King Dunia

Posted: December 9, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Poems.

King Dunia

By Riak Marial Riak, Juba, South Sudan


His wife vowed
And touched the streets
With her long arms,

She wept,
And washed her face with same tears
She looks at me and burst into tears.

Tell me,
Miss Dunia,
What have you seen from me?

Am I wrong to be winked at?
Or did the sun sent you wild,
You love to waste things for a small price.

But now the burden is back at your door,
I told you to live brave of this order.

But you bundled me to prison
Is there a child in the world without being corrected?

Tell me,
Miss Dunia,
Do not let tears answer the situation,
Kind hearts always come to consolation.

Have you heard something bad when I passed next to your door,
That you cry while society glows.

I told your husband to leave home his bottles,
Too much pleasing is also a waste,
What is gain in pride?

This time am your good friend
But before you thought I was an enemy
Now you have seen the dark side of the moon.

Why do you want to waste your years weeping?
I heard your husband is sick
Remember the time is bad on him,

Go home I will send good words to relieve him
I am sick of your useless time
Buy a love to stop being bullied.

She yelled,
Forgive me my society.

Hail his majesty
May honour be yours.

~part of this passionate cry

Note: This poem should not be taken and related to any person in this present society. it is being excerpted from a drama”Passionate Cry” how king Dunia thought the whole world was his. he thought people live eat flesh but never satisfied of the blood wasted daily. Riak Marial Riak is a south Sudanese poet, actor, writer and self taught philosopher. his works sweet laugh appeared on Kalahari review of south Africa. He can be reached at


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