Amer Pukic: The lady who won the show on the Traditional Wresting day in Melbourne, Australia

Posted: January 2, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers

By William Abur, Melbourne, Australia

Amer Pukic: The lady who won the show on the Traditional Wresting day in Melbourne, Australia

Amer Pukic: The lady who won the show on the Traditional Wresting day in Melbourne, Australia

January 2, 2017 (SSB) — It was on 26th of December when the South Sudanese men and women gathered in Melbourne for the wresting activity. For the first time in history, the South Sudanese team from U.S.A came to Australia for the wresting their counterpart South Melbourne city at Sunshine Suburban.  Some people called it was Obam verse Turbull, meaning the leader of U.S.A and leader of Australia are facing shirtfront.

The weather condition was wet in Sunshine Suburb as it was a raining, but many South Sudanese community members were so excited to witness the two teams facing each for wresting. Young women and men rushing to the shopping mall in Sunshine to buy Umbrellas, while some did not bother themselves as it was part of their tradition activities to wresting in a mood and raining day.

Remarkably, women and girls had won the show in many ways through their support, including singing traditional songs and well addressed. Madam, Amer Apukic from yirol became an interesting person who surprised many of us by carrying a strong and well built up young man in front of the crown. Madam also was showing the best traditional singing with full pride as a Dinka and South Sudanese woman. She was superstar in what she did in front of many audiences showing the wresting.

The aim of this article is to promote the South Sudanese culture and madam Amer Apukic as one of the winning of the 2017, South Sudanese -Australians and South Sudanese-Americans wresting. Madam Amer added many flavours into the wresting activities alongside all the men who were wrestling. To me, Madam Amer Pukic has entered into history or record for the next generation to remember as a great woman with pride of her culture and who love to support her community in the best of her ability.

Yes, the U.S.A team lose the game to the Australia team, but the winning for the Australia team has lifted up the energy of the South Sudanese community in Australia. Their brothers and sisters from U.S.A rescued them during a tough time where many families were challenged by the negative youth’s activities in Melbourne.

I have presented some of the quotes about how people described Madam Amer Apukic’s activities during wresting.

Men were scared to death when they saw this. I can see my bros crying put him down, oh oh oh! They thought she won’t be able to lift him, some thought she would just colapse but huh this is Amer Apugi, she is stonger than some wrestlers. Diär ke Melbourne mit kë we nyïn Amer ato peen ëtën (Melbourne’s ladies pull your eyes Amer is here in the town (Martin Ajhak)

Many people where so excited to see Madam Amer Apukic dancing and scarring some men.

Am loving this… What a woman (Peter Tong)

The cutest and funniest scene of 2016 was when that woman, Amer Apukic, carried that massive wrestler from USA on her neck. What a man can do, woman can do (Pawuoi Prince)

Madam Amer show to the audiences that women are very powerful and strong in anything, if they want to participate.

I am done! Is that Amer Apukic carrying that strong gentleman? #womanpower (Ajak Deng Chiengkou)

Men need to know ladies are very strong just as much they are (Yarra Hanchieng)

Amer apanan entertained the south Sudanese public than wrestling in the day. She is super (Aguer Mayan)

Not only she carried that guy pawoui Pawuoi Prince but she actually wrestled with the guy after wrestling was over, she realised that team USA lost so she attacked some dude and that was helped by three people not to touch the ground. She used magot style to attack the guy, I was laughing so hard bro (Chol Akechgumtong Ajak)

Only in Melbourne, we got the strongest woman alive Amer Apukic, #DonotMessWithUs (Wilma Achol Madut)

In conclusion, it is important for to acknowledge the support of many South Sudanese people who came from different states of Australia and joined their friends and relatives in Melbourne. Well done to you all.

 More importantly, our U.S.A brothers and sisters had done exceptionally well. They all deserved thanks from us in Australia for the energy which they brought to us from U.S.A. you have all done remarkably well brothers and sisters. Happy new year to you all. I wish all the South Sudanese around the world to have peace and reconciliation in the year 2017 and beyond.

William Abur is a PhD candidate at Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia, finishing his PhD research in areas of social work and sociology. He is also a social worker working in high school in student well-being area. You can reach via his email: William Abur

  1. William says:

    Madam Amer Apukic is the winner of the year 2016 in showing traditional support to the wrestling men.


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