) —– The minister for information in Jonglei state government Hon. Akech Deng Kuanyin has said his government will hold Sudan tribune accountable for publishing fabricated and defamatory information over the weekend.

The minister made the remark at Bor airport while travelling to Juba responding to story entitled Jonglei Secretary General resigns. The story claimed 9 cashiers and too many bodyguards employed. It claims baseless, unfound propaganda such as nepotism and corruption against the government of Jonglei state. It is unclear who wrote the story because Sudan Tribune is based in Paris, France.

Since the governor was appointed, the council of ministers passed a resolution that restricted employment, promotion, termination and leave with pay because of over-staffing inherited from the former administration. Earlier before the secretary general resigns, a ministerial committee was formed to dig down deep into the existence of “useless” work force that has caused intolerable deficit against the government.

“It is not the governor to pay his guards it is the ministry of finance there is overstaffing in the state the governor has formed ministerial committee to screen and verify the name of the staff and order their physical headcount to address the issue of the deficit,” Hon. Jacob Akech Dengdit told the press at the airport.

The director general of the state ministry of finance Mr. Duom Kuol Ageer said the state ministry of finance has not employed anybody since the circular was issued by state council of ministers. He said there are consolidated payments which exist in any system of the governance in the world.

Meanwhile the former Secretary General of Jonglei state government Prof. Mawut Achiek Guarak said he has never been contacted by Sudan tribune for interviews adding that whatever was published is solely the responsibility of the website (Sudan Tribune)

He said during his work, he had cordial relation with governor of Jonglei state and the entire administration. According to Guarak, the opponents of the incumbent governor have politicized his sincere resignation. He did not further elaborate on who these enemies might be.

Prof. Guarak urge the people of Jonglei state to be vigilant so that they are not drag by enemies of peace into political confusion but to unite for the betterment of this land and its people, for the sake of tranquility and perseverance.

“It came to my attention that some fabrication appeared on electronic media in my name that I resigned because of inconvenience malpractices in the system, this is all rubbish, baseless and unfound because I am part of the government and always be part of it so why should I talk ill of my government,” Prof. said.

Whatever appeared on Sudan tribune or any other electronic media besides this statement is surely theirs it must be understood that this media organization has reputation of fabricating information some of which criticized our governor Philip Aguer Panyang Jot in the past and none of that fabricated information came from me” Guarak added.

Besides his resigning, the Prof. said he has received threatening phone calls over the weekend threatening his life about the issue. But fail to give out the name.

“Some of them said I will finish before the government finishes but I do not care about it,” He boldly added.

“Those who are threatening my life hoping that they are helping the government and the entire administration are harming it because we do not believe in threats and all this reckless information coming from people who do not know what they are talking about,” He further said.  “I am here in Bor and I will be in Bor and if anybody needs me for any reasons I am here and will always be there,” He concluded.

Governor Philip Aguer, having earnestly employed diplomacy and true democracy in his system of governance has not reacted unconstructively instead, he exchange phone calls this morning with the former secretary general despite the fabricated messages published on the website.

This piece was written by Mach Samuel, He can be reached at

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  1. manalone says:

    Tell the truth, the former governments or current one all of them needs not to fool the publics that they are not involved in corruptions ,if your bodyguard, driver,gatekeeper,children sponsored in diaspora , east african countries all came from the clan of the one ruling at that current movement, how will you call that? Even the one who is said to have resigned is more corrupted too, because he has been in the system for so long , also has accumulated more wealth that is why he is resignin, so that to cover up his wealth ,that is a technique used nowadays by smart politician in jonulei state.


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