South Sudanese: Let’s Rather Marry “The Educated Ones”

Posted: January 5, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers, Socio-Cultural

By Chol Luka Awan, Juba, South Sudan


Sabina Dario Lokolong, deputy minister for humanitarian affairs and disaster management, Nov 2011

January 5, 2017 (SSB) — Our people have had a very wrong perception about the educated girls or those who have gone to school. It has been and it is still a burden to most girls and really an abuse for them. After staying in schools for years till their late twenties or possibly thirties, they are misjudged by the public most especially the illiterate ones who are considered in today’s modern and traditional marriages.

To call a spade a spade but not a big spoon, they are said to be prostitutes, spoilt and old. They have been also falsely believed that when they are hurt after marriage, they immediately run for a divorce with an excuse that they are fit to survive anywhere since they possess their academic documents.

Though the public’s perception about educated girls may have an atom of the truth at some circumstances, I absolutely disagree in the following ways. As we understand very well that the world is growing daily into a better modern one, there is a high demand and a struggle to marry educated girls so that it becomes much easier to catch up with the speedy world of modernity.

A modern woman who has gone to school will understand his husband in family matters. That is in times of family budget. She will not compare his husband with other men. She will understand the husband’s occupation and profession and therefore determine the amount earned resulting within the family.

On the other hand of raising children, they will take education as something valuable hence making it a priority despite the gender difference among the children. An educated woman looks at things from all directions. From the top to the bottom. She will be able to understand both cultural and modern issues hence portraying the sense of equality among the relatives on both sides.

As far as this modern life is concerned, there is a need for collective responsibility whereby an educated woman will offer herself to do anything possible shamelessly just for the need of her family development no matter what it takes. For she has understood how the world is shaped. It is round.

She will be able to endure the great patience for her family set goals till they are achieved in the long run. I seriously assure you dear readers that educated girls are really interesting. They don’t play a hide and seek game. They are always straight forward for clarity.

Whenever they mention a word yes, take note of it. It is a real yes and likewise to the word no. If they have devoted their full time and energy necessary to love you, just have everlasting happiness till Jesus Christ comes back.

You will be a king in your home and raise your princes and princesses happily in a very conducive environment of joy without any interruption. It is a high time that we ended polygamous marriages.

I know you like those who have not gone to school much because they have  shallow minds that can be easily coaxed so as to make classroom of ladies in your home and raise that perfect traditional of respect and honor.

To contradict a bit with my own argumentation, we cannot avoid those sisters who have not gone to school much. In some cases, it is not their fault that they did not study.

They are there very beautiful and hardworking (lost boys’ wives). Others can accept changes though in most times, they love negatives changes. Let it just depend on the depth of your affection but I prefer the educated ones.

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  1. Alam says:

    You missed a point! Educated girls are liked by man because they have a lot to offer to their families and to the families they married into. The issue dear writer is that they tend to adopted very quick to bad habits and prone to many behaviors outside and we would called them immoral in our South Sudanese standards. Would you married a girl that was a known whores in your school when you where a PHD student because she happen to be educated and had a PHD too. Do you think she will be a good wife? Those are the things our people are concern about. It is not that they are educated. Their behaviors are what are out of whack most of the time because they think they are educated and perhaps they should act different then less educated girls. Educated South Sudanese girls tend to be less culturally conservative and that is a big problem. I do think you want to marry an educated girl that was fucking Gatluak until six month ago and were known as BF and GF. Gatluak may catch feelings late and broken into your house while you are teaching at the University of Juba. Food for Thought Educated South Sudanese Girls. Be considerate if you want to get married girls. Tune your wildness side down plz.


    • I have not missed what you listed brother! “They have a lot to offer to their families and the families they are married to,” as u said. It is what I have narrated and that is why I prefer educated girls. Thanks!


  2. Kuai Wuoi Matiop says:

    I think it is better to marry an educated girl; an educated wife knows the best food for her child and family. An illiterate woman knows nothing about balanced diet. Research has shown that child mortality is high among uneducated women. A gud girl is one who is never caught! There r village girls who r worst than those in towns in terms of chastity. Remember, no man has, in history, move around looking for a virgin! I disagree with the view in the comment above that educated girls easily adapt to foreign cultures. It is the illiterate girl who easily wants to try new life/culture coz she has little or no experience. But its abnormality for an educated gentleman to marry an illiterate girl…reason is that they hv different understanding and perception about life, family, work, relationships to mention a few. U can disagree on a small issue simply coz her understanding or logic is low.As rightly stated by the writer, illiteracy for some girls is not their fault, she may hv some other qualities of a human being. One can marry her if they love each other. Thanks Luka Awan Chol for your gud article.


  3. This is a great piece in favor of the educated girls. i would like to remind you that not all educated ladies are learned as well suit for a good wife (every man’s fantasy).

    I agree with you in the above mentioned points but the fact is that Marriage and Education are two different entities that both can exist with or without each other. All i know as a good wife is a loyal one, with much intelligence, of course wise with open mind.

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  4. I agree with all the advantages of educated girls. An educated girl can bring about a healthy and peaceful family.
    However, not all educated girls have benefits. Like most men, a majority of educated girls instead of getting civilized have become westernised. It’s due to western values acquired by educated girls that has lead to their stigmatization. The essence of education is not to abandon one’s way of life, but to modernize it. Although some educated married girls have improved families in our society, others are out to eradicate our way of life and crucify men. That behaviour is mistaken for good education and modernity.

    According to me I recommend the marriages of
    educated and modernized and not radicalised and westernised woman determined to destroy our culture and crucify men.

    In our society, men marry and are not married and therefore must be kings in their own houses. Any woman, whether educated or not, adhering to her Divine duties and responsibilities of a woman will always be married. In South Sudan, men don’t marry documents, but values.

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  5. Chol Deng Akuok says:

    Chol Deng Akuok
    From Australia
    It is true that an educated women knew well enough all things they wishes to achieve in a week, month and a year/s ahead of them by going through collating, analysing and reasoning on the value of anything they are about to do through asking themselves a questions on the things happened in the past do they had bad or good ending. So the feedback they do can help them find the avenues of what requires service increaments or what shouldn’t be done to avoid hidden risks?

    As a result, such self criticism non educated women don’t have ability to foresee the stumble block ahead or they are lacking the procedures to reach their targets, perhaps they know. But lost the trends to follow the objectives due to lack of documentations to refer to and that’s where education is vital at the family levels it can help when the needs arises.

    Subsequently, good and bad woman in the family management can be as a result of an upbringing which shall indicates good or poor care visible, it’s interpretation goes back after an action results had gone well or wrong due to failure to revise the footages beforehand such situation can happen from educated and none educated groups of women. Because, education never changed the nature. However, it can redirect the educated persons.

    Consequently, none educated women are better than educated ones in some areas. For instance,, majority of an educated women have a double mind set of which they believed men should go their ways or destroy the relationship if they are not given attention reason being they are often optimistic that nothing has destroyed their market at the corner and that concepts is always a risks at the family relationships.

    Furthermore, most educated women do get sick of family crowdness and less attentive to all relatives even if they are living with them excerpts their husbands if the couple love still around. But none educated women are somehowly good about that and still depending on each is nature.

    Eventually, please, treate it fairly it’s my personal opinion that I urged an idea of marriaging educated girl at the strong term possible. Because, it’s important at the family incomes generation, children care, house maintenance and networking that can bring in a plenty of living in a modern stresses of lives etc.


  6. Kuat madit says:

    Chinese girls are learning using Chinese language
    I think a girl that is well traditionally oriented of family affairs that are of politically socially and economically in nature is better than Nyan form two or even a form 4 girl of high degree of igorance
    So Mr writer don’t victimize uneducated girls and decompaign them of your illegitimate aurgment infact we need to have them because if u compare them according to your definition of educated girl
    They have high% of positivty then the your educated also don’t be suprise in the next 20 years they will push for licking to be consitutiinalist in South Sudan constitution they will use the language of modern world to sabotage our cultures and values the childrens of educates girls now are gays while the childrens of uneducated girls are not… That alone speaks
    Don’t forget to redefine what is educated girls


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