Indiscipline Army has destroyed the Country, said FVP Taban Deng Ghai

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What is indiscipline? What are the causes of indiscipline in our school? What remedies can we offer to solve this nasty problem of indiscipline in our society? Well, I hope to provide answers to the above questions in the course of this essay.

By Emmanuel Malual Makuach, Eldoret, Kenya

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January 15, 2017 (SSB) — Now, let us take the first question: what is indiscipline? Before finding out what indiscipline means, perhaps, it would be better for us to find out what discipline means itself. Well, discipline, according to the advanced learner’s Dictionary of current English is the training especially of the mind and character, to produce self-control and habit of obedience. Chambers’ Twentieth   century Dictionary also defines discipline as training or mode of life in accordance with rules, subjection to control, order. From the above definitions, we now have a clear idea of what indiscipline means.

Indiscipline means lack of discipline, lack of control, lack of proper training; it means unruly behavior, disobedient, disorder. This means, when army beat up the civilians who have no guns when they the constitutions of the country stated that army should protect the civilians then killing our army certainly, the cause of indiscipline in our country south Sudan is many and varied. We can , however, classify them into three main factors namely, the bad politics influence, from politicians  the poor army administration and the pervading bad influence in the  national army which was den of  corrupt and impunity in the country .

Let us now consider the above three factors in turn and see how they contribute to indiscipline our army today. Take for instance, the political influence. If a child has no home training, how do you expect him/her to be a disciplined student at university? Today due to materialistic pursuit and economic exigencies, many parents have little or no time for their children and so, the child behave as she likes.Young  girls put on fantastic and expensive dresses bought for them by their rich, pot-bellied, sugar-daddy, boyfriends. How can you expect girls from such homes to be a disciplined student?

On the other hand, there are some rich parent who prefer to spare to rod and spoil their children. They over-pamper their children and buy them too many expensive gifts. Such children from affluent homes who are driven to schools daily in gleaming Mercedes Benz often look down with scorn on their poor, struggling teachers who can hardly afford to buy a so-called ordinary “tortoise” car. And when such spoils child misbehave and they are caned or discipline by their poor teachers their financial weight and influence to ensure that such teachers see “hell-fire” in one way or the other. Such a situation can only worsen the problem of indiscipline in our schools.

The worst cases, however are the children from homes. They vent their anger and frustrate in the society and are therefore rebellious in nature. They are usually behind the student riots at university.

What about the school influence? How, for instance does the Vice-chancellor of a university with his staff contribute to indiscipline in the school? Well, the principal of a school, like the captain of a ship, can influence his school for good or bad. Take the case of a lecturer who is a habitual late-comer, a chain-smoker and an occasional drunkard. Do you think such lecturer can command the respect of his students and inculcate discipline in them? Never!

Again, take the case of a Chancellor who embezzles the money meant for tuition fees of the student or who connives with the management to cheat the student. Does such a chancellor not invited student riot and can blame the student for chasing out such a mean and mercenary chancellor with guns and bullets.

How can you really expect discipline in a school where many of the teachers don’t prepare lessons in advance? What about some shameless teachers who take delight in having immoral dealings with female students? Can such teachers have the moral guts to preach discipline to their students? Never! Such then are b some of the ways some unscrupulous chancellors and their staffs do contributes to the indiscipline in our universities today.

Now comes the society! How does the society contribute to the wave of indiscipline in our society today? This is done by many ways.  For instances, go to the post offices and the airports and see the struggle to rush and this leads to confusion here and there. This is so discipline in the society and this, in turn, influence our student adversely. What about the political leaders who are supposed to give exemplary leadership? Do they live up to expectation? The sad truth is that many of them breaks the law of the land with impunity and embezzle large sums of the money meant for goods and services for the masses. What type of in disciple can such corrupt leaders pass to our leaders of tomorrow?

Our society is indeed sick. The lack of indiscipline makes many people act lawlessly disorderly. Even policemen who paid to maintain law and order and arrest criminals often turn a blind eye after receiving bribes. Students, as we know, learn fast. So, when bribery and corruption becomes the order of the day in our morally healthy? Never! Such then are some of the way our sick society contributes to the indiscipline in our universities today.

Now, what remedies can we offer? How can we eradicate or minimize the incidence of indiscipline in our society today? Indeed, to wage a successful war against indiscipline in our society all hands must be on desk. We must all be involved. There must be a total revolution in our ways of life and sense of value. The home and the home must have a close ranks and devise concrete ways of solving this problems of indiscipline.

For a start, parents must now show a great interest in the welfare of their children. They should close-up the usual communication gap between children and their parents, help their children to solve their individual problems and thus preventing them from bad company. Above all, parents must know that examples are better than precepts and so, instead of merely preaching discipline they must practice discipline by living exemplary lives.

The chancellors and their staff can also play their part in giving the student much-needed leadership. They should be fatherly, kind and firm with students. Indeed, the chancellors and their staff should be ace- medically sound ad morally upright so that they may be worthy and shining examples to their students. However, for the teachers to pay their roles most effectively, the various government must see that teachers are well-paid. When lecturers are made to feel proud of their profession, they will be in a better position to in calculate and maintain discipline in their various institutions.

The student themselves must be accorded to their due rights and obligations. There should be no communication gap between the staff and the student. Whenever they have problems, student should be free to approach the chancellor or lecturers. This helps a lot to eliminate problems that normally give rise to student riots. Another good device in solving problems of indiscipline in our institutions, is the proper use of the lecturer-student association, where the student and lecturer are brought together to deliberate on the welfare of the institution. Such association enhance the image of education considerably and helps to promote discipline.

Finally, our political and religious leaders must learn to live up to expectation. They must know that they are the mirrors of the society. The masses look up to them for political leadership and moral guidance. If they are corrupt, the society are bound to be corrupted which eventually leads to gross indiscipline.

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