“The unknown Murle criminal will be known this dry season,” Governor Philip Aguer

Posted: January 3, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Government of South Sudan, Mach Samuel Peter

By Mach Samuel Peter, Bor, Jonglei State

H.E. Philip Aguer governor of Jonglei state addressing council today picture by Mach Samuel.jpg

The Governor of Jonglei state H.E. Philip Aguer addressing cabinet today picture by Mach Samuel

January 3, 2017 (SSB) — “When we join hand with Boma and South Sudan army the unknown criminal will be know this dry season. They will be known who they are and how the different themselves from other Murle community. Governor Philip Aguer told the council of ministers this afternoon during the swearing in ceremony of the new deputy governor, Dr. Agot ALier Leek, political advisor Lith Aluong Kang, minister for finance James Akech Yen Alier and Ayom Mach Jok the education minister.

Some criminals have started opposing the agreement signed between the government of Boma and Jonglei State witnessed by UNMISS and other agencies on 4th December 2016. The agreement was reached to stop child abduction, cattle raiding killing of innocent women and children at the country side by suspected Cobra faction elements that seemly supporting Khalid Butrus but the situation has worsen.

17 people were killed in Jalle mid December and 5 others killed in Baping area of Dachuek community of Twic Central County. There were also counter attacks on the people of Bor including another attack in Jalle, Gadiang and Bangachorot killing several others and wounding dozens.

The governor of Jonglei state said “we lost people in Gadiang, Jalle and we lost cattle we are committed that the cattle that were taken from Gadiang and Jalle must be brought back, we and the army are preparing so that the Transitional government of National Unity TGoNU starts moving to address the issue of criminal in Boma state.”

Baba is in Juba I will join him so that we request a force to go to Linkuangulei probably I will go to Juba to make join request for army that will go to Likuangulei tomorrow.

This year the government will address the issue of criminal who are abducting and raiding cattle. The area where the criminal will be operating will be small. The government will spearhead another meeting attended by 14 county commissioners, youth leaders, and chiefs to brainstorming on the worsening security situation in the area. The meeting will be conducted outside Bor town.

The governor said the year 2016 was year of the unexpected including the election of Donald trump, nevertheless, he assured of peace and prosperity for Jonglei state and the neighbors.

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  1. Ayii Duang Arop says:

    If the Governor of Jonglei Bantustan – Philip Aguer – was speaking in Juba, the people would have collectively chanted: Walee!!!! This is a chanting for a liar, am told….

    Mr. Governor, Sir:

    Have you returned the abductees of 2013 attacks on your own people in Pakeer and Ajuong Payams? Stop hypocrisy; you are a failure acting at the directives of Mr. Kuol Manyang and your brother-in-law Michael Makuei Lueth who installed you there to do things on their behalf. In Jalle Payam alone, as you know, these raids have happenned several times since 2011. It is as if Mr. Kuol Manyang, who was a governor for Jonglei and now a Minister for Defence has not yet satistified his profound revenge/vendette against the Juet people since his assassination of Cdr. Thon Ayii Jok in 1987. Only God knows what it is for General Juuk since am not aware of any historical anomisity between the Juet and his Pathuyith subclans. His acts have been the ones of a desparate man trying to rise on the skulls of his love ones including that of Justice Martin Majier Gai Ayuel. I understand ehy some folks would want to decimate the legacy of Akuot Atem and his Pakeer subclan. In 1972, those who didn’t fought in Anyanya to tue South, were so disturbed abiut what thos man had achieved. Aquila Manyuon’s legacy, even if long dead, us hated by Kuol Manynag and his other followers. Could he (General Juuk) learn something from Dr. Majak D’Agoot who never condemn his Uncle Akuot Atem – an Anyanya hero – whatsoever!!! Learn that you still need the legacy of Aquila to be somebody, Sir.




    • Ayii Duang Arop, I’m confident you are severely effected by something that is likely to take your life away. How did you connect the past events to the current situation !!!!!. It seemed that you went to school where you would molded yourself to system . I failed to comprehend you from your comment . Did you learn how the organization work ? Did you open your mind to know how the government function ? Were you able to grab a little of the organized system work in school , or even within the family ‘s role ? To me, you look as a collaborator of those who are committing atrocities in the state of Jok-lei.


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