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By Dr Isaac Ayii Ayii (PhD), Juba, South Sudan

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South Sudan’s coat of arms, in which the eagle symbolizes vision, strength, resilience and majesty, and the shield and spear the people’s resolve to protect the sovereignty of their republic and work hard to feed it.

January 2, 2017 (SSB) — I have decided to inked down this article, in order to congratulation our God and our government , yes it has become a culture for  south Sudanese not to say thank you God or thank you our Government when even there  are obvious achievements that need appreciation. In order to drive my point home allow me my readers to shed few lights on the two key definitions God and Government sometimes there is a lot of misunderstanding of what the later mean.

God is understood to be  the supernatural being, creator  and omnipotent and at least in every community here in South Sudan he is called by different names but all meaning one thing e,g To Dinka the called him Nhialic , Nuer called him Koth, To DingDinga they called Nyikuch, To Acholi the called him Rubanga etc , etc   but to me I know we have a God  of South Sudan who is doing miracles but we tend to overlook his wonders in this nation , historically and in 2016 there are miracles and wonders that God has done which to me as a believer deserves our appreciation.

During liberation struggles God of South Sudan stood with us for instances from years of our dark days e,g when the movement splinted  in 1991 God still brought us together , when our fighting was unnecessary taking many years CPA (Comprehensive peace agreement )miraculously came following the bombing of Twin Tower in 2001 by Osama  Bin Laden  a friend of Khartoum Government by then, hence, automatically we became the friend of USA under George  W. Bush  who funded the CPA and pressured the Khartoum Government by then, as the saying goes a friend of your enemy is your enemy and the reverse is true  how and why this happened God knows and he deserves appreciation.

In 2016, a year that would have gone down in history as the year South Sudan became a failed state, A year South Sudan would have a genocide, A year South Sudan would have been under UN protectorate hence loosing self-rule, a year South Sudan was struggling with Moribund economy hence at the verge of total economic collapse but how we managed to laboriously drove to 2017 God knows how and he deserves appreciation.

Our Government deserves appreciation /congratulation but before elaborating why? , allow me shed few lights on what most of our people thinks what Government (Ukuma) is? ,   others think it is Salva Kiir the president meanwhile  others are even totally  confuse of what the Government (Ukuma) is?  Therefore, this takes me to what Government is?  Universally Government refers to three wings of Executive, legislation, Judiciary, arithmetically (Government = Executive +Legislation +Judiciary) with equal powers of check and balance.

But to me I would simply define government to be, me, you and us, arithmetically (Government = Me +You + Us).

Why Government deserves appreciation for the year 2016, as I have mention above that 2016 was a year we would have been a failed state because there were strong forces working day and night, dawn and dusk, morning and evening, east and west, left and right, south and north, through hooks and crocks to make sure we professionally becomes a failed state but how we drove to 2017 is not out of blue but through the able leadership of our president H.E Salva Kiir Mayardit , His 1st Vice President Taban Deng Gai and Vice President Wani Igga  they deserves appreciation and congratulation on behalf of us the citizens.

Our Government deserves appreciation and congratulation on maintaining the compromised peace agreement which would have collapsed on 8 July 2016, if it was not through compassionate and wisdom of H.E Salva Kiir Mayardit who under his mercy protected the former first vice president Dr Riak Machar Teny at the aftermath of J1 fierce fighting  in presidential palace and initiating the national dialogue as the means to established peace  never the less 1ST Vice president Taban Deng Gai deserves appreciation by saving agreement  through opting  for one army and peacefully means of solving violent.

Government deserves appreciation especially the ministry of defense  for standing  up in protecting the nation from both internal and external aggression and besides that provides means of public transport through Bonga Buses , Provides clean water  through  military engineering corps , provides medical services through military hospital , lastly  but least providing together with ministry of interior historically peacefully merry Christmas and beginning of new year 2017 with no deaths and casualty cases that would have been caused by irresponsible random shooting of guns  and criminal attacks , instead of guns shot,  people were beating drums, bottles, iron sheets, blowing whistles during x-mass and new year celebration , this gives our organized forces kudos/bravo!!. For job well-done.

All other organs and ministries deserves appreciation for what they have achieved in 2016.

In conclusion, we expects our God to continue with wonders and change our tears of sorrow into tears of joy and happiness, our destruction into development, our war into lasting peace, we expect our leaders to maintain what they have achieved and improved on their short comings as we all congratulations ourselves for being the most resilient nation on this planet earth, whose existence will never be threatened by any circumstances.

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