Edmunk Yakani: The patron-ship of the National Dialogue should be neutral

Posted: January 3, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Garang Abraham Malak, Junub Sudan

By Garang Abraham Malak, Juba-South Sudan


Edmunk Yakani, CEPO director

January 3, 2017 (SSB) —- The proposed National Dialogue is a popular call, by South Sudan citizens including the MPS, religious leaders, civil societies, academia and many more,  as one of the tools that can bring peace back to the young nation, with a hope that the dialogue with will bring the  people together.

In an interview with SSB, the executive director of Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) Edmunk Yakani stressed that that national will be effective if the patron-ship is neutral and if all the grassroots levels are reached.

“In my position if think national dialogue was a good idea of bringing back the war nation from turmoil to normality, we hope that the national dialogue will result positive only if it is opened, inclusive, freedom of expression in a manner that every individual can have a chase to have a say on what he/she thinks south sudan should look like whether in governance, public resources utilization.

Yakani stressed that this principle of national dialogue is like the trial of Sudan national dialogue, if you see sudan national dialogue it was typical were the leaders of the political parties were the one driving the dialogue, the one of sudan was a top-bottom approved which we should  applied here.

“Our local communities should be given a chase to express their views openly and freely without any limitations, then the voices of the communities are transferred to another level which we can term it as region level like the regions of Equatoria, Bar-el-Ghazel, Upper Nile, all this regions gather their views then transferred to the top level.

Edmunk added that If proper/enough consultations are a key because the chases of enemies’ interference on the national dialogue are high, freely consultations, inclusive consultations and enough consultations should be done so that the enemies of peace will not take that as an advantage of causing problems, were they will not say that what they talk off were not being implemented.

He cited that there shouldn’t be restrictions, limitations, freely consultations and expression of speech, with all this place in position, there can make a better way of the national dialogue’s movement/ prosper.

“The team is capable of doing a better work but they should now start thinking about building trust and confidence” said Yakani

Edmunk describes South Sudanese as good people but the problem is that they don’t know themselves thus what bring the division among them.

The Director urges all the youths of Sudan to forgive one another, and know that south Sudan belongs to them.

You can reached the reporter at his email: Garang Malak Diit <gmalakkdiit@gmail.com>

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