South Sudan Tri-buses Convoy to the Twins City of Peace & Prosperity

Posted: December 21, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan


The cantonment workshop: “security and inclusivity are a priority for any cantonment operation” in Juba, South Sudan, on November 17, 2016

December 21, 2016 (SSB) — The journey of South Sudan Tri-buses of civil, Leaders and Securities to the Twins City of Peace and Prosperity had been a doughy mission due to unnecessary dismount and alighting by the political actors, throaty commands and directives from the multiple remote hubs. It had been a great drama of unconsciousness as the leaders vigorously gave orders to the buses’ drivers to gear off in order to put on board their behind the schedule friends and relatives who were caught unsuspecting when the convoy left.

This egotistical conduct set off the unrestrained commotion and disagreement on the leadership bus hence sending panic of possible delay or postponement of the entire journey; the second civil bus and the third security bus keep on stopping as fierce commanding voices and immense bangs were heard from the leadership bus, that furious quarreling demanded a comprehensive resolution before the next journey was recommenced.

The leadership bus has been a great disappointment during the entire drive, most of the noticeable political actors have been attending to most of the bushes calls with ghastly objectives that elongated before they could proudly returned to the waiting convoy and without giving a wink of concern to the groaning voices of the dying children and women from the civil bus, the journey was so wearisome because of  many stoppages and disagreements; as soon as one of the leaders returned to the convoy from the call of nature another one alight and dash into the bush , a number of them took as few minutes as they can whereas some  lengthened their activities  to the scope of threatening the existence of wild animals in the jungle.

The driver of the civil bus was worried and concerned by the continuous vomiting from the women and children and badly infuriated by slapdash urination by youths who were angered by the empty delay after holding their bladders for quite long. Men who have taken some gulps of alcohol without considering its journeyed consequences also joined the queue for urination; inequitable number of nurses to attend to the laboring women and dying children made the conditions intensive and unbearable.

Children cried for water as rowdy youths rushed into the bush to pick some wild fruits; surprisingly some of them went to the bush and did not returned as the schedule required, most of them came back after hearing thundering roars of the jungle lions and on their own calendar without considering how delayed it will be for the little children to reach the water points; the aged died silently on their seats and awkwardly some were knocked hard by the drunken youths.

The passengers on the security bus were absolutely confused and did not know what to do as the hostile youths ran into the bush; most of the youth went and provided protection to the bush idolization, in the process of gratifying their picket vocations, hunger and thirst walloped them solidly until majority of them crooked into prowling and human butchery.

Such supercilious activities did not go on well with some of the security passengers and indeed Security passengers who were disconcerted by the unmannerly behaviors of the youth went into the bush and began chasing them to the waiting convoy, some passengers from the security bus went angrily to the passengers of the other two buses and asked them what their businesses are and how are people going to proceed with the journey if everyone is only interested in pessimism and deeply self-opinionated.

In the process of reassuring and soothing the state of affairs by some leaders, their voices were engrossed by the angry voices of passengers from the civil bus, therefore, a  camping night was declared by the convoy team leader in order to sort out some directorial concerns and finally those who have stuffs to cook were relieved from the piercing fangs of hunger, passengers from the security bus provided protection ring around the camp; it was horrific and dreadful night as number of youths sneaked out of the camp and irreversibly others tiptoed into the camping site.

Early in the morning the convoy team leader sent a welcoming message across the entire jungle using a beam audio microphone telling them the continuation of the journey to the (PP City), after tactical hooting by the drivers who informed the bush trespassers about the continuance of the journey, Those who responded to his voice came and surprisingly after two hours of waiting before the next journey began a disorderly group of youth appear from the bush in various tattered uniforms and humorously most of them looked drunk as they waved leadership demanding cards.

After the passengers settled on their seats among the three buses, new arrangements were made as follows:

‘‘There were to be no more stoppages on the road in respond to the call of nature’’

‘‘All the nurses were to be divided equally among the three buses’’

‘‘Paper bags and containers were to be used for vomiting and urination’’

‘‘Hunters and hackers found along the roads should not be picked as usual’’

‘‘The road advisories were to be provided by the convoy team Leader and road Engineers’’

‘‘passengers on the security bus were given concrete advice on how to coordinate and communicate with the other passengers in case of an attack’’

‘‘The little water and services available must be divided equally and mostly given to the needy’’

‘‘All those who rebelled were to be disarmed and later given their guns after justifying at the grievances and Peace court’’

‘‘All the deadly weapons were to be kept at miles away from PP City at a place call liberation Township’’

After the new guidelines were communicated to the passengers, the convoy Team leader blew the whistle for the commencement of the journey after it was confirmed that the  vacant seats were for those who have been eaten up by the wild animals while in the bush and probably some seats were for those who have been hit during the hide and seek insurgencies in the bush, the convoy was flag-on by the team Leader and barely after two hours of peaceful drive, the beautiful twins city of Peace and Prosperity (PP City) was seen in the horizon.

Everyone was excited to the extent of alighting from the buses but before crossing the Freedom Bridge there was a court of arbitration that tried individuals found on the list of those who have committed atrocities and crimes before they joined their fellow citizens at the swearing in ceremony of Peace, Love and Unity, accompanied by brethren hugs, joyous crying and ululations.

Unifying song of  “One people, One Nation” dominated the scene and people who passed the Peace oath at the freedom bridge were given copies of National Anthem booklet and the whole mass match into the city singing beautiful National Song of:

Ooh! God we praise and glorified you for your grace on South Sudan

Land of great abundance, upholds us united in peace and harmony……

The Author is reachable at And in PP City.

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