Not my home continent, not yours, so it remains in the dream!

Posted: January 7, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Columnists, Commentary, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers, Sunday de John

By Sunday de John, Nairobi, Kenya


The true size of Africa

January 7, 2017 (SSB) —- Hmm! Excuse me, let me express my recent Dream.  It is all but about a new continent. The one between Deerdoong and Wardoong. The continent is a home to three categories of people: namely the Duluum, Ajeech and Looch-diak.

The events happening in that new continent can on our continent be expressed as the wonders of the world. The continent is as good as ours, blessed with abundant of resources but the inhabitants are characteristically similar to the imagined aliens.

They are powerful in an inimical comportment. Their powers are directed at themselves, in other words, they only fight amongst themselves, gossip about themselves and worse enough wish each other a fall in a pit.

The people in that continent are referred to as Ruraliaans and the contient is Ruraliaa. Ruraliaa is truly a home to semi-literate inhabitants that are virtually failing to enjoy the advancement in development created by the nature.

Despite rapid growth in the continent’s development, the Ruraliaans way of life is impeding them from any progress. It is worth emphasising that there is stagnation in some quarters of the continent perpetuated by particularly the Ajeech and Duluum sections of the continent. These two categories of the continent’s inhabitants are never progressive, they think retrogressively. Their prime live principle is being nosey.

The Ajeech section are but psychopaths whose core values are based on mockery, and trending fallacy. They are more pompous than geeks. They dwell so much on petty issues, they even have a network of mockers employed for the purpose of hounding information from innocent residents of Deerdoong, Wardoong and worse enough their own kins and kith the Looch-diak section.

They are negative about everything. They incriminate, discriminate and even wish others death, I can assure you, they have wished most of their victims death and it happened.

Their way of life is all but revolving around unnecessary conflicts. They claim to know politics better than anyone, gauged and better public opinion is their unwithering quality and they are people of virtue.

They depend as well on robbed wealth. They are generators of their own wealth even dubiously, they have records of robberies in most files of the nearby continents. They command respect, particularly among wealth worshippers. They have followers that adore them religiously.

They have even devised mechanisms that suit them for King Makers and sometimes they call themselves kings.

On the other hand, the Duluum are the perfect messengers. They send messages including those that do not concern them. They have ability to create information that is belittling, depressing or both depending on the victims they are targeting.

In most cases, they destroyed families, they terminated sprouting engagements. They are a nuisance to the society in which they live.

They are wealthy because the Ajeech are afraid of their gossiping ability and so they get appeasement from them in kind and cash from time to time. They as well loot the Looch-diak with all they have, either directly or indirectly as a mechanism of throttling them wealth-wise.

They are probably a mischief to their continent. However, the distinction line between the two is so thin so that one can mistake one section for the other. They are like both sides of the coin in that they are very much inseparable.

In their recent squabbles, the bystanders were shocked by the mucky environment they had created. They behaved as if their fore-parents were cursed or possessed by the black demons.

But alas, that couldn’t be true because black demons are said to be only Africans’ and won’t extend their prowess to a dream continent such as Ruraliaa.

Nonetheless, the Ruraliaans could only be compared with a section in your country or your home town to insinuate that Ruraliaans might not have fallen from heavens.

It wouldn’t go unmentioned that Ruraliaans have decried even gods, they are known for defiance and turncoating. They are by nature very resentful, vengeful, and the soil from which such characteristics of theirs grow is jealousy or call it begrudge in your own language.

They are naive in that civilisation has acquired a nickname from them. The name is offensive and it would even damage my keyboard if I desire to make that mistake of typing it and therefore, I desire to be excused not to even think of it, leave along typing it.

The factual aspect about Looch-diak is that, they are characterised by elevated humility. They are considerate, consistent with plans and more so, very productive.

However, they always fall short of public recognition because they are shadowed by their fellow continent’s sections. It is upon this that Looch-diak are always silent. They are dying inside. They are victims of their jumbled continent.

Till then yours truly, Mr. Teetotaler!

You can Mr. Teetotaler via his email: Emmanuel Sunday <>

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