Constant DC: “Break Up”

Posted: December 18, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

By Constant DC, Perth, Western Australia

Break Up

Dear Johnny
My honey!
Here! I write this letter,
I need a break-up
Because I cannot cop up anymore.

From Scotland,
They say you came
Roaming and homing the world,
You need no passport
And give no support either.

When you came to my village,
I was Just seventeen
For God sake!
I was in my teen
Always smart
And full of life.
My books and bibles
Were always at my side.

Your friend Mokoyo,
Introduce me to you.
You looked handsome, sweet and sexy
With your cowboy hat on,
And your walking stick,
You were on top of the world
I was madly in love with you,

You became my only,
My sweet, sweet Johnny
The only love of my life.
We started hanging out,
From downtown to all towns,
In all junctions and joins,
We were two great lovebirds.

Helter skelter,
Did the years ran so fast,
My books!
My bibles
Oh! My suits
They all left with uncle career,
But, my love for you was so deep!
I wouldn’t give a heck about their departure.

So long you were in me,
And I was in you,
I was at peace atleast.
The love we had was bigger,
And peaceful from nagging world around.
You and me forever!
Was the slogan we cherish.
Our hearts were conjoined.
From Scotland in my motherland.

But, little did I know,
That you are indeed a traveller,
A walker
A hustler
A heart breaker
And a gold digger
And you would leave me for another rich one.

I was fooled,
Though i went to school.
You have started hide and seek game,
And I can’t see you frequently
They said you became expensive,
And you have gotten another lover.
Is that true Johnny?
My sweet honey!

Its shocking!
To learn that at the edge of old age
Your chauvinism has no age
And never age either
Grey hairs covers my head
Is my new name and suit.
But, Johnny,
Did you see my grey hair?
what about my health,
Did you give you a hint?
The doctor said I have liver cirhosis,
A disease transmitted through kissing you.

Yes, Johnny,
Johnny, Johnny!
My honey,
The love of my life
Today! On this night
Break up letter I write,
You promise to be with me forever,
But now seeing is close to never.
I am deeply heart broken.

We met at 17
And today is 2017!
They say I am already 87,
And our love is dying at 70
With no children and No career
This is our love story
The two great lovers of all times.

By Constants DC @2016.


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