His Grace Ruben Akurdid Ngong enthroned as Archbishop of Jonglei Provinces

Posted: January 15, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Contributing Writers, Mach Samuel Peter

By Mach Samuel Peter, Bor, Jonglei State

Arch Bishop Dr. Daniel Deng Bul and Arch Bishop Ruben Akurdid Ngong during the enthronment today.jpg

Arch Bishop Dr. Daniel Deng Bul and Arch Bishop of Jonglei Province Ruben Akurdid Ngong during enthronement picture by Mach Samuel

January 15, 2017 (SSB)  —- The Bishop of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan, Bor Diocese Rt. Rev. Ruben Akudid Ngong Akurdid has been enthroned as Arch-Bishop of Jonglei Provinces that include, Akobo, Pibor and Fangak on Sunday. The enthronement was done by the Arch Bishop of Sudan and South Sudan His Grace, Canon, Most Rev. Dr. Daniel Deng Bul witnessed by Bishops from  Yirol, Awerial, Jonglei and office of the Archbishop and thousands of congregation at St. Andrew Cathedral in Bor.

In his address to the congregates, His Grace, Arch Bishop Ruben Akurdid Ngong emphasized on the security of the four states of Boma, Fangak, Bieh and Jonglei states which fall under his jurisdiction as Arch Bishop. He said it would be unfair if the Arch-Bishop is compelled to take refuge in other part of the country because of the insecurity which has emptied Jonglei and neighboring states.

From the very beginning, the church has been for peace but nothing has been achieved because there is lack of effort from the communities of these regions and the two governments including the national government.

“It will be unfair if the Archbishop will be taking refuge in other parts of this country and received by same colleagues who are being protected by their people, this leadership is easy to clap for, easy to enthrone and not easy to maintain,” His Grace, Arch-Bishop Ruben Akurdid told the congregation. The vision is to preach the gospel of Christ for spiritual nourishment and development in the communities of Jonglei and other parts of the world, he continued.

Meanwhile the Arch Bishop of South Sudan and Sudan Dr. Daniel Deng Bul confirmed that the enthronement of new Arch Bishop was agreed by the Anglican Church worldwide in 2011. Ruben Akurdid is the third Arch Bishop to be enthroned following the Western Equatorian Arch Bishop Joseph Munde enthronement and enthronement of Eastern Bar El Ghazal’s Alpayo Manyang .

“Today we came to mark the enthronement of Arch Bishop of Jonglei internal provinces His Grace Ruben Akurdid Ngong and will continue the enthronement of all the arch Bishops in the South Sudan,” Arch Bishop Dr. Daniel Deng Bul said. All these were done because of the growth of the Anglican church in the Sudan and South Sudan. We have 45 bishops now and will increase to become 50 and all the bishops will be divided among archbishops and we thank God for what is happening.

The governor of Jonglei state Philip Aguer Panyang Jot said the enthronement of more Bishops is a symbol of peace in Jonglei state. He said “we hope God will bless Jonglei with peace stability and development of the word of God”.

Last year, a peace conference facilitated by UN in Pibor attended by chiefs, women, youth, elders, religious leaders, civil societies and two governments was converged. The conference went on to lay down mechanisms for peace between the rival communities of Murle and Dinka. A peace deal was reached between Baba Medan Konyi and Governor Philip Aguer Panyang Jot of Jonglei State witnessed by Rev Joseph Modi of Presbyterian church and Bishop Ruben Akurdid Ngong in Pibor between 1-4th December 2016.

Upon the arrival of the peace delegation in Jonglei state, there were several attacks including the attacks in spiritual Arenas which included the incident of Jalle which left one pastor dead and the brutal murder of 7 Christians on the Christmas day in Wangulei.

The Murle tribe dishonored the peace agreement by killing many people in many fronts; among the people killed was Arch-Deacon Jocob Angan Jok and lay leader while praying in the church. Furthermore, 7 people were killed by Murle in Wangulei while praying in the church.

In July, more provinces will be created including the separation of South Sudan and Sudan provinces in Khartoum. The Archbishop of Canberra and other dignitaries will converge in Khartoum this year.

The Province is of no use to the people especially when the security of Jonglei state is not addressed. The state has been emptied by insecurity and the seeds of Christ are refugees all over the world.

This piece was authored by Mach Samuel reachable at machsamuelpeter@gmail.com

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  1. Yoma says:

    Appropriate titles for the Archbishop should be His grace and most Reverend. Questionable titles are Canon and Dr.? Well, anyone can be a canon if deemed spiritually perfect. I will leave title Dr. to academicians to debate.


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