South Sudan: Devastation Born in Confusion

Posted: December 22, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan, Poems.


By Wantonly Taara, Kampala, Uganda


Devastation Born In Confusion

The Peace Deludes This Place

The Father, Woman’s Husband

Maybe A Mother, The Mans Wife

Buried In Rubble, Wars Disgrace

Buried On Torn Streets Of South Sudan

Many Broken Lives Are Torn Apart

Trusted Enemies Are Not Chosen

A Conflict Leaving Broken Hearts

Where The Soldiers Lack Emotion

In This So Called Peaceful Cause

A School Toppling To The Ground

Life Becomes The War, The Cause

Open Roads Of Broken Concrete

Used To Be Children’s Playground

Today, Just A Path Of Destruction

Kids Go Missing, Not To Be Found

In World News, Regarding South Sudan

Highlights Of Many People’s Plight

Innocent Citizens Seen On Screen

Crippled Or Worse Caught In Fight

Many Variations Of “The Truth”

A Bloody War That Needs To Be

Families Destroyed For This Fight

Where Wars Become A Necessity

Politicians From Across The Globe

Quickly Condemn These Atrocities

Speaking From Peaceful Havens

Their So Safe, And Orderly Cities

As War Continues, People Survive

To The Best Of Their Capabilities

Citizens Of South Sudan Remain Strong

We’ll Never Become Your Enemies



This is my war torn country,
The beauty stripped away,
Tampered towns and villages are being left astray,
This is my country,
Always in mind and heart,
It’s usual prosperity now historical art.

My country is now pale, robbed of its natural light,
Smoking rubble, broken homes and shades of black and white,
Women fleeing helplessly with children at their feet,
The scream and loud explosions heard in almost every street.

Why is it that this has to be?
The death of innocent youth?
Why is the World just so corrupt?
Why can’t we know the truth?

My country is another victim of the mindless war,
They’re tearing my dear girl apart and aiming at her core,
The shrapnel breaks through walls and doors leaving amendable holes,
But you cannot mend the hole inside my war torn country’s soul.


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