Tonj Youth Union Wish all Tonj Citizens Merry X-Mass and a Happy New Year

Posted: December 22, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Letters, Press Release

Tonj Youth Union, Kenyan-Chapter, Wish all Tonj Citizens Merry X-Mass and a Happy, Prosperous New Year

By Dut Agostino, Nairobi, Kenya

Tonj Youth Union, Kenyan-Chapter

Chairperson with Tonj Youth Members, kenya; Tonj Youth Union, Kenyan-Chapter

December 22, 2016 (SSB) — I want to start by giving thanks to God for the gift of merciful year 2016.Though it was challenging; I must say it was a good year. The year when Tonj was made as a state of its own followed by many other events that made that all of us to appreciate the year 2016. Just like how it was in the former Warrap State, the newly created Tonj State demonstrate us better agendas of being stronger together and this therefore lead us into a different celebration across many of our branches in the world. Tonj state people in Canada, United States, Australia and in east African nations of Kenya, Uganda, and in Juba, South Sudan have a statements for Tonj to be a State, that should be our major success as people of Tonjdit, put in by one of us in our 9th January celebration here in Nairobi Kenya.

This sends a clear message to all of us that, our various state branches in the world where Tonj citizens’ lives have a role to plays in regards to our ongoing home town called Tonj State. One of them is peace and reconciliations amongst our people both in the state capital and in the Country in general. Since all of us have been to different places in the world it should be our highest called that each and every persons from Tonj town have a role to play in reconciling any situations in our home town. I appeal to all us that we should make it as a duty to be agents of peace within Tonj and with neighboring states.

I must thanks the current administration of Tonj for little peace in Tonj town. This year the number of our communal fights has reduced. That means, the new year 2017 will be a year when Tonjdit will stand a better chance to move on without focusing much on insides wars just like how it has been in various regimes where inclusivity distant many people away from the security apparatus. I would wants all of us as youths to be envoys of peace as I earlier said it we are stronger together under one system that bring all of us together.

May internal conflicts surpassed by the cattle wars of being attacks and we defends must be stops. We want all of us who are studying to leads by examples. This is by letting our brothers understands that our state counties and payams are not our borders with another different groups, Tonj should be Tonj irrespective of many branches that are coming up in the state. How I wish we lives by our traditions of being the architects of legal in the country.

As per the proposal of the ongoing New Tonj, Youths are supposed to lead by better examples and not necessary the attributes of the state government alone. This is by being interactive by us forming some social organizations that bring all of us together in sports, in creative writings, artistry, and the likes of music industry, cultural contests and traditional dances. This should be guided by our various ways of learning at the colleges and Universities.

Also it may truly enlighten us more and more about ourselves in unity just like how it has been for us in different places as it goes with the academia. Some studies borrowed some cultures to be studied at the Universities by some societies and that should be how the university is all about. Alexander University in Tonj town will soon make some findings over the same.  Such should be what the unity of youth has to be in shorts youth leadership should be our coming together in knowing one another on some talents creative dances and in studies.

Thanks be to God over same. The lists of our state graduates and post graduates keep on increasing every year. May 2017 be another year of mega progress in both overseas and in the South Sudan educations. It’s under this statement that the government envoy Nhial Deng Nhial address us to be more digitals in technology and development studies then other courses. We needs to have some studies that carry Tonj and South Sudan background. I remember it’s in this statement he said that one cow with technology in Tonj town is better then many of them without technology.’

In our youth leaderships, the message that I posted this year has all our collective responsibilities of coming together. We have the proposals of constructing youth centre. These require sacrifices but only under a certain conditions, the unity. I made some consultations on behalf of our Nairobi branch but it carry all our intellectual supports. This proposal is about our being together in one place with office, some ICT environment, with modern chairs, running waters and every stuffs. This should be our good message that we must all work on. This is by incorporating all our efforts from various youth groups and we draft a statement that will make this information a reality.

Finally, but not the least, may I take this opportunity on behalf of myself and our Nairobi office to convey sincere wishes of Merry X-Mass and a happy festive seasons to all our Tonjdit citizens and South Sudanese around the world. It’s my humble prayer in catholic faith that may the New Year 2017 be a year of God mercy in many situations especially those of you who are on academic journey.

May good lord gives you any protections. May he opens all the great doors of some studies. May God be merciful on you all over.  Lastly, May New Year in South Sudan be a year of change for the betterment of Country. I wish you all a Merry X-Mass and a happy 2017.God bless.

Dut Agostino Agei is a Tonj State Youth leader Nairobi branch should be contacted at A student of Foreign Policy major at American University Nairobi Kenya.       

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