Gogrial-Aguok County commissioner interference in the running of youth’s affairs is uncalled for

Posted: December 4, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

“Gogrial County/Aguok South County commissioner interference in the running of youth’s affairs is uncalled for”

By Akoon Madut Akech, Juba, South Sudan

December 4, 2016 (SSB) — Unfair interference of Aguok South County commissioner in the running of youths affairs on his alleged later of reversal asking the dissolution and reinstatement of the same body which he has written and signed by him on 18th of October after the general assembly gathered to approve unanimously to remove the leadership whose term came to an end after spending more than five years in operation.

The decision has brought outrage and wider condemnation from far and as such, created discords among the population of Gogrial county/ Aguok South as people call it, it wasn’t well understood to why the commissioner came up with unpopular and wrong decision without citing any sub article that says so in order to support his argument and the main reasons behind his decision of doing what he did recently.

His reversal letter that was circulated on social media in the last two months seem to have been influence by outsiders who one time supported him to ascent to that position he is holding currently in Gogrial with the immediate objective of implementing the hidden agenda of Makiir Gai of becoming an imposed leader negatively talked about at some quarters in the area who have been lured into accepting him using financial aids and negative promises made that have never been and implemented to date.

I really failed to understand what came to commissioner’s mind on that day and what might have influenced him to do so without soul searching in his decision he has made in relation to such wrongful act that he finds himself in between a hard place and the rock in the county. Supporting the leadership that its term has elapsed wasn’t in the right place whatsoever and the commissioner in this scenario has erred and the youth of the county shouldn’t forgive him unless he gives an apology to them in person or lose credibility in the entire county.

I learn it with great shock the decision made by Kwanin Kwanyindit, like the same decision he had made on 19th of March 2015 announcing Makir Gai as unofficial leader of Aguok Kuei which wasn’t accepted or celebrated to date despite the presence of Ateny Wek Ateny who is the president spokesperson and Thiik Thiik in March this year does not show sign of president accepting Makiir as the community leader of Aguok in anyway.

The announcement that was aired out on South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation as well as many other local radios which doesn’t add value to his leadership and illegal endorsement at all but just a show off specifically to those who didn’t have a chance to know him with his volatile behaviors he’s best at it.

Without mincing my words, the commissioner mention above has totally messed up the county since taking the office and yet he failed to deliver the most needed services to the people he is leading, instead he has opted to go beyond his jurisdiction that hasn’t been spelt out anywhere in his mandate such that he claims to have gotten powers which could have enabled him to reverse the decision made by the youths at their general assembly in removing the overstayed leadership as their constitutional right to do so.

Aguok South county commissioner might be forgetting that he’s within the parameters of laws of the republic of South Sudan when it comes to such decision made or stopping any threat seems to be hurting the population of the said county but to my surprise, there was no such kind of insecurity created so far by the youth despite being called unsuitable names which isn’t the issue here. What the youths had decided was in line with the constitution of Gogrial Payam Youth Association which was upgraded to be Gogrial county Youth Association in which the constitution has spelt out clearly the term of office is two years only.

Now to my wonder, why did the commissioner fail to say anything about those who have violated the same constitution to continue leading while difference voices are calling for the removal of leadership from office using legal procedures? The argument of commissioner in this regard does not add any value to what he seems to be saying but just creating more problems to himself and the youths among other things which shall create hatred and isolation in community affairs. The only solution to the problem is for the commissioner to leave the youth alone to carry out their election peacefully without any interference.

It was not wise for the commissioner to write the letter reversing the public decision and fail again to come up with how he would approach the problem and solve without creating discords among the youths as a leader of the said county last month. It has created a lot of disturbances with a lot of condemnation far and wide that seems not to stop anytime soon unless the commissioner reverses that letter and allow the youths to go with their plan of holding the elections as a requirement of the constitution to do so such that the people are able to elect their leader whom they want to lead them.

The best thing commissioner would have done in my opinion, was to call both the leaders and the public to find out where the problem was before making such unpopular decision without knowing that decision was not right or respected too by the youths whom he has interfered with. Leadership might be different from characters of a leader because Kwanyin Kwanyin might have missed the point of being a leader but seems to be a ruler according to his ways of acting now in the county without consulting the youths in Gogrial.

To avert what he himself created is simply allowing them to run their affairs so long as they didn’t in anyway interfere with his administration at all such that he lays claims of any inconveniences brought by the youths through their activities they might be doing in the county presently and in near future. Commissioner must stop intimidating the youth who are doing the right thing in the county by demanding the removal of the leadership using the right channel and supported by the constitution written and passed by them during the enactment that brought the same people he is supporting into the leadership in 2012.

Commissioner should first make it clear which law or constitution he is using to suggest and quote any article that gave him the powers to reverse the already made decision by the youths in forming the electoral commission that should have carried out electoral commission this month.

Mr Kwanyin acted in unconducive environment he created by himself since taking the office in Gogrial and he indeed went ahead to create division amongst the local population by inciting people against each other due to the influence of the businessman financial aiding to his activities that doesn’t help anyone in the county since he became commissioner in 2015.

The writer can be reach at akoonmadutakech@gmail.com

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  1. Intellectual says:

    The writer is naive and professional incompetent, this are marons who destroy South Sudan, it is a matter of time we will send all the foolish majority back to cattle camp with their Gazal horn forehead style.


  2. liel-e says:

    I haven’t understood what this article is all about, any idea what this is all about?


  3. Intellectual says:

    Mr. Liel-e you need not to enquire since it is from this foolish majority.


  4. Leave it to the people it concerns and go for what concerns you, what you can understand. Afer all it is a community issue! The people you called foolish majority are now the intellectual majority! Just to be informed earlier! If not true, find out get back to me Mr. Panda Yentueng!


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