An advice to Aldo Ajou Deng Akuey and JCE

Posted: November 30, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Maketh Aciek, Kampala Uganda

south sudan in tatters

In tatters, South Sudan on the fifth anniversary of the Independent Day

November 30, 2016 (SSB) —- The disease called negative ethnicity has been the permanent address of Jieng council of elders since the genesis of conflict in December 2013. We are all aware of this disease since we are all its victims to varying degrees.

When I read the article authored by Aldo Ajou Deng Akuey today, I realized that the negative ethnicity has a nasty symptoms. It causes educated and matured man to say the unthinkable; It reduces its victim’s brain to the stage that no rational thinking is possible. So sad the educated and an elder is reduced by the effect of this phenomenon to a muttering abusive epithet.

The author wish to remind Ajou and JCE of elders that this thing call tribe in which they dwell in largely is no longer the driving force of modern society. In old days  when life depend on soil, rivers and pastures, the tribe help secure those resources. It give you security and keep you fed; so you were right to put your community above any other communities.

Now, dear Jieng Council of Elders you have urbanized! You are not longer living from the force of nature. You are in the environment which is obedient to the rules of monetary economic and you should stream away from all these tribal fanaticism of Bahr Al Ghazal this, Jieng that.

In this modern economy, the hold of tribe has weaken. Skills and knowledge matter more than prowess with spears and shears. You are catapulted into modern ways of life; the hold of ethnicity on means of survival is fading and new form of identities are emerging.

Culture is a great thing; it is good for people to share Language, cuisines and history. But what bothers most of people is that JCE continued to confuse heritage with competitive advantage.

 It’s a sheer insanity for JCE to blame anyone for not stoping the war in 2013. In a society whose values are rotten; in your society of ‘me-first’, How on earth do you expect Hoth Mai to deliver when it was the interest of commander in chief for war to continue? Hoth was working under the system of collapsed discipline and he should be applaud for the little he did.

The architects of South Sudan conflict are with in Jieng council of elders! You can not ask people to forget the unforgettable knowledge  that JCE are the one destroying this country. The Young men from Bor that you vilified are the one who have not abandoned the concepts of truth and they will never believe in your fabrications. Since the JCE became the custodians of Kiir presidency, South Sudan has been characterized by poor economic opportunities, social deprivation, neglect of public facilities and political repression. You pumped money out of National Reserve and brought the country to it knees economically.

JCE have pretentiously claimed to be for peace in many occasions; the Author wish to advice you that peace can’t be found in a sealed libraries of ignorance. It must be generated and elevated from a messy and unpredictable situation through open dialogue by all communities. This is a process which shouldn’t be controlled by the elders of one certain tribe. JCE have repeatedly denied the other communities the opportunity to participate in crucial decision that affect public life, to contribute in debates that could possibly shape the country destiny; this is why the country stagnated in the conflicts.

 JCE should apologize to the rest of South Sudan and leave the national  political ambients. They must shed their tribal paranoia, their ethnic stereotyping and accept the wind of change. It’s this wind of change that will clean their mess not any form of cycle of absurdities. Truth doesn’t require any translation! You have failed South Sudan and Barh Al Ghazal as region. You saw the seed of future calamity with a very bad deed you committed against other communities. Every massacre and assassination carry out by Mathianganyor under your instructions blow oxygen onto the fire of future revenge.

There is no where on earth one ethnic group is obliged to protect the constitution of sovereign nation.  It’s this attitude of the likes of Aldo Ajou and JCE that confirm many people suspicions that Barh Al Ghazal lacks the nerves to lead. It must be admitted there are good leaders from Barh Al Ghazal who could have made the difference, but they are not given the stage.

You don’t need to be of high IQ to know that Kiir and his inner circle of JCE have exposed Barh Al Ghazals poor leadership skills. They have problem with decent people who want to see change in the country. They surrounded themselves with self-centred goons who want nothing but their own gain. The inner core team of presidency consists of truculent tribalist and famed fraudsters. Let be honest and evaluate this regime with lenses of nationalism; it is made up of fable minded flunkeys and sweet-talking sycophants who have no ideology to take South Sudan forward.

South Sudan under your presidency is only a pretend-nation. We have only passport and flag, we are yet to become a nation and the blame for this should be place squarely on Salva Kiir leadership. Look around you and Salva Kiir’s presidency: in what sense are we a nation? A bunch of communities all scowling at each other in suspicious doesn’t make a nation.

Blaming Dinka Bor youth for condemning these failures is nothing than a refusal to take responsibility for the country social degradations. The cry of youth of South Sudan champion by Dinka Bor youth, is the quest for true nationalist leader- a person whose sole mission is to unite the communities of South Sudan and drive them forward. The people JCE hates so much are the one who refused to settle for a procession of ethnic chieftain whose primarily identity had been around tribes and families.

Finally, South Sudan will be move forward by maelstrom of ideas, initiatives and energy that emerge from the communities of South Sudan- not by filthy hand of JCE alone, nor by the shallow debates of its dwindling and aged intellectuals.

Makneth Aciek is South Sudanese and can be reach via

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  1. Illiterate President says:

    Fight the JCE as an organization but not personalities within it. Remember too that the man you are grooming as a potential alternative to Kiir’s incompetency and presidency can not make it onto the throne without the approval of the dwindling aged intellectuals (quoted from u) and their mathianganyors as u termed them. The very mathianganyor that was hailed for recapturing Bor is today being used as a tool to destroy the incumbent to pave way for the moster in hurry for leadership. Respect for elders should not stop with Abel Alier, John Garang and goes straight to Majak Agoot skipping the other regions and their political leaders. Otherwise, you are not analytical responding to uncle Ajou Deng Akuey. Let sleeping dog ly!


  2. Alam says:

    The country is stuck and the likes of uncle Aldo wants to blame others while they are the one confusing Kiirdit. Mr president behave like a yes man and often time forget that he is a president of all. He has surrender the country. A leader should not yet in the mud with unreason folks like the nuer or anyone else yawning for war. We are a country in paper and a map. Sad indeed. A national day of disruption is coming. Stay tune!


  3. Assumptions is an opposite of facts. So history, once it happens, the records of evens and dates cannot be altered. It is the recorded facts of history that speak.

    Your article is a wasted efforts because-to use your word-negative. Negative because I only reported the historical facts of political violence:

    1. Our generation, since 1960, has never practice what you called tribalism: Against who? My friend, the Jieng (Dinka) has passed the rudimentary stage of a tribe. Dinka is a nationality. Launch your academic research if you want! What JCE is doing now is to defend the nation from being immaturly wrecked by unworthy politicians who only want to be ministers in President Salva’s Transitional Government of National Unity, TGoNU. It is an opposite role to JCE: “We are not for ministerial portfolios or advisors to the President”. Check the lists of ministers and advisors now and come back to me. Let me tell you, less I do not work on hearsay and I work on facts after verification.

    2. Tell me where i have wronged the recent history of South Sudan (1955 to 2016): (a) That Southern Sudanese never killed themselves or practice any tribalism from 1955 to 1983. is it not true?

    3. That Southern Sudanese killed themselves physically in August 1983 in Ethiopia, following disagreement between Anya nya two and the SPLA/SPLM, led by Akuot Atem de Mayan and Dr. John Garang de Mabior respectively-What do you want me to write on this particular even? There is no way, writing history of South Sudan without mentioning Dr. John-when he was right and when he was wrong. You take that as an insult?

    4. The 1991 coup led by Dr Riek and Dr Lam. Did they not authorised the killing of their fellow South Sudanese?

    5. The reconciliation meeting in Juba in 2012, at the house of Rebecca Nyandeeng to reconcile the Bor Community with Dr. Riek Machar for unity of propose in order to pave way fo removal of Salva Kiir from political power. Which way do you want me to report this historical even?

    6. Is the 15 December 2013 coup to overthrow the elected Government by force, do you think that it is my creation? Do you know how many South Sudanese died? Were their death justified?

    7. Last and not lease, 7-8 July 2016 fight at J1, people died, is it untrue?

    My friend all these crisis begin in the Greater Upper Nile and end there.

    All in all, my mission is to nullify the stories manufactured or fabricated by thugs against JCE. They are evil lies. JCE cannot condone lies because lying is a criminal act to do harm to an individual or a group working together. AldoAjouDengAkuey.


    • Makneth Aciek says:

      All these you trying to present to the young generation has no future in resolving the current conflict.

      In the period of war destiny, fatality and circumstances we did not choose settled the massive part of our lives. During the wars of liberation, Greater Upper nile was exposed to different sets of dangers. The events you recorded should not be treated as something else than the social casualties of the war of our country liberation.

      The event of 1991 was brought about by the series of conspiracies most of which originated from Barh el Ghazal sons. But Bor community like any other communities of Upper nile has moved on. In the course of freedom, such events are treated as collateral damage and should not be use as a tool of disunity. Reminding us about them is not the best way to anticipate the future.

      Yes Dr. Riek apologized to Bor community, in your wisdom did you expect them to use the incident of 1991 as a badge of honour and turn him away? South Sudan needs reconciliation and the past differences should not be the core features of current public opinion.

      It’s your dream of stillness, your rejection to the process of reconciliation that earned you and your organization ( JCE) the tittle of tribalist.

      Your roles as an educated elder is to be of service to managerial reason; to design social settings meant to resolve the historical conflicts caused by the legacy of long struggle to independent.

      No matter how knowledgeable you are about the historical facts, you and your organization remain a divisive factor. Your actions will always be opened to empirical scrutiny.

      As and elder, it’s high time you tell your JCE to be worthy of the tittle and read all the indicators: no one need you in South Sudan political space.


      • Are you commenting on historical events that they did not occurred or what do you mean? Do you believe that JCE is a tribalist organisation? Do you know the social, economics and political conditions that qualify tribalism, racism or religious discrimination? Literary use of words could be a dangerous phenomena that could render a society into serious confusion and unjustified misunderstanding.

        You must note from now on, seek your own verification and an academic research and prove me wrong. Dinka is a nationality like English, Scottish, wales for example, that compose the present UK. Of course, I am aware of recent growing inferiority complex: you may tell me “it is not true!”


    • Gokthoon Dau says:

      Uncle Ajou, you’re not telling the truth of your real intention. Instead you’re gathering fiction based on conspiratorial theories and called it fact on your own world, there was no coup in December 2013. I need hard evident and that’s fact.
      JCE is a tribal institution whose real intention is to marginalized Nuer and other tribes in the country. The JCE real intention is to destroy South Sudan, and most of you had succeeded in doing. You pitted tribe against tribe which is not politically healthy for young.
      What were you doing with NCP in Khartoum?


  4. Mr. Maketh, you need to respond Ajou-dit’s comments on your article. Running mouths day and night on baseless accusations will not help South Sudan. All of us know how the war started on December 15/2013. There is a need to slow down little bit in politic at this temptation time.
    I think Ajou-dit should go back to his elders , This is a youth’s forum.


    • I know my place and elders. But the accusations of holding the JCE responsible for war crimes, tribalism and death of our people, when all of you know that we are not warmongers or tribalists, cannot be ignored. Please stick to the root cause, if love justice and fairness. Some of you support politicians who should answer the genisis of the power struggle that triggered the war!


  5. Teach them history old man! Makneth if you know nothing about the genesis of the crisis, you should simply consult Rebbecaa Nyandeeng, Mabior Garang and Reik Machar to show their resolutions written in Nyandeeng’s House during Reik Apology, Meeting at SPLM House in November 2015 by all of them including Majak De’Agoot and records of bloody unions between Reik and the family of John Garang.


  6. Alam says:

    Uncle Aldodit we respect you as our father and brother. You response is great except the fact you included coup which was made up. The south Sudanese coup has to be really unique out of all coups walai.


  7. Intellectual says:

    Aldo Ajou Deng Akuey, why didn’t you formed JCE in 1960s when Jieng existed period before mentioned, all you started exposed the motives behind JCE indulgence and mendaling into South Sudan affairs. You talk of August 1983 incident, was it the reason to create destruction of the country to suit and equate Kiir history side to that of the iconic and visionary Garang de Mabior? Why are e you much concern with political wreckage in South Sudan when there’s a inter clan riot in your backyard e.g Apuk – Aguok unsettled grievenance, Luancjang and Lou Ariik Mawien, Luancjang – Agaar, Luancjang – Gook, Agaar vs Agaar, Agaar vs Yirol, Agaar vs Gook, wouldn’t it be advisable for JCE to attend to the aforementioned rather than caring for what doesn’t literately required you, as you claim to representing Jieng interest and their cultural heritage! It is not a deniable fact that JCE had control Kiir mayardit and hold him as hostage from his jaw. U talk of Bor as trouble makers, what of Fartet, Equatorian? JCE are bunch of hopeless losers who knew their chance of entering into South Sudan history is out of date ,they resorted milking the nation resources by forming fake organization. Did we asked government to let us Dinka have JCE in Juba? What’s functions of our chiefs, what’s Deng Macham doing in Juba , u JCE have robbe them off their duties which will be punishable in the nearest future when the national leader come to power and JCE president Kiir mayardit go home. U talk of coup in 2013 which is a made up to cover up the scanning processing of SPLM and government off Garang aids and ill intention to eliminate Nuer who were showing their sense of nationalism, Mr JCE mouth piece, u must put former Yugolsivia in consideration if you continues misleading the nation, we Jieng are not interesting to be represented by lazy bigotory of ur types, our chiefs, commissioners, mps and youth will rise our voices, what we need now is to balance the force of manpower, International community should either disarm malong Awan and his mathiang Anyoor or allowed Equatorian and Greater upper Nile to purchase weapon freely as Barh el gazal is doing.


  8. Simon Yel Yel says:

    what uncle Aldo Ajou wrote about the Dinka Bor youth has been clearly displayed by Makneth in his sarcastic article. Bor youth believe that any leader that doesn’t hail from Bor is a tribalist leader and unfit to government South Sudan.


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